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Click here for the first Gizmo’s Q-Blast post, with all the instructions, tips, and more!

Limited Items Cart

They’ve released a new Q-Blast themed item cart. Although none of them are starred nonmember items, I’m really glad that they made it on sale for gold and stars this time. Thanks Fantage!


I actually saw someone wearing the Q-Bot items, it looks so funny!


Problems/Glitches Fixed

In the previous post, I made a list of the problems that Fantage should fix. Looks like they did fix them:

1. I haven’t seen anyone with a level over 3 yet. I noticed that once you’re at level 3, if you lose a game, you drop back down to 2. Fixed! I have seen people as high as level 15+ now, and I never drop a level anymore.

2. Although the game can be started with only 2 players (you just need an even number of people), the game stops immediately with only 2 players and ends in a draw. Fixed! I just played a game with 2 players, it worked like normal.

3. Sometimes, too many people join a room, and the system is too slow in realizing that more than 6 people joined. This can result in missing people (e.g. no host, or you can’t see yourself). Looks like this has been fixed too, I haven’t run into this problem anymore.


If this ever happens to you, just leave the room and go to a different one.

Then, even if the game does start, the teams are weird and uneven


4. Has anyone seen the black arrow powerup that maximizes your laser distance?? Is it for people that buy the special Q-bot only, or…? This one, I dunno if it’s a glitch or not. Maybe this powerup is just really rare, because I still have not seen it.

New Map Theme

In addition to the Bakery theme, there is now a Bath theme!


New Shop Items

New Game Item, in addition to the Shield!


Also, new Q-Bot! Based on the stats, it’s the same in performance as the Cookie Man, so it’s the same cost.


Suggestions for Updates

1. Name labels when we’re playing. We have no idea who is who, we only know who is on our team.

2. Make a small change to the map fantage bath 3. The player that starts in the top right corner loses immediately because there is no room to place a cube and escape.


3. A bonus reward to the person that zaps the most people. It’s unfair when there’s a player that does all the work and another player that just stands there.

4. Prizes for leveling up? I know you’re working on a medal already, but an item prize would be cool too.

5. This will probably already come with the medal, but some indication that shows how many points we need until we can get to the next level.

6. A time limit to how long you can wait until pressing Ready, before it presses it automatically for you. Nobody needs more than like 30 seconds to choose a bot… There’s always someone that keeps the game from going because they forget to press Ready, and it’s really annoying!

To all the participants of the Fantageville Games,

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in quite a few days. I have been extremely busy :( Now I added 5 new challenges and extended the time for Task 2 until July 28th, 2014. Thank you guys for being so patient! I will probably add 5 more challenges tomorrow, I just couldn’t think of any today. As of now, all points are also updated.

It seems a lot of people haven’t been participating. I know I said I would eliminate the people with the lowest number of points, but I change my mind on that. Now the new rules is: if you don’t participate in this task, YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED. Also, the 2 people from each team with the lowest score will be eliminated. ALSO, the person with the highest score from each team will win something that will benefit them in the next task. I hope this is enough incentive to participate more :)


Hey guys! Sorry I’m a day late with the Fantageville Games, but the team names have officially been selected now! The 2nd task will now commence! I personally find this task quite interesting :> Don’t forget to read all instructions precisely and accurately. And remember, failure to follow rules will lead to disqualification! Check out all the details on The 5th Fantageville Games page here.

Good luck! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!

Fantage has released an update to this game, click here for our post!

Turns out that this is a new game, not an event! And I think it’s REALLY awesome! We’ve been wanting more player-interaction for a long time now, looks like Fantage has (maybe) taken our opinion into consideration :)

This game is difficult to understand at first, but that’s what makes it good. Things that are too simple, like the rest of the games on Fantage, get boring very quickly.

Here’s my tutorial/explanation, hopefully you’ll understand it better!

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Other Updates are on the way bottom, including: I <3 School Wordz – New Comet GameCody’s Crazy Combos – New Sky Surfers Set, and Bonus Level Medal – Get Free Items

This is the third Lights Out/Black Out event, there was one in 2013 and 2012 too! And by the looks of it, it’s EXACTLY the same as the 2012 event. Here we go…

Limited Items

Of course, they’re selling it for Gold instead of ecoins/stars :(

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I’ve been wanting to post this ever since the Cosmic Bingo got released, since I heard many complaints from Nonmembers about the ads getting in the way. So here it is!

A while ago, Fantage added yet another privilege for Members: no ads

Correction: Premium Members and smart Nonmembers get no ads ;) Here’s how.

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Inspired by the Hunger Games, these games are made to trick, challenge, and test your intellectual and creative abilities! In these games, 5 teams consisting of an equal number of Fantagians will FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Just kidding. They will all compete in challenges, and at the end of each challenge, the same number of players from each team will be eliminated. The last 5 players will then… FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Just kidding again. The last 5 players will compete in an extremely difficult challenge until there is only 1 player left, the winner!

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