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Map and Area Updates!

Ok actually I’ll update this before I leave, because it’s SO cool!!

Why has everything changed? Watch the third Cataclysm video!

And according to the second one, the reason why the snow hasn’t melted is because the fairies were trapped and couldn’t change the season >_<

Overall Map Changes

The snow has melted, so everything’s green now! Also, when you hover your mouse over an area, there’s a description. Great for newbies!

spring map1

Also, notice how there’s a defined path everywhere now, you can get anywhere just by moving left and right. This is shown on the map as well, looks like Fantage is trying to connect all the areas with paths and bridges.



There are helpful signs everywhere now too!


The Beach

The Beach, the Lighthouse, and Sea Breeze have all been combined into one area now! A bit inconvenient, not sure why they did this.


To access Sea Breeze and the Lighthouse, you have to go all the way left and click on the background

map3 map4

The Palm Dance Club and Sun Block haven’t changed. Looking for the games, Fish Fish, Jellyfishin, and Splash? They’re ALL at the Carnival now!

The Island

The only difference is that they removed that super convenient underwater tube area on the map, so to catch Seahorse, you have to go all the way to the right.

map5 map6

The Carnival

The Carnival got super squished together now, and I think it’s pretty cool! Face Painting is still here, and now they’ve moved Card Quest here as well.


The Arcade isn’t a dirty old tent anymore, it’s like those arcades you see on TV! Almost all the games are here now, separated into 4 categories.


Here are all the games inside the Arcade by category, and their old location in parenthesis. You won’t be able to play these games at their old location anymore.

Arcade Games: BoBo Fish (Creature Area), Galaxy Hero (Arcade), Pearly Pop (Arcade), Whack a Veggie (Arcade), Type Boo (Castle Realtor’s)
Outdoor Games: Fish Fish (Beach), Go Cart (Carnival), Buzzer Beater (Carnival), Rocket Board (Carnival), Snowday (Castle Bridge), Splash (Beach), Putt Putt Revolution (Carnival)
Multiplayer: Fish Fish (Beach), Fruit Stack (Star Cafe), Snack Tac Toe (Star Cafe), Splash (Beach), Snowday (Castle Bridge)
Puzzle: Fruit Stack (Star Cafe), Snack Tac Toe (Star Cafe), Memory Mixup (Star Cafe), Jigsaw Jigsaw (Star Cafe)

There’s a new Arcade dude now too, he replaced the creepy one who kept on sticking out his tongue


The Forest

The Wizard’s Domain, the Forest, the Secret Adventure game, and Creature Area (far right) are all combined together now too!


Everything just looks so weird and different… Orion’s Rare Finds, Lucky Bob’s, and Creature Area hasn’t changed, but the inside of the Grotto has!


All of the gem-earning games can be accessed inside the Grotto now. And the Hidden Fairy Forest hasn’t changed either.

The Castle

The Castle Bridge and Castle Realtor’s remained intact, but the Castle Entrance is gone! If you’re looking for Mouse Out, it’s hiding on the bridge now


The Dock and the Oasis

Poof, gone. Don’t worry, Raj escaped, he’s at the Carnival, as I mentioned earlier.


The only things that hasn’t changed at all is Mt. Fantage, Pet Town, Fantage School area, Uptown, and Downtown.

I’m not sure if I like this, but I do know that we will all get used to it. I think everything is just a lot more tidy now :)

I wish I took more pictures before the change, I’ll miss the old look! (These are all just random pictures of areas that I collected from past posts)


tree trouble

Castle 1

Happy Earth Day everyone :)

Enjoy this fine-looking cupcake idea I found on Facebook (and maybe even attempt to make it!)

Once again, Fantage forgot about Earth Day, so you can click here to see my post from last year (in which they also forgot ._.)

Last, these next couple of weeks will be extremely busy for me, due to finals. For those of you who are too young to know, finals are very important, they are pretty much what students have been working hard all year to prepare for. It tests how much you’ve learned and if you’re ready to move on. Fail it, and the entire year will be meaningless.

But, I will be completely free from worry (or, at least, most of it) after May 15, which is the day of my last final. Between now and then, I will be seeing very little of you guys, so I am depending on Angela to keep you all updated!

Here will be my last update (for a while): The snow has melted on Fantage! Everything looks so bare now… But don’t worry, it will be back some time in November or so :)


Oh, and last last thing, I know the green Ville Bill page is there, but I have not yet started to release the actual green Ville Bills yet. I will release them when I return.

So, see you in a couple of weeks! In the mean time, enjoy the fresh air and hug a tree <3

Very Quick Post

Updates at the bottom.

Hi, this will be quick!

There’s a girl, selena_107, that has been claiming that she “works for us” and “gives us ideas for our videos and everything.”

She’s lying, please don’t believe her.

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Click here for Post #2, and here for Post #1 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Angela’s stuff in blue

Send Gifts to Buddies

This is a great new of way of being able to interact with your friends. You can now pay a low cost of 450 ecoins to send a mystery gift to one of your friends. To do this, click the “Gift” symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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Cataclysm Event

Remember these weird octopus-like bowls of bubbly, smoky pink stuff from the past couple of weeks?


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Blog Updates

I know you guys have been asking for new pages, so I’ve just made two!

The first one (you Shingeki no Kyojin fans will love it especially) is Free Cursors! Some of you already know, since I announced it on XAT yesterday, but I just finished making another cursor that’s Fantage-themed!


The second new page is titled Did You Know.” Changed the name to “Fantage Fun Facts” because someone already had a page with that name :)


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The End of a Dark Tunnel

Sorry everyone for that nasty fight between me and AprilMay, I know you guys don’t like to see that sort of negative stuff on here, and neither do I.

So I’m super happy to say that we’ve talked it over on XAT (oh, XAT, the place where everyone makes up <3 ). Here’s the entire coversation.

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