❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

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Fantage Summer Camp 2012

Item Carts

Buy fishing gear at downtown/uptown to catch fish and earn stars! Nonmembers can buy the yellow set

Limited Item Cart at Downtown and Uptown also, but only member items available:


OMG I just realized, don’t fish at downtown/uptown, fish at the Camp Lake!! It is so much easier! Just go right, across the bridge!

How do you fish? Just go to any place on the lake and click this button on the right of your screen:

You can either fish out stars, junk, or fish. Keep track of how many fish you’ve caught here. It even tells you how close you are to fish! (hot is close, cold is far)


Roasting Marshmallows

Members only. You will need this accessory first, from the Limited Item Cart:

Click this to go to the summer camp and roast marshmallows:

Walk behind the fire pit and wait until it reaches a nice golden brown color. Move away before it burns! You will get stars for a perfect marshmallow ❤

Free Prizes

Go to the Summer Camp, and go to the left. Enter your cabin! (boys/girls)

Get the prize! 

Scavenger Hunt

Click on Michelle at the Summer Camp to start!


Click here for all the locations for every day


Just go fishing, start the scavenger hunt, get your free prize, and click on the Limited Item cart to get the medal. It’s for nonmembers too!!!


I’m always caught by surprise when somebody on Fantage recognizes me xD It feels so… awesome…

Anyway, I want to thank somebody I just met today who helped me with the scavenger hunt AND the free prizes. Here he is, just as I promised!

He even bought me a friendship bracelet! Awesome guy, huh? :mrgreen: