❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Grand Opening!

The blog has been finally been revamped!! This post contains a LOT of awesome info, read to the end!

1. Updated Stuff

☑ New accounts have been added to the Nonmember Accounts page

☑ New accounts have been added to the Members/Rare Accounts page

☑ A super helpful guide about Trade n’ Sell has been made

☑ Everything has been cleaned up, so all useless pages, widgets, and comments have been removed


2. Members/Rares Page

There are currently 20 accounts on this page, 13 of which are members. I still have SO many to add!

The new password hints have all been added too. The old ones are gone, and the password has changed, so everyone starts fresh.

I would like to thank the 178 people who have subscribed to my blog by giving them the first hint: *Removed*

If you have subscribed, just check your email for the post to see the unedited version. To people that did not subscribe, I have already removed the hint. It pays to be a tentative viewer 🙂

The hint that I have given to the subscribers is the starting point of the hints, which will lead to several other hints, which will finally lead to the final password. There are 2 ways to follow, but both will lead to the same page that contains the password. To those of you who aren’t subscribers, then you just have to find the starting point yourselves xP

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor xD

Also! If you have any questions about it, just click here

3. Weekly announcements

We will now be having a weekly announcement page! Just click on this button on the sidebar


Comments on: "Grand Opening!" (27)

  1. Subscribed? As in followed?


  2. Didn’t I comment something? Or did you remove it? O.o


  3. Sorry xP


  4. I’m sorry you don’t want us talking about the password but i follow the blog like I put my email in that box but I did not get an email.


  5. hollow72244 said:

    i didnt get an email of the password hint


  6. pennypiecutie said:

    Hi, i followed before u posted this, so i didnt get an email. (was tehre a prob?)


  7. OMG! May the odds be ever in your favor! Ha-ha! I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!! They’re AWESOME. Sorry, I just needed to get that out. I especially like Mockingjay.


  8. moomoo or casey or pink today someone on xchat was asking me to let them take my sidebar pic down. Idk who it was if it was one of you or someone you know but it got anoying. They said my pic looked weird and even disagreed when i told them it was part of a contest and was promised to stay forever.


  9. I think you had forgotten to send me the email of the hint/password…


  10. Hey! Im new to this site and I dont know where the blog is.Help? Thanks!


  11. ღρяιη¢єѕѕ_мσσмσσღ or casey i have a question sorry to be talking about the pass but why wont you guys just give the first hint to everyone and then they can look around the blog and find the rest? oh and another question have you put any new easy hints around the blog?

    Sincerely, AshleyBear
    P.S. nice blog and i like how you decorated the blog thank you bye~


    • We only give it to loyal viewers. It is a way to reward people that deserve to be rewarded.
      It depends on what you mean by easy. They are pretty easy to me. I am not adding any more hints, so many people have already solved it.



  12. if i just followed ur page will i get the first hint? or am i too late


  13. Well I’m new. I subscribed before I saw this but not before it was posted.


  14. I subscribed 🙂 (not for the pass) I just reslly love your guys’s blog!! Keep up the AWESOME work!


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