❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Free Stuff!!

UPDATE: You can get everything BUT the 4 costumes and 4 outfits at Le Shop and Stellar Salon. Fantage just secretly put them there without announcing it xP Thanks pinkstarbritney!!

Want all these never-released 5 hairdo’s, 5 tops, 1 bottom, 4 boy and girl costumes, 4 outfits, and 4 boards for FREE??


These are NOT recolors or edits, they are actual clothes that everyone can get, if they know the cheat.

Instructions are below…

1. Make a new account. Click here to be directed to the New User page.

UPDATE: Make a boy account, and you will get boards!

2. Keep on clicking refresh until you see an avatar that you like.


3. If you remember the old “Welcoming Video”, then you’ll notice that Fantage has updated it! M and Peabody will greet you. Peabody will then go to Le Shop with you, where you will get a FREE outfit!! (Boys will get boards)


4. You will then receive a FREE costume; you can choose which one!!


5. That’s not all! Log in your newbie for the next 3 days and get MORE free stuff!


6. If you are a member, buy Cityscape Board from the Board Shop with STARS.

7. Put the Cityscape Board up for trade. Use your newbie account to offer both the costume and the outfit. Yay, now those items are yours! (If you aren’t a member, either ask a member friend to help you, or try and find the pass to the Members/Rares page)

Why this board?? Well, both the costume and outfit combined is worth 3,400 stars. After testing things out, you need to post something that is at least 2,800 for it to work. Anything lower won’t be enough. Anything higher is a waste of stars.

UPDATE: Whether you are a girl or a boy, you can still transfer the boy board prizes! Just put up something that is worth at least 1,400 stars (I tested that number), and offer the boy board. Your posted item must be a board, because that is the only thing you can trade with boys. You obviously can’t give a boy a dress LOL.

7. You should hurry, I don’t know how long this will last. Remember the free Castle Crown Hair and Board from a year ago, where you had to log into the German/French server? That didn’t last long. Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

8. Make sure you don’t tell this to anyone. Just think about it. If someone doesn’t know how to get these items, then they will think it’s SUPER rare right? Then you can laugh evilly and not tell them the cheat xD

Comments on: "Free Stuff!!" (43)

  1. OMG it works!!! YAY!!!


  2. If you did this the day it started, you got FGC boards and you could’ve got 2011 Cashu board. I got most of them but I didn’t get the lucky card board yet. 🙂 The hairs and tops and bottoms are already released in Le Shop btw. The Daily Bonuses don’t work. Fantage didn’t really work on those yet. :3


    • Yea, I remember you talking about it on Fantage a couple minutes ago. How did you get the board? Did they just give it to you for free, like a window just popping up? Or did peabody buy it for you? Thanks 🙂


  3. i can’t transufer it because im a non OnO


  4. psalm1003 said:

    Awesome! Now I just have to find the members page pw so I can trade the stuff my main account…Thanks for putting this up!


  5. I know this cheat. I posted it yesterday then ALL of it changed. Well, I also think it is nicer because Fantage is giving nons better items. When I tried to trade for the dress and the costume and board it worked, but when I tried with choosing your non avatar and the clothes, it did not work. It says something like *Try again later* Can you solve it and or help me?


  6. pinky2219 said:

    omg….. fantage is so sneaky.. XD


  7. Cherry10707 said:

    I ❤ YOU! Do you know any trustworthy members to help me transfer? Thanks!




  9. idkwatidoing said:

    Oh and just a note 😛 When you’re making you’re new account, when they ask “Did a friend invite you?” Be sure to put in your character that you play a lot! Then your account that you JUST made will get free ecoins 🙂 If you play for an hour you get 100 I believe, and then if you wait for a few days or maybe a week (around that…), you finally can get up to 600 ecoins on that newbie account. Then you can transfer those ecoins to your original account! And so yeah xD Thanks for this cheat guys 🙂 And credit to my cousins sasha888 and udonrox for showing me a while ago :3 (thanks bubs) And well yup that’s all I gotta say. Thanks for reading humans :]



  10. You can buy them at stellar salon. I just looked! They sell for 18,000 at trade and sell and that is a rip off.


  11. My friend already told me this cheat! xP But even if I find the pass to the members and rares page how can I transfer it to my account? Then don’t I have to buy something to trade with or what??? You can just email me if you want.


    • 1. Use the member to post a random starred item
      2. Newbie offers the free stuff for that item
      3. Member posts the free stuff
      4. You offer a useless item
      5. Member accepts, you have the item!




  13. xelainezz said:

    Wow thanks Princess_Moomoo. I didn’t even know this till today.



  14. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    THX!!! You rock!!! ;D I`ll do this cheat over n` over again and I know why you made it password protected… You don`t want Fantage to fix the glitch, right? 😛


  15. Lol my fake acc Fantage is rare and the real one is like not oo much :|.Now so many lv 0 got cut clothes than me 😦


  16. AWESOME! I used this and everyone asked about it. Thanks for this cheat! Also, for the boys’ trade, buy the blue orange board for 1,400 stars. That’s what is ok to trade for the boy boards. 😀


  17. Fantage_justin said:

    can you please help me!
    im a non and i wanted to put the items to me i really wanted it but i dont know any member people cuz you know after a short hang out they will log out and delete me 😦 . do you know a member that can help me??? and theres one thing i really cant pay them if theres a payment i have less ecoins i need someone who have a generous heart that can help me thank you! 🙂


  18. Yay! I asked Casey to help me transfer the things and she said she would! Thank you so much Casey.


  19. angela9463 said:

    uh princess moomoo… how can u transfer the items to your account?


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