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How to Get Rid of Ads on Fantage (Nonmembers)

Update 8/11/14: This no longer works. When the ad loads, the screen becomes the blue Fantage loading screen and you can’t see anything. You either have to disable AdBlock and watch the ad, or keep AdBlock and refresh the page. Since the ad is only like 30 seconds, help Fantage by disabling AdBlock on their domain. It makes nearly no difference to you, but I’m sure it gives them a lot of money!

I’ve been wanting to post this ever since the Cosmic Bingo got released, since I heard many complaints from Nonmembers about the ads getting in the way. So here it is!

A while ago, Fantage added yet another privilege for Members: no ads

Correction: Premium Members and smart Nonmembers get no ads 😉 Here’s how.


Double Level Glitch

This has been fixed.

I was on Facebook, and I saw several people posting pictures of their ID Fones with level 5000+, and I thought that was a bit strange, because the highest level is under 4000 right now, in the Hall of Fame.

If you look at your own ID Fone, your level will be normal. But, if your friends look at your ID Fone through their Buddies List, your level shows as doubled!

The ID Fone on the left is how my buddies will see my ID Fone, and the one on the right is how I see my ID Fone.


I just thought this was pretty interesting, and you guys wanted me to post random Fantage things as well! 🙂

How Do Fantagians Dress in Boy and Girl Clothes?

Last updated by MooMoo on 9/29/13: created post

To all my lovely followers, here’s a little hint for the location of a RED Ville Bill. Just check your email for the unedited version of this post!


If you didn’t follow Fantageville BEFORE this was posted, then the hint will not show. Follow now to get the hint on future posts!


All of you have probably seen guy Fantagians wearing girl clothing, or girl Fantagians wearing guy clothes, like the pic below.


Yes, that’s me masquerading as a guy 😀


✦ XAT Search ✦

Last updated by MooMoo on 8/16/13: added ‘Also, if someone reports to you…’

This link is EXTREMELY useful to XAT owners who want to catch people saying bad things on their chat:


You can type any word or phrase into that search box. If ANYONE from ANY chat box said that word/phrase, it will show up in the search results!

Also, if someone reports to you that there was a cusser, you can verify that by searching it on the site.

Note that Private Chats, Private Messages, and Member Only chats are not searchable.

Have fun!


Prevent Getting Scammed

If you go to my SCAMMERS! page, you will see how many sad stories there are in the comments of people getting scammed. There is really nothing you can do once you get scammed, besides pleading with Fantage and asking your friends to do the same on your behalf (which usually doesn’t work unless you have a LOT of friends).

So instead of telling you what to do AFTER you get scammed, let’s talk about what to do BEFORE. In other words, how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

1. Don’t Double Trade


How to Make Your Text Show

Last updated by MooMoo on 3/22/14: added green sticky note

This method is no longer necessary, as Fantage has added the red text update (click here to learn more). We’ll keep this page here in case anyone wants to know how things were before the update!

So I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has come across this problem one time or another on Fantage, but we have never even addressed the problem!

Since I can’t take it anymore(Casey), I will tell you…


What I mean is, have you ever had the problem that you are chatting with someone, and your text never shows, and it gets really fustrating because that person doesn’t know what your saying? Well, I will tell you HOW you KNOW your text will show.

Ever see people on Fantage say things like this?

annual pass

Well apparently, if you say specific words capitalized, like SHOES and FRIEND, they will automatically un-capitalize and turn to lowercase letters, shoeS and friend. If it does do this, you KNOW your text will show to other people! If it doesn’t, your text will not show and you will have to change the spelling of your words!

For example,

The one on the LEFT will NOT show, the one on the RIGHT WILL show!


Now you don’t ever have to worry about your words “not showing” to other people! Just use this simple trick!


I just realized why Fantage automatically uncapitalizes those  testing words like grape, shoes, hope, shirt, shope, hello, etc. It’s because all of them have a bad word hidden inside of them.

I don’t want to show such words on my blog, but I need to prove a point here, so if you are mature enough not to take these words offensively and/or abuse them, you may reveal the hidden text below by highlighting it.


If you were to capitalize the words like the ones above, you could basically say a bad word without getting caught, because grape, shoes, and the rest are definitely not bad words x)

So, to solve this, Fantage must have taken all those words and uncapitalized them by default when saying it on Fantage. This way, no matter how you capitalized the word, it would show up as lower case anyway.

That means that if your testing word isn’t uncapitalized automatically, the rest of your text won’t show either, so Fantage doesn’t bother to uncapitalize it.

You could technically take any word that has a bad word hidden inside of it and use it as a testing word. Cool, huh?

Hope this clarified some things!


Another Scam

Update 6/7/13: ANOTHER email about the SAME THING. This time, from fantageprizes@gmail.com. DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE EMAILS I HAVE LISTED IN THIS POST. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT.

Update 6/5/13: I just got the same exact email under another address; clearly they had to create a new one because everyone knew they were liars. Their mistake was sending it to me again -_- The email is free4fantagestuff@gmail.com. Although their email this time seemed a lot more convincing, DO NOT tell them your account info!!!


Some of you may have gotten an email from freefantage1000@gmail.com, about “free” items. Here is a screenshot:


I gave them a newbie account. This is what I replied:

Well ok. I seriously doubt you are legit, because this email isn’t actually from Fantage, so I am gonna give you a fake account. If I don’t receive the items, then I’m gonna warn everyone about you on my blog and you won’t get a single Fantage account from this again.
User: *Hidden*
Pass: *Hidden*
I want blonde bb hair, prom hair, and 5,000 ecoins. I prefer if the items are coined.
Thanks, and again, if this is a scam, you will regret it.

So yeah, you can guess what happened. I didn’t get my items, nor did I expect to get my items.

If you received this email, DO NOT respond your account information. I don’t know how many people they have tricked so far, but let’s make sure they don’t trick any more.

This is yet another example of why you should think before giving away private information on the internet to too-good-to-be-true deals. (Click here for the Epic Free Prizes Scam post, if you haven’t read it already)

Once again, you can reblog this if you like, to spread the word.