❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Other Updates are on the way bottom, including: I ❤ School Wordz – New Comet GameCody’s Crazy Combos – New Sky Surfers Set, and Bonus Level Medal – Get Free Items

This is the third Lights Out/Black Out event, there was one in 2013 and 2012 too! And by the looks of it, it’s EXACTLY the same as the 2012 event. Here we go…

Limited Items

Of course, they’re selling it for Gold instead of ecoins/stars 😦


No, this isn’t deja vu, or a hallucination. Here’s the Limited Item cart from 2012, exactly the same!!


Light Up Candles

Ok I’m seeing a pattern here. It’s exactly the same as the 2012 event, without the Mini Games and Stamp Book. Even the prizes are the same. So I’m going to copy and paste directly from the 2012 post, to save time -_-

Nonmembers are able to buy a costume from the Costume Cart (located Downtown, Uptown, Beach)


There are 5 different candles (yellow, red, blue, green, purple). Nonmembers can only get the yellow ones. To light them up, buy the costume, wear it, then click on the candles. You get 1 star for each candle. If you find 10, you get a prize. (Light up all 50 candles and win a medal. Level it up by finding them again the next day)

Click here for the daily list




And yes, believe it or not, the candles are in the exact same position. Today, 7/10, is the same as the candle locations on June 27, 2012. Again, click here for the post from 2012 about the candle locations. For tomorrow and the rest of the event, use the June 28, 2012 list (on the same post).

Since some locations are gone, they were moved to the location closest, I think. Like, candles that used to be at the Oasis are at the Carnival now.


First, the most obvious, the thing that everyone’s complaining about: STOP REUSING EVENTS!!!

I would be OK with them repeating the idea but using a different storyline, like the generators breaking down in the 2013 event vs the candles in the 2012 event. But being this lazy, not even bothering to change the Limited Items, completely reusing the event?? The only difference is Gold, which makes it even worse.

And this is becoming a pattern now too, the Summer Camp event was completely reused as well, prizes, Limited Items, everything.

If Fantage keeps on reusing old events simply because they want us to spend gold (but they’re too lazy to create a new event), more people are going to quit. People are not happy with the way things have been going, especially on Facebook.


Sorry for being so negative, but it’s really hard to say anything good about this event…!! And I have never given such a low rating before, but seriously, this event deserves it ; n ;


Be prepared for some memes, because I definitely feel like making some right now…


There have been a bunch of small updates lately, and I don’t think we made a post on them yet. Since this one is so short (due to the boring event), I’ll put them all here.

I ❤ School Wordz – New Comet Game

They’ve added a new game on Fantage Comet, the iPad app.


Cody’s Crazy Combos – New Sky Surfers Set


Um, not to burst your bubble Fantage, but we’ve known how to fly since like 2010. You don’t hafta waste real money to do it either -_-


Bonus Level Medal – Get Free Items

There’s been a “coming soon” bubble over this a while now, since Bonus Level Medals were released


I don’t think we ever made a post for the Bonus Level Medal (probably because I hated the idea so much), so I’ll explain from the beginning.

The Bonus Level Medal sign is at Uptown, next to the Hall of Fame.


You can pay an outrageous amount of ecoins to get to the next title (you get a new title every 100 levels). If you, like myself, don’t intend to foolishly waste ecoins on this scam in an attempt to become “famous”  Ok sorry I’ll try to be more neutral and leave my opinion for later 😐

Even if you don’t have enough ecoins to buy any levels, there are some other things you can do with this feature!

One of them is that you can see what percentage of Fantagians are at the same level range as you are! Looks like less than 1% of the people on Fantage have the title Sensei.


And of course, because of the new update today, you get FREE PRIZES! I just realized this too, you don’t have to buy a medal to get these! They are just motivation for you to buy medals in order to get the prizes. These are pretty much exactly the same as the Level Locked Items, except nonmembers can get them too, awesome!


Just click on the orange Get Item button, and you can get it for free!

Here are the prizes in order: Catfish Headwear, Bow and Arrow, Purple Hat, Sack Board, and Gator Board.


Comments on: "Fantage Blackout Event 2014 + Other Updates" (62)

  1. Wow, I like the bonus level update…

    But seriously, the Blackout event is like -_-

    I really hope thy don’t reuse anymore events…


  2. sliverkid said:

    Did u know that the costumes for the event is currently available for stars and gold? For the candle prizes, u can only get one prize for the yellow costumes and two for all the other prizes


  3. *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

    Gold, gold, gold. I’m so done with Fantage.


    • Yeah… But I guess it’s their new way of getting money, and it must be working pretty well. There are so many people on Facebook selling stuff for gold, asking if stuff is worth a certain price, adverising their kiosk, and I’m like… Lol you would be completely wasting your money if Vintage Gold sells the item you just bought.


      • *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

        Well, there isn’t any choice that doesn’t have people who don’t like it. It’s kinda frustrating unless you actually HAVE gold. Or somehow get days to sell something.. “Unlucky” bot isn’t any help either. Fantage is reusing events. It’s just a big mess I don’t bother to see now.
        However, I do see Fantage’s situation right now. It’s really bad, but I see a path they can take. It’s not the one they are taking right now, but they should really take in consideration of what WE think. I think they are trying, just not knowing how to do it.


      • Omg yes unlucky bot, definitely.
        Oh, someone on Facebook said something like that, he said Fantage should make a poll where we get to vote on things.


      • *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

        Yes, by that time, we would all be voting for TnS to come back if the actually “allowed” it.


      • Yeah… I think that’s why they don’t listen to us, it’s because the stuff we want will make them lose money. Plus TnS = scammers = trouble. I guess mymall is a sort of TnS that allows Fantage to get lots of money


      • *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

        Except its new currency most people don’t want to spend to do stuff… If gold was only used in MyMall, I would be fine but now it’s used for everything…


  4. LOL the flying thing


  5. “Bring back old Fantage!” – some fantage blog commenters

    Here you go. 🙂


    Correction: There is 1 candle lighting costume for nons and they are all for stars AND gold!


  7. You can buy the costumes with stars or gold.


  8. It’s annoying how I can’t get the medal and level up because I can’t buy all the costumes. I’m a non btw.


  9. You know you can get candle costumes with stars too right… XD. They added that a little while ago after so many gold protests!


  10. The candle locations aren’t the EXACT same, some are in shops…


  11. I thought that they fixed the flying thing, the last time I tried to fly it didn’t work, but I may be wrong 😛


  12. Anonymous said:

    I’m very dissapointed at Fantage. Why do they think that people will still play on it if they are bringing back old events. Be prepared for the halloween event to be the same as previous events. They honestly should make an event where we can go back in time when Fantage first started. That would be fun -w-


  13. Seriously, Fantage. You didn’t need to add stupid gold. We already have stars and ecoins. What else will they add now? I bet they’ll just keep being lazy and reuse events. I bet they’ll turn Kawaii into a stupid mermaid again. I’m done. I’m not going to play this crap game anymore. I bet a lot of you here feel the same way too.


  14. Wow fantage have a sack for being higher than 500 levels
    A sack.


  15. wait, in order to level up do we need to just light 50 candles (even if its the same color) or all 50 candles of every color? thank you, love this blog ❤


  16. 1) fantage has stars as currency
    2) stars become easy to get
    3) fantage add ecoins in hopes to gain money
    4) ecoins become easy to get
    5) fantage add gold in hopes to gain money
    6) repeat


  17. cutedodo said:

    hai remember me when the big party on 6 july i was here?:D so theres update!a really gud update!!!! now the costomes are made gold AND stars!YAY FINALLY FREEDOM MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! C’: really im not lying! i checked the costomes and its still gold and stars!;) im just here to let u kno~<3


  18. Susanღ said:

    I guess gold is for them to earn money bc after the cosmic bingo, a lot of people have ecoins so they can buy pretty much anything without wasting a penny


  19. Can I use some of the level item pictures for my blog? I’m not higher than 300 levels yet 😦 I will credit you.


  20. Lol, and to add the fact that when they said if you collect 50 candles you get the medal, I was dumb enough to collect 50 of the non mem candles(after I reached 10 each time I pressed the reset button). Shortly after that, I realized I had just wasted a lot of time because the only thing I was doing was earning stars, not actually adding up the amount of candles I had. Man, I feel bothered.


  21. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Somebody help I can’t get the last yellow candle which was supposed to be in front of rocket board. 😦


  22. I think fantage added gold cause they had no choice. Since they added mymall they couldn’t let us use stars or ecoins to buy stuff cause then we wont be broke and could buy stuff in vintage so they added gold to get money D:


  23. Do u think fantage is adding alot of stuff on fantage so we would forget about the movie contest because they decided to back out on it?? Jeez…the one contest i actually decide to work on -_-


  24. square face said:

    omg nice new buttons! the like and dislike ones xD
    i like the like one more


  25. hey it wasn’t “exactly the same”
    the 2012 limited items had the gold dress outfit thing
    and please excuse me for asking this but has that dress / outfit / thing be resold at vintage gold yet?


  26. Aww you got rid of the memes with Pinkstardust in them xD


  27. Wow. I reckon the only good thing Fantage has for us this month or so is the level items. All the gold items are driving me crazy! >.<


  28. Ashleymoua said:

    Whats next? Diamonds?? Arent I glad i quited months ago. Yay for me


  29. cutedodo said:

    i wish fantage will put the gold at the spin or earn gold at playing games..;-;


  30. XxPieGirlxX said:

    i love this site


  31. Hi , well im mumbo2002(fantage name)i mean no harm as u would be thinking r u from usa?well im from singapore!(hope u dun mind sharing where ur from)i just wish u could make a post on how many fantagians was singaporean so maybe i could just call over to them and ask whether they would like to play…hope u dun mind helping:)u could also try to put my email up there and tell them to email me if they r ftom singapore.i hope i could meet u up on fantage too thanks btw 🙂  Cheers, Mumbo2002



    • Yep, we’re both from the USA!
      We post about Fantage events and stuff, I think posting something like that would be violating some people’s privacy.
      However, I can offer you an alternative, I’m sure you can find people to play with you just by asking around on Fantage itself, or chatting with the people on our XAT chat. You don’t have to play with someone in the same country to have fun!
      Good luck!


  32. angela9463 said:

    moo moo, if u read the comet, fantage is going to reuse the alice in wonderland event…. i wonder how many events fantage is going to reuse and replacing things with gold?


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