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Double Level Glitch

This has been fixed.

I was on Facebook, and I saw several people posting pictures of their ID Fones with level 5000+, and I thought that was a bit strange, because the highest level is under 4000 right now, in the Hall of Fame.

If you look at your own ID Fone, your level will be normal. But, if your friends look at your ID Fone through their Buddies List, your level shows as doubled!

The ID Fone on the left is how my buddies will see my ID Fone, and the one on the right is how I see my ID Fone.


I just thought this was pretty interesting, and you guys wanted me to post random Fantage things as well! 🙂

Chocolate Challenge Event

It’s Thursday, Cookie Man and Cupcake Chaos updates have been posted too!



How to Fly Anywhere

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/24/13: replaced all content with new video

I’ve made a short 2-minute video to replace the confusing steps on this page. Watch below!