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How to Get Rid of Ads on Fantage (Nonmembers)

Update 8/11/14: This no longer works. When the ad loads, the screen becomes the blue Fantage loading screen and you can’t see anything. You either have to disable AdBlock and watch the ad, or keep AdBlock and refresh the page. Since the ad is only like 30 seconds, help Fantage by disabling AdBlock on their domain. It makes nearly no difference to you, but I’m sure it gives them a lot of money!

I’ve been wanting to post this ever since the Cosmic Bingo got released, since I heard many complaints from Nonmembers about the ads getting in the way. So here it is!

A while ago, Fantage added yet another privilege for Members: no ads

Correction: Premium Members and smart Nonmembers get no ads 😉 Here’s how.


Bingo Rescue

If you are a nonmember and are unable to get rid of the orange ad, scroll to the bottom for help.

I really like this update! Start out by getting a free bingo board at Downtown. This is for nonmember and members, yay!



Fantage Summer Games 2012 Event

Item Carts (Uptown and Downtown)

Everything in the Limited Item cart is for Members

Buy a costume from the Gymtastic Outfits cart to do gymnastics! Nonmembers can buy the pink one!

Buy a costume from the Torch cart (in front of Le Shop) to light torches. Nonmembers can buy the yellow one!

Gymnast Mat Game

You can go to the Gymnast Mat at the far left of the Beach to do gymnastics and win stars.

To play:

1. Buy a gymnast outfit from Downtown or Uptown. However, the nonmember outfit cannot play this game!

2. Go to the “Start” area at the mat and do whatever moves the judges tell you to do. Earn stars for a good score!

Mini Games

Click on Michelle at Downtown to play. There is also an event movie, but since there is no stampbook, you don’t have to watch it.

How to Play Hurdles

Press and HOLD the spacebar to run. The longer you hold it, the faster you will get.

Press the up arrow to jump. You can press it twice to jump higher and longer.

You will run for 500 meters. Try to do it as fast as possible!

How to Play Discus Throw

Press and HOLD the spacebar as you watch this thing in the lower corner.

Try to let go of the spacebar EXACTLY when the green arrow touches the green line on it.

*Make sure you allow it to spin at least once before releasing!

How to Play Swimming

Press and HOLD the spacebar to swim forward. When the breath bar reaches about here, release it, so you can catch your breath!

Don’t wait too long to catch a breath, or you will slow down.

When the bar is green again, press and HOLD the spacebar until you run out of breath again.

Light the Torches

Buy a Torch costume first. Then, go around Fantage finding the color torch torch that matches your costume.

They look like this: (this is the yellow one)

Click here for the locations for ALL the colors, EVERY day!

The prizes:

Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Click here for the Summer Camp Event post

Go to the Summer Camp area and click on Michelle to start the hunt.

Here are all the locations for each day! I have numbered each item on the list in the pictures.

If you need help with a certain item, comment, and I will post a picture.

Day 5

*Locations are kinda the same as Day 2, just the items are different

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (left of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (left of water well)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (left of helicopter)

8. Forest (near Lily and the Grotto)

9. Wizard’s Domain (all the way right, on the ground under beehive)

10. Fantage School (on the ground)

11. Castle Entrance (right)

12. Castle Bridge (right, above pet treats)

13. Lighthouse (all the way right)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 4 (sorry I missed it!)

Day 3

*Locations are same as Day 2, just the items are different

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (right of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (next to camel)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (right of HELP sign)

8. Forest (under Bubble Bug)

9. Wizard’s Domain (above Candy Swap)

10. Fantage School (on top of swing set on the left)

11. Castle Entrance (left)

12. Castle Bridge (right of Snowy Day)

13. Lighthouse (right of seagull)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 2

1. Downtown (roof of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (left of Furniture Shop)

3. Carnival (right of Arcade)

4. Beach (right of Jelly Fishing)

5. Oasis (next to camel)

6. Dock (right of bench)

7. Mt. Fantage (right of HELP sign)

8. Forest (under Bubble Bug)

9. Wizard’s Domain (above Candy Swap)

10. Fantage School (on top of swing set on the left)

11. Castle Entrance (left)

12. Castle Bridge (right of Snowy Day)

13. Lighthouse (right of seagull)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Day 1

1. Downtown (right of Stellar Salon)

2. Uptown (front of Board Shop)

3. Carnival (front of Rocket Board)

4. Beach (front of The Palm Dance Club)

5. Oasis (front of Oasis Bazaar)

6. Dock (left)

7. Mt. Fantage (far left of Comet & Co.)

8. Forest (front of Lucky Bob’s)

9. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

10. Pet Town (above Pet Shop)

11. Castle Entrance (far right, on bench)

12. Castle Bridge (between guard on the left and Snowy Day, very small!)

13. Lighthouse (all the way right!)

14. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Fantage Summer Camp 2012

Item Carts

Buy fishing gear at downtown/uptown to catch fish and earn stars! Nonmembers can buy the yellow set

Limited Item Cart at Downtown and Uptown also, but only member items available:


OMG I just realized, don’t fish at downtown/uptown, fish at the Camp Lake!! It is so much easier! Just go right, across the bridge!

How do you fish? Just go to any place on the lake and click this button on the right of your screen:

You can either fish out stars, junk, or fish. Keep track of how many fish you’ve caught here. It even tells you how close you are to fish! (hot is close, cold is far)


Roasting Marshmallows

Members only. You will need this accessory first, from the Limited Item Cart:

Click this to go to the summer camp and roast marshmallows:

Walk behind the fire pit and wait until it reaches a nice golden brown color. Move away before it burns! You will get stars for a perfect marshmallow ❤

Free Prizes

Go to the Summer Camp, and go to the left. Enter your cabin! (boys/girls)

Get the prize! 

Scavenger Hunt

Click on Michelle at the Summer Camp to start!


Click here for all the locations for every day


Just go fishing, start the scavenger hunt, get your free prize, and click on the Limited Item cart to get the medal. It’s for nonmembers too!!!


I’m always caught by surprise when somebody on Fantage recognizes me xD It feels so… awesome…

Anyway, I want to thank somebody I just met today who helped me with the scavenger hunt AND the free prizes. Here he is, just as I promised!

He even bought me a friendship bracelet! Awesome guy, huh? :mrgreen:

Fantage Fireworks Carnival 2012 Cheats

Done updating! xD

Items & Costumes

You can buy costumes from the costume carts (Uptown, Downtown, Firework Carnival) to get bonuses when playing carnival games. Nonmembers can now buy a firework costume (the one on the left)!


*The “special” fireworks aren’t special at all, so don’t waste your money on it, unless you want the costume

Nonmembers can buy the caramel apple accessory from the Limited Item Cart (btw members, sorry I’m not posting the rest of the carts, since you can just go to Fantage and see them all)




To go to the Firework Carnival and play games, click on 

Ring the Bell

Try to time it so the moving purple circles are in the red MAX square as much as possible. Click HIT! You have 3 hammers for each round.

Here’s an example of a perfect shot:

Get Splashed!

Since I’m not a member, I can’t give you any info on this sorry! If you want to play, you will have to buy the costume.


Try and time it so the lights will end on the 5 points in order: green, yellow, red, and purple. You aren’t timed, so take your time. If you are able to hit the 5 point lights in the right order, you get a mega bonus

Star Booth

Click START. Really simple, just try and click on the stars as they fly by. Yellow stars are worth 1 point, blue stars are worth 5 points


Another precision timing game. Press the red button when the squares are stacked on top of each other, try not to have any hang over the sides.

Bottle Knockdown

Click the red button once to aim, click it again to shoot once you have the right amount of power. You have 3 shots

Tickets and Prizes

(You can get tickets by playing the games) The prize booth can be found in the Firework Carnival, next to Ring the Bell

Nonmembers can get 2 prizes, but they’re both really ugly… T__T

Fantage Popstars Event

Scavenger Hunts:

Do all 4 scavenger hunts to unlock 4 Member prizes, and 4 nonmember prizes.

Click on any of the 4 people standing on mini stages. Search for their pieces of instrument. They look like this, floating in the air:

 (located in front of Vintage Shop) needs cymbals:

1. Castle Bridge (left)

2. Pet Town (above Pet Shop)

3. Oasis (left of palm trees)

4. Mt. Fantage (left of Extreme Snowboarding)

5. Forest (left of Grotto)

6. Creature Area (below Fantage School sign) Thanks holly!!

 (located at the Carnival) needs a banjo:

1. Fantage School (front of the sun)

2. Castle Bridge (above castle)

3. Beach (next to Splash)

4. Carnival (left of Arcade)

5. Lighthouse (far right)

6. Wizard’s Domain (above Bullseye)

 (located at the forest) needs a keyboard:

1. Wizard’s Domain (far right, under beehive)

2. Beach (above Splash)

3. Carnival (on Put Put Revolution)

4. Lighthouse (left)

5. Forest (above Grotto)

6. Fantage School (left)

 (located at Mt. Fantage) needs his tambourine:

1. Pet Town (above Pet Barn)

2. Oasis (sky)

3. Mt. Fantage (under chairlifts near Boxy)

 (for Leva)

4. Creature Area (next to Creature Shop)

5. Forest (far left, next to Orion’s Rare Finds)

6. Beach (above Sun Block)

Mini Game: Keyboard Krazy

This couldn’t possibly be easier. When a music note touches the golden line, hit that arrow key.

Once the music note at the bottom has reached the other side, you’re done with the level.

They move SUPER slow. SO slow, you’re already half done without hitting a single note…

When you’ve reached Level 10 (which is basically impossible not to), you get a prize. Nonmember prizes change every time. Play again to get stickers. This is one of the Member prizes.


Medal is for Members only

New Pet!

Did you know that Nonmembers can get pets? You can’t buy the egg at the pet store (since they’re all locked), you have to buy a super expensive pet code with ecoins…

Pet Codes

Pet codes are more expensive because you don’t have to wait as long for them to hatch, and they’re the only way nonmembers can get them. Make sure you buy the cheapest one (the 1 hour one). Waiting half an hour less really isn’t worth ecoins. You can buy them at Pet Town or in your Barn!

If you do have ecoins that you are willing to spend, buy a pet! I STRONGLY recommend the Rocki pet () from the Cosmos family, because:

1. It’s the cheapest pet that’s able to walk outside

*The Pebble family cannot be brought outside, so don’t waste your money on them!

2. You get a super awesome BOARD from the Pet-Locked prizes! All the other Cosmos get accessories… I don’t really care for accessories, but that’s just me 😉

Now, for the advantages of getting a pet:

1. You level up immediately after you buy and hatch that pet.

2. You can FINALLY stop ignoring those tempting (maybe not…) pet treats lying all over the place

3. You can level up your Pet Treat Medal, and finally level up faster (REALLY faster)

4. Bonuses in the Fashion Show!

5. Makes you look like a Member (mehehe…)

And now, it’s even easier to get ecoins. I suggest you save up 1,200 ecoins for a Rocki pet!

I’m starting to look like a member… :mrgreen: I bet that if all the members lost their membership right now, I’d look even richer than them… That’s why ecoins are a million times better than membership, they NEVER expire!!! Get ecoins, NOT membership!