❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

This no longer works, and has not worked for over a year now! It was to celebrate the opening of the French and German servers. Be on the lookout for one at the Spanish server, though!

Have you seen the Fantagians floating around with the BEAUTIFUL crown and castle board? Jealous? REAAALLLLYY want to get one?

YOU CAN! Yes, you, Non-Members! It’s easy, free, and awesome:

1. Go to the Log In page, and change the language to French.

2. Log in. You will see a stand with presents, balloons, stars, and a sign that says “Cadeaux pour toi!” (See red arrow below). Click on it to get your FREE crown and castle board, just like everyone else!!!!!

3. Last, make sure you log out and change the language back to English, unless you can actually read French! *You won’t get to see your friends, as they probably don’t go to the French servers, so it’s probably best to change back*

Comments on: "Free Crown and Castle Board!" (22)

  1. I dont see it 😦


  2. dang i dont see it! : – (


  3. ~♫✰Fantage_♥Tara_☮rockz!~♫✰ said:

    Boohoo!! I cant get it!! I dont see it~!!


  4. Princess moo moo reply back when we can talk i really miss yhu 😦


  5. I know it’s too late X( but what does the crown look like?
    Is it this brown hair with a crown with yellow, purple, and red???
    Please answer…


  6. xx~Starling~xx said:

    so I’m guessing that it’s WAAAAY too late to get the board, since this post was made in January 2012. . . . I think


  7. xx~Starling~xx said:

    if this is over why don’t you just completely delete this page?


  8. xx~Starling~xx said:

    wow, u answered fast I guess ur on now


  9. bellosnowy said:

    Yeah I saw those before……… When I was still a stupid newbie! I asked a friend how to get them but I didn’t understand :3 😛


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