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New Fantage Trading Cards

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There are new “trading cards” on Fantage that kind of work like Pokemon cards…

If you go to the Oasis, there’s a whole shop on it called “Desert Jewel”


So if you click on that shop, you can buy 3 different set of cards. The first two with stars, and the 3rd you can buy with ecoins. The first one cost 5,000 stars, the 2nd one cost 2,500 stars, and the premium booster cost 1,500 ecoins. Nonmembers AND members can buy the packs and play the games!

card packs

The more cards the better. It will make the game much easier. This is basically what you need to know about each card.

card info

-For the game, you should try to get as many cards as possible, in different values and colored symbols.

-Their are six colored symbols, and you’ll need them all for the game, so try to get cards of different symbols!

-The value is also very important. The higher it is, the easier the game will be. I spent about 300,000 stars on card packs and I didn’t even get all the cards! I didn’t get the cards that were the rarest and highest value.

-There are 50 cards, and you can look at which ones you have by clicking the card album button, which is on the left of the map button.

card album button

But before you play the game, you have to build a deck! So click the Card Album, and click Deck Builder.

card album[

Each deck has 30 cards that you get to pick.

Since 30 cards divided by 6 symbols is 5 cards, it would be most wise to chose 5 cards of each symbol. 

Just choose 5 of the highest VALUE cards, even if you have multiples of the same cards.

To choose a card, click any of the symbols, and when the cards load at the top, click the 5 or whatever many you want to choose and click MOVE.

If this is too complicated, just click the Instructions button for a better understanding.

deck builder

When you are done moving 30 cards, just click the X button. Now you’re ready to play the game!

To get to the game, click the big Card Quest sign at the Oasis.

card quest sign

If you don’t want to read the instructions that I put next, then just read them in the game.

The game is quite simple. If you don’t have enough stars to buy 30 cards, just play practice mode. Otherwise, it’s better for your Card Quest medal to play Single mode.

play card quest

To play, press SPIN and it will automatically chose a random symbol. Then you have to chose a card with the same symbol.

But not only that, it has to have a equal or higher value than the next circle with that color.

If you have no cards, you must discard one. Otherwise, choose the right card!

card quest

Basically, you do that until you get to a treasure chest. Then the game ends.

And you always get a card for prize.

card quest prize

And then you’re done.

There’s a medal that comes with the game, you get it after you play your first game.

Then to keep leveling it up, just keep playing it more!

That’s basically it on Card Quest! Enjoy it!


New ID Fones!

Our ID Fones look a lot more hi-tech now! x]

How do I get the free stuff?

First, log on to Fantage and click on yourself.

A short video will pop up, showing you the brand new look

If you bought wallpaper, skins, or sticker pages BEFORE September 21, you can get FREE stuff! Members AND nonmembers!

However, if you just had the plain, default ID Fone stuff, sorry, you can’t get anything for free

For the people that had ID Fone stuff from before, click on  GET FREEBIES! For the people that didn’t, your ID Fone will still upgrade, don’t worry!

You can get a freebie for the items you already had. For example, if bought wallpaper and a skin from before, you can get a wallpaper AND a skin for free, but not the sticker page.

Make sure to scroll down! There’s LOTS of cool stuff!

Also, don’t click on the check mark on the bottom until you have selected ALL of the items you want, from ALL the sections. A ✔ will appear on the items you have selected.


My ID Fone is still boring white. How do I put on my new stuff?

Click on Customize, on the bottom of your new ID Fone


The  will be on the default items. Click on your new items to put them on!

No need to click save, it will already be activated!

Pets in Fashion Shows!

(Ok, maybe I’m just a bit slow, but I JUST figured this out… xP )

When playing fashion shows, you get bonuses for bringing your pet with you on to the stage. Since I see only members doing this, I thought that nonmembers aren’t able to get pet bonuses.


Yes, this includes the nonmember pets Jimbo and Mumbo!

1. Go to Top Model’s and join a fashion show

2. When a theme is chosen, go to your inventory and dress. Do NOT close your inventory yet

3. Click on the PETS tab all the way to the right. *It is partially hidden during the final round*

4. Choose any pet you want!

The pet you choose must match the theme! And, in the final round, it must be the same pet that is displayed!

So, just choosing any random pet that doesn’t match the theme won’t get you any points.

For example: the theme for this round was orange/formal

I brought my Jimbo pet out (it’s orange), and got some bonus pet points!

Also, try and match the pet that is displayed during the final round

Ahoy Fantage Part 2

Item Carts

The Limited Item cart stuff is for members only

The Cruise Shop Souvenirs are also for members only

However, nonmembers can buy the last waiter/waitress costume!


How to Jet Ski

Buy the Jet Ski from the Limited Items Cart and go to the beach to play! Move to the START area and ride the waves to earn stars.

How to Serve Food at the Restaurant

1. Wear a waiter/waitress uniform and go to the restaurant on Sea Breeze.

2. Go to the gold counter at the right. When somebody orders, a menu will pop up.

3. Look around to see what people want. Click the food on the menu that is ordered.

4. Walk to their table. Click the table. If they are nice, they will give you stars!

Other Stuff:

  • Go to the Cruise Ship and move all the way to the right, there is a new area! You can use the same flying trick at the Lighthouse and Castle to fly! Click here to learn more about it.
  • You can play Jelly Shuffle with another person now. Don’t know how to play? Click here

How to Fly Anywhere

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/24/13: replaced all content with new video

I’ve made a short 2-minute video to replace the confusing steps on this page. Watch below!

Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Click here for the Summer Camp Event post

Go to the Summer Camp area and click on Michelle to start the hunt.

Here are all the locations for each day! I have numbered each item on the list in the pictures.

If you need help with a certain item, comment, and I will post a picture.

Day 5

*Locations are kinda the same as Day 2, just the items are different

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (left of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (left of water well)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (left of helicopter)

8. Forest (near Lily and the Grotto)

9. Wizard’s Domain (all the way right, on the ground under beehive)

10. Fantage School (on the ground)

11. Castle Entrance (right)

12. Castle Bridge (right, above pet treats)

13. Lighthouse (all the way right)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 4 (sorry I missed it!)

Day 3

*Locations are same as Day 2, just the items are different

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (right of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (next to camel)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (right of HELP sign)

8. Forest (under Bubble Bug)

9. Wizard’s Domain (above Candy Swap)

10. Fantage School (on top of swing set on the left)

11. Castle Entrance (left)

12. Castle Bridge (right of Snowy Day)

13. Lighthouse (right of seagull)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 2

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (right of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (next to camel)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (right of HELP sign)

8. Forest (under Bubble Bug)

9. Wizard’s Domain (above Candy Swap)

10. Fantage School (on top of swing set on the left)

11. Castle Entrance (left)

12. Castle Bridge (right of Snowy Day)

13. Lighthouse (right of seagull)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 1

1. Downtown (right of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (front of Board Shop)

3. Carnival (front of Rocket Board)

4. Beach (front of The Palm Dance Club)

5. Oasis (front of Oasis Bazaar)

6. Dock (left)

7. Mt. Fantage (far left of Comet & Co.)

8. Forest (front of Lucky Bob’s)

9. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

10. Pet Town (above Pet Shop)

11. Castle Entrance (far right, on bench)

12. Castle Bridge (between guard on the left and Snowy Day, very small!)

13. Lighthouse (all the way right!)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Fantage Summer Camp 2012

Item Carts

Buy fishing gear at downtown/uptown to catch fish and earn stars! Nonmembers can buy the yellow set

Limited Item Cart at Downtown and Uptown also, but only member items available:


OMG I just realized, don’t fish at downtown/uptown, fish at the Camp Lake!! It is so much easier! Just go right, across the bridge!

How do you fish? Just go to any place on the lake and click this button on the right of your screen:

You can either fish out stars, junk, or fish. Keep track of how many fish you’ve caught here. It even tells you how close you are to fish! (hot is close, cold is far)


Roasting Marshmallows

Members only. You will need this accessory first, from the Limited Item Cart:

Click this to go to the summer camp and roast marshmallows:

Walk behind the fire pit and wait until it reaches a nice golden brown color. Move away before it burns! You will get stars for a perfect marshmallow ❤

Free Prizes

Go to the Summer Camp, and go to the left. Enter your cabin! (boys/girls)

Get the prize! 

Scavenger Hunt

Click on Michelle at the Summer Camp to start!


Click here for all the locations for every day


Just go fishing, start the scavenger hunt, get your free prize, and click on the Limited Item cart to get the medal. It’s for nonmembers too!!!


I’m always caught by surprise when somebody on Fantage recognizes me xD It feels so… awesome…

Anyway, I want to thank somebody I just met today who helped me with the scavenger hunt AND the free prizes. Here he is, just as I promised!

He even bought me a friendship bracelet! Awesome guy, huh? :mrgreen: