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We Need a Break

We’re very busy, and I know a lot of you guys are too, so I’ll get straight to the point. (Even if you are busy though please read everything on this post, because I put a lot of heart into it <3 )

I need as much time for school as possible, meaning I need to cut back on some of my hobbies. And as much as I would like to stay and continue being a part of your lives (because you all have touched mine; even though I don’t know what you physically look like I see you all as real-life friends), I need to take a break.

Several people have (sometimes rudely) pointed out already that I’m “too old” to be playing Fantage. Maybe I am, but the only reason I’ve continued to blog is because I can’t imagine leaving behind SO many people and something I’ve put SO much time and effort into, no matter how “childish” it is. So choosing to leave for even just a couple months was something I was really hesitant about. I’m just really attached to this blog, it’s like my second life :|

In short, I created this blog to help, and, even in my absence, I want to continue doing that. So, it makes sense that if I am no longer able to help, I should direct you all to someone who can.

I do NOT want to choose any workers. It’s time-consuming; it puts pressure on the person I choose because it’s like an obligation; I don’t want to choose favorites; I don’t want drama and hate directed at any new workers; and I can’t imagine adding a third person to what has been a two-person team for nearly two years.

Instead, this is how I will deal with the most major things on Fantageville to keep them running for you guys FOR NOW, until we come back (yes, I am planning to come back). It’s really sad to see a great blog become “dead” or inactive just because its owner has moved on in life.

Event Posts

Some of you bloggers out there have AWESOME posts.

If you feel that your event posts are proficient in detail, neatness, and overall awesome-ness (and maybe even match our usual format), please add the hashtag #FVHelper to your event post TITLE, and I might choose your post to reblog during an event!

e.g. If you are posting about a Fantage Halloween event, make the title of your post “Fantage Halloween Event 2014 #FVHelper”

This way, I’ll be able to find your post quickly through Google Search.

This might be an unusual method, but I think it’s better. You helpers will get viewers (reblogging means my viewers have to go to the original post from your blog to see the entire thing), and I get to choose from a variety of bloggers, all with different skills, each time there’s a new event and I’m too busy to post.


We get a loooot of comments, and it’s what makes this blog a happy place. The minimum rank needed to moderate comments, unfortunately, is Editor. Again, I wish to avoid the process of choosing any workers.

So, I’ll change the settings of the comments to “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” (meaning if you have an approved comment already, your comments will be automatically approved). Then, you guys can answer the questions (if you can) yourselves! It will be like a fan-run blog for a little while. I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

This is a risk of course, but it is also an act of trust. I trust that you guys will continue commenting in an appropriate way, as you have done for a long time.

Remember that we have a “Recent Comments” widget near the bottom of the sidebar, that should help, because it shows the 15 most recent comments on this blog.

Vintage Gold Items Page

Maybe it’s my OCD-ness, but I would hate it if the list were to become incomplete, after nearly a year of posting all the items.

If your knowledge of screenshotting and using Google Docs is proficient, hopefully you will consider taking up this job.

I’ll need people to take screenshots of the Vintage Gold items, like the ones you see on our page. I have up to August 31 only. Paste them onto a Google Doc, and remember to write down the prices in stars. No need to add any copyrights, I can do that myself; just the plain screenshot is perfect.

Hopefully more than one person will volunteer for this so I can combine them together in case someone misses a day. This also ensures maximum accuracy.

If you feel that you are up to the task of taking screenshots of the items every week for 1+ months and that you won’t quit in the middle, share a Google Doc with me (fantageville@gmail.com) and start screenshotting! I’ll choose up to three:

1. cindy_lee_9

If you do volunteer to help us and you’re listed above, please send me a banner advertisement of your blog. I will keep it on our sidebar with a clickable link for the period of time that I am gone, as appreciation for your help <3

My Fantage Account

I’m just curious, is anyone interested in buying it? Through PayPal/gift cards? JUST wondering, I probably won’t sell it since it may cause drama.

My Social Media

I will keep only my email (fantageville@gmail.com) active for the time I am gone. I may check Facebook now and then, but I will not be running the other social media links on the Find Us On pages. Last, since I do have to come back to find posts to reblog, I may check the comments once in a while.


I feel that this is a win-win-win situation (yes, three wins). I get a break and can focus on school. My viewers will continue being informed and helped. Helpers will gain the viewers they truly deserve. I know that this blog has become very “popular,” and I don’t want our work to have gone to waste. I think it would be a good idea to use it to pass down some of that “popularity” to you younger bloggers so you can pick up were we left off :)

I’m not sure when I will be back (very latest will be December), but hopefully this system will be kept in place until I do.

If you have any VERY URGENT matters that is related to this blog only (e.g. An offensive/harmful comment that needs to be removed) then you can still email me at fantageville@gmail.com.

While I am gone, I won’t be going on any social media, including XAT and ask.fm. I hope that you people on XAT are mature enough by now to behave yourselves. You’ve done really well this past week, thank you so much for that.

I’ll wrap this up, thanks so much for EVERYTHING, from continuing to visit this blog to helping us out when we need it. Love you all <3

Angela’s Addition

I think this would be great for our blog. I have been SO busy lately that I have not even been able to GO on the internet OR edit my fashion blog. Ever since the start of the year, I’ve had to focus on 3 AP classes, learning how to drive (it actually takes a lot of time and effort), staying dedicated to my workout routine, SAT prep classes and homework, in addition to ice skating 5 times a week. I know I sound like a whiny baby right now, but my junior year of high school is one of the most important for my GPA, which will seriously decide my future in college and for getting a job.

I really like Moomoo’s idea of a sort of “fan-run blog” because that is a very innovative idea. I hope you all are mature enough to do what is right and appropriate for our blog. Maybe by next summer, I can start doing more for the blog. Otherwise, I can barely even get on the internet to do anything a few times a week. 

Unfortunately, I also have to say that I have to cancel the Fantageville Games. I know it took forever to do all the tasks, but once school started, I realized that I literally CANNOT keep up with the games. To all the participants who have made it this far and who have not, I am truly sorry and I give you my utmost apologies. I have also decided to suspend regular posting of videos on my Youtube channel, Twins Entertainment.

Since I am not interacting with basically any of my blogs or anything during the school year, I think the best thing for me to do would be to post vlogs. Vlogs are super fast and easy and I may be able to do them every week. I really want to stay connected to people during the school year, so I’ll let you guys know when I start doing that.

Otherwise, have fun running Fantageville :)

Fantage Funhouse Frenzy


This is a nice, short event for those of you who are extremely busy.

Limited Item Cart

The items marked with the Premium Member star can be bought with stars or gold, they are member items. The rest can be bought with gold only and are nonmember items.


Daily Stamps

I remember some of the older events used to have a “stampbook,” where you get stamps for doing tasks such as watching the event movie, playing the mini game, and doing the activity. And you got a level 10 medal for completing the stamp book, which was awesome.

I don’t know why they stopped doing that, but this is somewhat similar. You get a stamp for going to the Beach each day. Every other day, you get an item prize.


I’m not sure whether you have to log in for 5 days straight, or just on any 5 days during the event. I’m still on my first day since I didn’t log on yesterday.

The hair looks cool though, I wonder what color it is?

Funhouse Mirrors

If you go left at the beach, there’s a “hall of mirrors” you can see to distort your Fantagian.


No prizes or anything, just for fun. And the effect only lasts if you’re standing in front of the mirror :)

Reflection + Suggestions

No doubt, this event is really underdeveloped, so it’s more than likely that the workers were forced to create an event within a short period of time.

Let’s just be content with the free prizes you can get for doing absolutely nothing :)

My low rating is because of the lack of excitement and stuff to do, but I’m actually OK with it personally because I’m really busy right now.


Other Small Updates

The Fantage maintenence thing was yesterday, but I haven’t really noticed anything different. How about you?

Also, there’s an End of Summer sale Limited Item cart. I feel like they just randomly stuck this in so we would spend our gold…


Fantage Fashion Battle


~Sorry this post was later than usual, school has started for me and it’s currently my priority, as it’s a very stressful year for me. Thanks for your patience!~


This new feature seems to be an extension of the classic Fashion Show at Top Models. It’s faster, more convenient, and has more one-on-one interaction, which is awesome!

Even better, you can play the Fashion Battle anywhere on Fantage, you just have to click this button to start!


How to Play – Basics

First, you need Fashion Battle tokens. Luckily, all of us get 3 free tokens every day, just by clicking on the button above.


You can also buy extra token packs with gold. They’re actually not outrageously expensive, 10 tokens for 200 gold.


Like I mentioned earlier, you can be anywhere on Fantage to play this, you do not need to be inside Top Models or at Downtown.

Now, you have two choices. You can either challenge someone who has already started a battle, or you can start one yourself and wait for other people to challenge you.

How to Challenge a User

Click on one of the people in the Battles tab. You can battle anyone in the server, not just your friends or the people standing near you!


The colored level bars on the right indicate how well that person did. If you want to win you should choose someone with a blue, low level bar. BUT, I’ve noticed that if you challenge someone with a higher level bar, you get more stars and you gain levels faster.

The bars indicate how many items the person has in their inventory. So, it’s likely that the more bars, the more difficult the opponent will be. Thanks, person in the comments!

After you’ve chosen your opponent, you will be given a theme (it’s always a color) and you will be given the choice to buy the theme’s special hair. These items give you bonus points but cost a LOT: 10,000 gold.


Then, just dress up to match the theme! Close your inventory once you’re done, and you will get your results!


How to Start Your Own battle

Click the Battle button.


Your opponent is unknown for now, they have to click on your username and challenge you after you’ve dressed up.


Again, you will be given a theme and a chance to buy the special hair.

Once you’re done dressing, this notification will pop up. Close it by clicking on it.


Keep on checking the Results tab. If you see a username there, that means someone has challenged you, and the results are ready! Click on it.


Again, the winner will be given stars and points for their medal.


1. As far as I know, there is no time limit for dressing up, unlike the Fashion Show. Take as long as you need.

2. Like the fashion show, rares (items from Orion) give you HUGE boost. Even if it’s the nonmember rares, it still gives you more points than non-rare items.

3. Personally, I prefer challenging people on the Battles page than starting a battle myself. You don’t have to wait as long, and you know exactly who you’re playing against.

4. If your medal isn’t leveling up even after winning a bunch of games, just refresh, same thing happened to me.

Mystery Box

Play games and get points to fill up the XP bar at the bottom. Once it’s full, you can win stars, eCoins, or Tokens. I haven’t gotten there yet, but if I do, I’ll let you know what I got!


I just got the Mystery Box, finally. Once your bar is filled, you have to click on the pink box yourself to redeem it. Then, you get to choose 1 box out of three randomly. I got 286 stars, which is around the ballpark of what I’ve been hearing in the comments.

Reflection +Suggestions

I absolutely LOVE this. I think the Fashion Show is one of the best games on Fantage, and I’m so happy that they’re expanding it.

I’m especially happy that they finally stopped making updates/events that requires gold to have fun. It was super awesome of Fantage to give everyone 3 free tokens, even nonmembers. This is how things should always be.

And honestly, I’m not very bothered by how expensive the special theme hairs are. For one, nobody is forcing you to buy it. Two, Fantage needs to make a profit from this. And three, wow they actually look pretty good, I’m sure you FMV and editing people would find good uses for it.


As for suggestions, this is really small, but I hope they will add the “Points until next level” thing when you hover your mouse over the medal. It’s nice knowing.

And also, it would be cool if they added the special theme hairs to the Mystery Box as a prize!

Inactive Buddies Reminder

It’s past the deadline, anyone’s name who is on this post has been deleted. I felt bad deleting so many people, but you guys did have over 2 weeks to comment!
This means I have tons of space on my buddy list now, if you find me say hi and I can add you and give you a sticker!

As I mentioned near the bottom of the Find Me on Fantage post from 2 weeks ago, I wanted to remove inactive people on my buddy list so I have room for active people.

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Task 3 Results

Thanks to all those that participated in Task 3 and the break period for the 5th Fantageville Games! These are the players that have been eliminated for this round:

  1. Mango025
  2. Ashley0711
  3. q790ert
  4. ada566131
  5. puppycrazy6
  6. prettymeme75
  7. kamryn155
  8. preetypie123
  9. ioki5
  10. mmchan
  11. nobe27
  12. beautiful_me123
  13. cloud82
  14. cinder_cider
  15. fiona135

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Adventures in Wonderland

Adventures in Wonderland Header

The first thing I notice when I’m making this post is that WordPress automatically put a 2 in the URL, meaning I have another post with the same exact name as this one. And as we all know, it’s because this is another reused event. Sigh.


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Level Title Plates

Level Title Plate Header

Another mini update!

Click on this sign at Downtown to buy. Nonmembers and Members can get these, as long as you have gold.

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