❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Turkey Trouble

Item Carts

Limited Item cart at Downtown and Uptown, no nonmember items

Guardian items at Uptown and Downtown, still no nonmember items

ID Fone items released (not part of the event) at Uptown and Downtown

3 Mini Games

Go to the Turkey Barn first, by clicking on this guy at Downtown, right of the Star Cafe (or, you can go to Pet Town)

Click on each Turkey for a different game!

If you bought these items from the Guardian Items cart, you can activate the bonuses.

These are NOT required to earn the free prize.

How many points do you need to get the prize?

Turkey Run: 800

Cranberry Saucer: 500

Pie Maker: 600

These will pop up after the game once you have scored the minimum or higher

Turkey Run

Click and HOLD your mouse, the turkey will fly longer. It will fall back down after about 1 second.

Do NOT jump over these pets, just stay on the ground:

If you bought the bonus, once you touch a golden bird, you will be able to ram everything out of your way for about 5 seconds

Cranberry Saucer

Move your mouse left and right to stack the cranberry sauce, don’t let it fall!

Pie Maker

Follow this guide to make the pies. Just make as many pies as you can!

You MUST put the toppings in the correct order, so I have numbered them. For example, to make pumpkin pie, add crsut first, then the brown gloppy stuff xD then the whipped cream.

If you bought the bonus, once you get a BONUS crust, each filling you catch will spit out a whole pie!

Where is the secret place?

Right here! Click on it!

Make sure to click on this to get your FREE GIFT!


Also, there is a map in the back that shows the location of all the turkeys! How sneaky 😛

Where are the turkeys? How do I trap them?

Click on this button on the left of the screen to set a trap

Place your trap anywhere on the screen and wait for a turkey to walk underneath it.

If you catch a random animal (e.g. skunk, raccoon, porcupine), you will get a small prize, such as:

,, stickers, stars

Just wait 20 seconds for your trap to reset, and play again!

*CHEAT#1As we saw from the map hidden in the secret room, the turkeys will only be found at the inside Sunblock at the beach, the Cruise Ship, the Carnival, Mt. Fantage, and the Forest. Each location will have a turkey!

*CHEAT #2: Set your trap near one of these items!


If you follow these cheats, you will be GUARANTEED to catch a turkey within 2 tries.

Look, there’s a turkey!

Once you catch one, this will pop up, and it will be returned to its nest in the barn.


Try out all 5 places. You have to find 5 turkeys total.

Still not quite sure what happens after you find them all…

Chez Fantage New Stuff

Go to Sea Breeze cruise ship and go inside the restaurant. Click here for the post on how to order food

There are new waiter/waitress outfits too! Members only :[

To buy them, click on PLAY on the top right when you are inside Chez Fantage


Once you have done everything that I have posted about, you will have gotten all the stamps. Here’s the medal, for nonmembers and members, yay!


Comments on: "Turkey Trouble" (49)

  1. thanks for your help! U can find the turkeys at Carnival , Mt. Fantage , INSIDE SUN BLOCK (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t , keep trying) , Sea Breeze and Forest. BTW , u don’t get anything whan u find all the turkeys. 😦


  2. Are you gonna add where the places of the turkeys are? I’m just bored so….

    1) mt. Fantage
    2) forest
    3) umm sun block
    4) sea breeze
    5) carnival

    Bahhh out of order…wait do they even have an order?! Lol


  3. Also, I have no clue what you get. I didn’t get anything for catching the turkeys so…


  4. hey what does it look like after ur finish the game and won


  5. casey or moomoo my pic on sidebar is missing it might be my computer but i reloading and it still wasnt there please fix this soon thnak you.


  6. sarahnguyen126 said:

    turkey run was hard i scored like 600 something but still didnt get that board!AWWWW 😦


  7. I got 600 for the turkey run and I didn’t get the board…… 😦


  8. I only caught two turkeys…


  9. i have a question the minigames prizes are also there for nonmemebers cuz they look cool


  10. Sorry but I placed my traps in the forest near those places you stated and the turkey would no come and I tried it many times


  11. What score do you need to get? Like for the prizes in the mini games.


  12. Moomoo, you remember Chockiezswirl, that girl blogger who keeps on copying people?! She copied and pasted my ENTIRE post onto her blog. 👿 -.- I am like sooo mad. I’m going to start putting copyrights on my pictures… I’m putting a post on my blog. Can you put one on your blog? OnO


  13. when i play 1 of the thanksgiving day its not 600 points cause when i have 600 points i didnt have the prizes!:(


  14. I scored 623 but i got nothing. why?


  15. oh now i know why!!! you must score over 800 for turkey run in order to get the prize!!!


  16. Hey guys, I will request to give the high score up to 400.
    You know, the games are very hard to me 🙂
    Hope you accept my request! 😀

    ID: mightymunna1


  17. So,except for the items,do nons miss anything?Cuz I’m now a non and I wanna know!


  18. For the cranberry game I only got 500 points and got the special item


  19. Thanks! You, my friend, are truly awesome. 😀


  20. OMG! OMG! Sorry for double-commenting, but I FINALLY got enough points on the pie-making game (with your help!) to earn the wings that I SOOOOO badly wanted!!! THANKS!


  21. ninjafroggie said:

    I love your blog SOOO much!! Thanks so much. =) Also, I got 607 or something on Turkey Run but I did’t get the board. Later I got 875 (around there), then I got it, so I think you have to get 800 or more on Turkey Run.


  22. glittergloss said:

    I got 700 points on Turkey Run and I didn’t get the board.. How many points do you need for Turkey Run?? 😥


  23. sarahnguyen126 said:

    I finally got the board:D!U will need 800 points on the Turkey Run to get that board! 😉


  24. This has got to be the best Fantage blog ever. *tries to find a blog better than this* *fails*


  25. angie222333 said:

    Do you have any tips on getting high scores in Cranberry Saucer and Turkey Run?? It’s sooo hard to stack the canned cranberry sauce, and I keep hitting the pink thing after jumping over the blue thing in turkey run….


    • For the cranberry sauce, it sways and it is really annoying, but just keep the mouse right under it. For some reason, the falling sauce will jump to the place where you mouse is
      For Turkey run, try holding the mouse longer for that. You would rather stay closer to the pink one, since it flies out of your way anyway.



      • angie222333 said:

        Thanks!!! It worked!! I got the prizes after. This blog is the best fantage blog, and very useful!!! =D


  26. buttercup7904 said:

    thanks so much! I finally got the items 😀 I’ll tell my friends about this blog 🙂


  27. omg this blog is so awesome ( im new to this ) and the tips are so useful, thx 🙂


  28. Summer Starr said:

    OMG thanks! i wan looking for how many points u need for the prizes and i FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! the only problem is getting it….


  29. Summer Starr said:

    i just LOVE this blog! it gives you all the answers when u need them! when i need some answers on fantage, i ALWAYS go here FIRST!


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