❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Michelle’s Dinner Date

These events are getting out of hand… -_- Michelle is dating some random guy named Zack whose hair looks like a squirrel’s tail. How about we keep things PG, Fantage?

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Ever wanted to look like Michelle? (no.) You can buy her hair, outfit, and shoes! Nothing for nonmembers…


Wanna be a servant for Zack and Michelle? Then waste even more stars for a servant uniform! :d


And no, even if you have the serving costume from a while back, it doesn’t count. LOOKS THE SAME TO ME. APPARENTLY NOT.


Where are all the hidden clothes?

How does one lose their clothes…? Does that mean Michelle isn’t wearing any– NEVERMIND.

There are different items every day. Once you find them, you can buy them. I’m not, because they will be put up for sale on the 17th at Downtown anyway.

You can get the medal every day at the Castle Bridge, upper left. It levels up each time.


The items are different every day, but the locations are the same:

1. Uptown, between Board Shop and Costume Shop

2. Carnival, under Putt Putt Revolution

3. Oasis, bottom

4. Downtown, under Stellar Salon

Apr. 11 (forgot to screenshot the last one, sorry!)


Apr. 12


Dinner Date Fashion Judge

Go to Uptown and click on Michelle, she will judge your style.


Wear something from the Limited Items cart, and you will be guaranteed to get a high score. I was able to get the second prize from wearing the new Free Stuff costume and board, meaning Limited Items aren’t needed, it’s just easier. Just wear fancy stuff.


Score at least a 5 to get the hair. Score at least a 9 to get the costume (I’m not too sure about these numbers, just an estimate, comment if I am wrong)


Play Table for Two

Click on this sign at Uptown


To play, you need to buy the serving costumes. So not worth it, but I have to buy it to tell you guys how to play xP

Click on them to start the game. Click on the big MENU sign to get the food they want, and click on their table to give it to them. WHY DO THEY EAT SO MUCH.


Keep an eye on the timer in the corner.


Trick: Click on the area below the table first, then click on the table. This will avoid a really awkward position when you are underneath the table and unable to move. For example, if you were serving Zack:


Another trick: If you are walking your pet, just get rid of it, so it won’t get in the way.

You will receive a medal and 5 stars for every dish you served.


Comments on: "Michelle’s Dinner Date" (71)

  1. They don’t allow you to say “girlfriends” or “boyfriends” but now Michelle is dating a random guy named Zack. LOL


  2. Musicismylife said:

    Wow, I think fantage is running out of ideas for events! I bet the next event’s gonna be a celebration of kiwi dating someone (it kiwi right, lol) there should be some please on fantage where we can submit idea that is pg. 😒


    • Musicismylife said:

      Sorry for my bad grammar I got a new iPod and I’m viewing it on it and the spell heck is just annoying


  3. I think you get an extra level for checking out the new scenes in the photobooth^^ I’m not 100% sure, but it happened to me…


  4. I wonder how OLD Michelle is…


  5. Foreverball11 said:

    What grade are u ans casey? The are lots of new events coming after each other. These are getting out of hand.


  6. I did a lot of trash talk in my post about this loooool. If you wore any of the Trade n Sell stuff that M and Peabody are selling, you get extra points too. :]


  7. Princess_Moomoo Could you help me transfer Items to my main Account? Cause i really want the boards the boys Get! But i’m not a member 😦
    Could you help me?


    • I don’t think I can help everyone… that would cost me a LOT of ecoins. You can ask another member blogger though, didn’t pinkstarbritney say she would help you transfer if you paid her ecoins?


      • Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ-ღ~♥αηgєℓιηє♥~ღ-Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ said:

        How do you get the yellow car board? Boys can trade to girls, can they? 😮
        Also, how do they get it anyway?


      • It’s on my Free Stuff post.
        Yes, girls can trade with boys, but only using boards, homes, pets, stickers, cards, and moodies. All clothing and hair cannot be traded between boys and girls (and it makes sense, why would a boy want a dress? xD)


  8. Hey did you know if you went in french and the other languages , there are different ” lost clothes ” 🙂 !


  9. They are running out of ides alright.


  10. i cant find the “lost clothes hunt” medal. it’s not on the castle bridge.


    • If you have already found it today, then it won’t appear until tomorrow. Keep in mind Fantage’s time zone too, maybe you already found today’s, but you found it yesterday night?
      If it’s neither of these, then try looking in all of the locations I listed. Maybe our items are differently placed.


  11. lost clothes eh? no i shouldn’t think that..LOL DIRTY MIND. in 9 months there will be an event for michelles baby!!


  12. Hollow72244 said:

    Fantage is changing into some dating site :/

    Maybe they could change their URL to fantage.dating.com for the dating events and fantage.com for PG stuff.

    And heck, i don’t even know why they did twilight a few months ago when you need to stay up late to watch it, kids probably don’t watch it (i do, sometimes)


  13. This reminds me of what we’re doing in science.
    Human Growth and ______________

    The videos where terrible. I mean what person would volunteer to have a crew film their………………..
    Oh, and there was sound effects too…


  14. jadeallstar said:

    i found the medal in the Creature Area ONCE……..


    • Yeah, I think it’s different for everyone, which is annoying for me to blog, since I CAN’T…


    • sarahnguyen126 said:

      Oh yeah me too!The 2nd one i think i found it at the Beach or Carnival i guess.Yeah it’s just different for everyone becuz today i found my 3rd one at the Castle 😀


  15. Lol! I remember when I met you in uptown.. I see the picture you shot with the pants still has the ‘f’ from my username XD


  16. RYANROX79 said:

    lawl funny post! I agree with you, but i think when fantage puts all the items up on the 17th its going to cost more, i mean wouldn’t that make sense? That is obviously something FANTAGE would do


  17. You guys all forgot, Michelle ISN’T REALLY dating. She’s just showing Zack the new guy around our Town.


  18. yea thats my speech 4 the fantage makers.. maybe they can make an event that thanks the old pplz.. . and they DO need new ideas… an event that rewards the long time fantagians is better then watching a person we dont no *ahem zack* dating michelle.. i mean… theres wayyy to many drama on fantage already…


    • Well, they mostly care about having new users, because it’s more money for them. The more people that join, the more they profit. It’s all about money to them ._.
      And yeah, drama was running wild before all this dating, and we could definitely do without it.


  19. Anonymous said:

    If you beat Zack’s score in Dance Fever, you can get a prize. You can get stars or a polka-dotted dress.


  20. Ria (sunsetnature) said:

    i went to the oasis but i didnt find anythin


    • The locations are different for everyone, I just realized that. It’s impossible for me to post the locations now… But really, you don’t have to search for them, because they will be sold again on the 17th anyway.


  21. sarahnguyen126 said:

    I really want Fantage to start the Splash Out event it’ll be fun.Last time at the Summer Finale i think i gave my swimsuit to someone and now i dont have any.I want to buy another swimsuit in Fantage.Can Fantage have a Splash partay xD


  22. Dating is really inappropiate for a supposedly KIDS’ game. They don’t let you say girlfriend or boyfriend, but isn’t Zack kinda like Michelle’s…? Also, I’m thinking that soon, they’ll have some kind of baby theme…Fantage needs new ideas. Fast. And how can your clothes be lost? Like, how did Michelle’s stuff get to the carnival? Wacko…


  23. Hi, for all you people who need help with getting the costume from the judge,
    I’m actually a non member too but i got the costume anyways ^.^
    So heres how i got it,i wore the hair i got from judging and the clothing hunt items, perhaps a nice dress (either one works) then the first try you might get like 7stars but wait i few minutes then judge again, i did it like 5 time and then i got the costume (^.^).
    Hope this helped!


  24. Anonymous said:

    What about this?http://prntscr.com/10pxph Its the yellow nd black dress?


  25. Cookies4Eva_ said:

    moomoo/casey which in ur opinion is better cleo sandles or headphones?


  26. OMG fantage is running out of ideas it might be their too tried to even draw out the guy and put random drawing IDK but ehhhh



    Princess_moomoo(drincess_kookoo) on the loose(mass morn indeed!!)


    Okay guys,as you know I’m challenging the loser to play Splash with me in Plum Panther today and right now….when you come dummy or we’ll change the time which you set.

    She surely will lose! I know the garbage bin.


    No fighting no arguing that we should not play it ect.

    No saying bad comments in this because it has been said “Okay” for this challenge.

    No trying to cheat in the game by disguising yourself.

    Only cRaZy_CoW101 and dRiNcEsS_mOo will come. Equally will be four because I’ll be coming with my partner.


    If you have any requests like-Asking to change but not changing the game(Splash.) You can comment.

    If any problem in this subject tell me. We’ll reply as soon as we can…NO CUSSING REMEMBER YOU DUMMY KOOKOO OR U GUYS.

    Screenshot_43 http://www.fantage.com

    Thanks and no cussing.


    Screenshot_29 My stats ..To show how many followers I got in that day and fans too.

    Screenshot_33No place for you kookoo!!

    Screenshot_32Oww kookoo,looks like you have to leave yourself and ur dumb fantageville blog.



    😀 Cool for just YOU. 😀 😀 😀 😀



  28. Happy4423 said:

    LOL Princess


  29. Just found out there is yet ANOTHER event including “Zack and Michelle at the Carnival.”
    They are SERIOUSLY running out of ideas. They used the same concept for two events in a row


  30. I wish Fantage would think more of how this dating theme is affecting the kids that play, instead of thinking just of profit. Princess_moomoo? I bet you already know this, but Fantage added new non stuff…The hairs are just recolored versions of member items. -_-


  31. buttercup7904 said:

    If you play dance fever and get a score over 1,250 zack will give you as prize a think it’s a dress or something.Oh,and I think you have to do it three times.


  32. the1cow1says1moo said:

    LOL! By the way, didn’t Michelle date Static or something before? I remember something like that that happened a few years ago…


  33. sethrina :) said:

    That’s kinda um, selfish. “Join now for free, but if you want more cool stuff, purchase Premium Membership!” And, I agree. Drama is so annoying. Copiers, right? The drama for your website. It was a good idea to ignore tinkerbell. Can you believe how PATHETIC she is? She said that she had a worker who was a copier, and then you know in the post where it says by: ________? It said HER username, and she said she was someone else. I know, I say it in a very confusing way, sorry.


  34. fantage is running out of ideas.. i think they should do an event where they teach u and let u on the old fantage!! it would sooo much fun 😉 and probably there gonna have an event about michelle getting preggo and getting a costume to look like her and then u take care of le shop.. watz wrong with fantage now???


  35. Lol, it’s kind of weird how you said “why would a boy want a dress?” because I keep seeing boys in girl’s clothes, and they’re always in Trade n’ Sell o.o
    Some guy was also asking some girl to trade items.
    +Good luck on 550,000 hits!


  36. Are you going to do the cheats for the carnival one?
    I see people going around with cotton candy hair, popcorn outfit (or costume) and pretzel board.
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it relates to carnival stuff, and I’m dying to find out how to get it.


  37. I thought she was with Michael ?!?! WoW, she’s such a lover girl there are too many boys in Fantage and still they have to add one with a squirrel head :O Fantage is getting out of hand for real :(( That’s why i sign up for Fantage is because of it’s a kid webstie and I never thought their will be things like this.


  38. awesome_fantagian said:

    Summary of this event:
    Michelle is dating a random guy! Now all of fantage has to celebrate >:(. Also, she has apparently lost a bunch of clothes and hair (how do you lose clothes!? Was she randomly throwing them around!? And hair!? O.o). You can buy specific servant costumes (the other servant ones wont work, why not!?) with your precious stars that you have been saving up so you can be a slave and serve them food. Really bad idea, why would you pay to be someones waitress!? There is also a limited items cart so you can copy michelle! Yay…
    Worst event ever, i cant believe they would actually make this an event…


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