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Cataclysm Event

Remember these weird octopus-like bowls of bubbly, smoky pink stuff from the past couple of weeks?


Looks like the culprit behind it is… not Cinderella, but Cindeline!


She’s turned the Oasis into her headquarters, maybe because nobody goes there anyway. Poor Raj, nobody likes his Trading Card game.


Click on the glowing opening, and there will be game instructions. Ooh, you can win medals!


There are 3 stages only, even though there are 5 different color shards, so it’s a lot easier than you think!

The shards look like this, they cover up 1 square only


When you start, you can only see 2 squares in every direction.


Find the torch in each level to make your circle of vision larger, to 3 squares in every direction


Find the treasure chest, and you will get a star bonus. You don’t need to find a “key” or anything.


Find the treasure map, and you will be able to see the entire stage! Once you move though, everything will turn black again. So either memorize where everything is, or take a screenshot!

I thought at first that there would only be 3 stages, but there are lots more… In fact, I think each is randomly created. So I won’t be able to show you what each level looks like :(


Watch out for the guards. You lose only if their red beams touch you, and they aren’t that smart! And if there’s a wall in between, they won’t be able to catch you.


As long as you keep your eye on the outside rim of your circle, you won’t run into them.


This game is a bit like chess, because you all move 1 square at a time. If you don’t move, the guards won’t move either! If you take one step, they will take one step too, in a random direction. This isn’t timed either. You get fewer stars if you take more steps, but we’re here for levels, not stars, right?

Other than that, I can’t think of any more tips. There isn’t really that much strategy, it’s more like blind luck, literally.

If you don’t pass all 3 stages, you get stars. But if you pass them all, you will earn 1 level toward the Hero Medal! The maximum, for mems and nons, is 10.



I like how they decided to change things up for this event, it’s not the usual expensive Limited Item Cart, boring mini games, and movie. There’s actually a storyline!

I also appreciate it that they not only gave nonmembers a chance to gain 10 levels, but that the maximum level for that medal is the same for nons and mems!

It also looks like this isn’t even the entire event yet, there’s more to come! So…


Blog Updates

I know you guys have been asking for new pages, so I’ve just made two!

The first one (you Shingeki no Kyojin fans will love it especially) is Free Cursors! Some of you already know, since I announced it on XAT yesterday, but I just finished making another cursor that’s Fantage-themed!


The second new page is titled Did You Know.” Changed the name to “Fantage Fun Facts” because someone already had a page with that name :)


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The End of a Dark Tunnel

Sorry everyone for that nasty fight between me and AprilMay, I know you guys don’t like to see that sort of negative stuff on here, and neither do I.

So I’m super happy to say that we’ve talked it over on XAT (oh, XAT, the place where everyone makes up <3 ). Here’s the entire coversation.

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Instagram and Twitter

I don’t feel like I have been contributing greatly to the blog lately, and it seems Princess_Moomoo is literally running everything, from ask.fm to Facebook to the Fantageville Wikia. I find it depressing that today was the first time I read the Fantageville Wikia…

Anyway, I noticed that I am on Instagram and Twitter WAY too much, so might as well put it to good use for this blog. So I made a Twitter and an Instagram for Fantageville and will be updating regularly. Of course Princess_Moomoo can contribute if she has time. Instagram is apparently the most popular social networking website/app in use at the moment, so it will be great publicity for Fantageville. And I just like Twitter, so yea.

Instagram: @fantagevilleblog

Twitter: @fantageville

If you have noticed, you can find the direct link under the “Find Us On…” tab. But you probably haven’t noticed since I just updated it like two minutes ago…

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XAT Poser

Poser made a new account, but thankfully, nobody seems to believe her anymore, good job guys

I usually don’t post about XAT, but there has been some–*tries not to use bad words*–arrogant fool posing as me lately, claiming that there have been “new rules.” I was shocked that some people actually believed her. Because one, if there were new rules, wouldn’t I post about it?? And two, this scroll message that I added:


This is what she has been saying. Thank you so much, pandiithepanda, for these screenshots

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Click here for the first Anniversary Month post

Uptown Prize Raffle

Clearly, this was causing a lot of people confusion and frustration at around 6:30 PM FST. People screaming “MOVE,” bossy people trying to get everyone’s attention (but having no clue what was going on either), random people asking for “mwommys” (really??), people getting confused about timezones and shouting out their country, caps lock EVERYWHERE… it was a mess xP

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Looks like there will be TONS of new updates this month, so I will definitely be posting more than once. That’s why I will number all the posts :)

About Anniversary Month

The month of April is a grand celebration. Log in daily to find out what’s new!

First, you can buy the Anniversary Item at Downtown. For Members (pretty much everyone, since we’re all members now xD), it’s 2,500 ecoins/5,000 stars. Remember that if you buy any member item with stars, you won’t be able to wear it once you’re a non again.

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