❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Chocolate Challenge Event

It’s Thursday, Cookie Man and Cupcake Chaos updates have been posted too!


Item Carts

Lots of Candyland-looking new Limited Items! The Ice Cream Hat looks like you got pooped on by a bird with a very bad tummy ache, and the Twizzler Hair looks like a wig some villain in a movie would wear… Just my opinion though [:


Buying stuff from the cart will give you around 350 tickets! ~Amber, from the comments, thanks!

There is actually no other cart! Yay, we don’t have to waste our ecoins buying costumes to catch colored stuff! 😀

Chocolate Fountain Dip

*I don’t think there is any purpose to this, it will not give you stars/tickets

You can find the Chocolate Fountain at the Carnival and Castle Entrance. I took this picture at the Castle Entrance since there was nobody there, but I recommend going to the Carnival one, that’s where everything in this event is happening!


Just walk into it, and you will change into one of these random costumes! Nonmembers can do this too!


To change it, just walk away from the fountain, and go back in. You don’t even have to leave the location!

Remember that you don’t actually own these costumes, it will come off if you leave the location. BUT, you can get the Apple, Ice Cream Cone, Graham Cookie, and Strawbery at the ticket booth (explained later). You can also get the Chocolate Bar from Orion, and the Ice Cream Sunday from the Costume Shop.

Cookie Catcher

You do NOT need to dip into the Chocolate Fountain to play. Just click on the Cookie House at the far right of the Carnival.


You will have to wait for the last game to finish and for enough people to join. This will take 1 minute at most.


When the game starts, you will be given a team color.


Then, cookies will start POURING down! To collect them, you have to CLICK on it. If you’ve done it right, it will zoom toward your team’s cookie jar and turn your team’s color.


There will be a BIG cookie too! It will explode into smaller pieces, you can click these pieces for extra points!


At the end, winning team gets around 30 – 40 tickets. Losing team gets around 4. Premium members get twice this amount.

If your team wins, there will be tickets in the air for you to collect. You don’t have to click on them, either hover your mouse over them, or do nothing. They will zoom towards you at the end anyway.


Cookie Crunch Cheats/Tips

1. Notice that the losing team still gets 4 tickets. You can just leave your Fantagian inside the Cookie house, go and eat lunch, do your homework, do the laundry, etc. and STILL get tickets! (This is what I’m doing right now, as I’m posting)

2. Don’t click on the Big Cookie. You don’t need to click on it to break, it will, by itself, once it hits the ground. Clicking on the bigger cookie before it breaks won’t get you points.

3. If you have a Pen Pad/Tablet, use it! It’s a lot easier to click with it, and you won’t have to annoy people around you with constant mouse clicking sounds xD

4. DON’T go to a full server. More cookies collected as a team does NOT equal more tickets. You can clearly see that from the picture below. Empty servers are easier because it won’t lag your computer, and there are less people to compete with. I get 40 tickets each time in the empty servers, since it’s so much easier to win there!

Cookie6Ticket Booth Prizes

Ticket Booth is at the Carnival, between Putt Putt Revolution and Go Cart.


You can check how many tickets you have at the top.


Here are all the prizes that Mems AND Nons can get:


The bag of stars really isn’t worth it, you can get 150 stars easily from playing regular games. Don’t waste your tickets on it!

Also, the medal is for Nons and Mems. Nons can level it up to 10, Mems up to 20.

“When you buy the medal with 3,000 tickets; you are automatically have the max points for that medal (example I got 10 points for that medal since i’m a non).” ~ xxhemi, from the comments, thanks!


Here are the Member Only prizes:


Note that some of them released LATER, either on the 23rd (Monday) or the 26th (Thursday). The color of the ticket, I think, just indicates how expensive it is. The brown one is the least, the silver one is middle, and the gold ones are most expensive.

Chocolate Tree Locations ~ NEW

It’s Monday, and the Chocolate Tree has been released! You don’t get any stars or tickets for doing this, it’s just for fun.

The tree is at 3 locations. The Beach (left of splash), the Lighthouse (far right), and the Forest (far left).


Click on the chocolate candy for an effect!


How to Play Cupcake Chaos Mini Game

1. Look at the customer’s order in the speech bubble.


2. Click the cupcake color they want from the shelf on the left. My costumer wants pink!


3. Click the icing color they want underneath. My customer wants pink! *For the white icing, click on the blue can.


4. Click on the topping they want last. You can only click on the toppings once you’ve finished spraying the icing.


5. You can check your progress on the serving plate on the right, make sure you’ve matched your customer’s order.


6. Finally, click on your customer’s DISH to serve them.


If you messed up along the way, click on the trash can on the bottom right hand corner to start over the cupcake.


If you’re fast, you will get around 50 tickets! This is a LOT faster than the Cookie Crunch game 🙂

Where is the Cookie Man?

I saw him three times, running VERY FAST, to the left and right in Downtown and Uptown.

Man1  Man2 Man4

APPARENTLY, you’re supposed to click on him.


I did, and the only thing that happened was some chocolate chips flew out of him. I didn’t get any tickets or prizes.

Check below for updates, I’m sure Fantage will fix this soon.

Cookie Man Updates

Now, Fantage has added a taunting “Click me!” sign above the Cookie Man. But we STILL can’t click on it.


Oh and btw, that girl in the picture, fantastic175, is a scammer. She tried to scam my celeb and surfer while I was posting. You can even Google her, there are so many posts about her C: This is a good example of what to do if a suspicious person comes up to you and asks to double trade.


Comments on: "Chocolate Challenge Event" (98)

  1. LOL! I think The cookie guys does look like SpongeBob’s Dad! Can’t wait until the event is here on Friday! 🙂


  2. Theresa7897 said:

    Yea that cookie guy does look like spoungebob’s dad werid……


  3. first comment! 🙂
    chocolate lover here!!!


  4. The cookie guy looks creepy. If that hair the girl is wearing is going to be on the limited item cart, i will die. >.<


  5. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    *seagull cry*
    Are you ready kids?
    Spongebob Squarepants!
    I can`t hear ye?


  6. Oh my god, the events are getting creepier and weirder!!


  7. Theresa7897 said:

    Lol it’s weird that they made a pirate portrait and made his mouth move like a real pirate


  8. It’s more like his dad in a running race… 😀


  9. Theresa7897 said:

    Wow I thought it was cookie challenge not chocolate i bet later they’ll make a candy challenge


  10. o o I see you! You’re playing cookie catch 😀 I’m jessica123715. I don’t know why, but once I see you I feel hyper TnT


  11. When you buy the medal with 3,000 tickets; you are automatically have the max points for that medal (example I got 10 points for that medal since i’m a non). I don’t know if you can get again since the medal is still available in the prize booth, will try after I get another 3,000.


    • Thanks so much! This is very helpful. I’m not quite at 3000 yet xD
      I doubt you can get it again, since the medal is maxed out already.
      I will add this to my post and credit you 🙂


  12. butterfly5343 said:

    i think i just saw you princess_moomoo
    but then you disappeared…
    btw im butterfly5343


    • Sorry about that! I usually don’t pay attention to much when I’m posting xD
      And to everyone else that was trying to talk to me when I was posting, sorry I didn’t reply! I was in a rush to finish this post.


  13. There was a glitch when I was going through the fountain. I went to my inventory and I was wearing the yellow costume that you wear when you’re playing cookie catcher. Then I exited out and I was wearing it. Does anyone else have this thing happening?


  14. I’m not sure, but it seems like if you buy something from the limited items cart, they give you tickets: i bought the hair and it just added 350 or so tickets to my account 🙂


  15. Can nonz buy the mem prizes with coins??


  16. OMG, Thanks that’s really helpfull 🙂


  17. Yea, ikr, the limited items are usually weird and looks weird!


  18. Oh yeah, i saw you princess_moomoo on Fantage today, while you were playng Cookie Catcher!


  19. aquaforevergirl fan said:

    have u evermet aquaforevergirl or seen her she’s sooooooooooooooo cool
    u should check her out


  20. I Like the new layout 🙂


  21. Cutieblossom said:

    You know last time I was playing cookie catch and I left the room, went to my house and I was still a cookie xD


  22. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    The chocolate trees has been released, ma-dum! 😀


  23. I wonder how long the event is going to last, because I want to earn enough tickets to get the medal. That is going to be so hard! 😦


  24. Moomoo, when you said to go to empty severs, did you mean REALLY EMPTY ones, or ones with not a lot of people?


  25. actually even if you lose you can get up to 40 tickets if youre a good clicker.


  26. Why haven’t you updated it yet? you said you would on friday and its tuesday!!! ):< im sorry but you need to to! this is my FAVORITE BLOGG!!!! I love it but now im starting to love it less!


  27. we can buy the locked prizes with ecoins…even when they r locked…..


  28. princess can i email you my account and you could collect some tickers for me i am having like three tests a day and i dont have time to play fantage please?


  29. butterfly5343 said:

    i got 50 tickets in a really full server (aqua unicorn) but the score was 434-131
    i got 40 tickets and the score was 328-258


  30. how are you guys liking the new cupcake chaos and cookie man??


  31. Where is the cookie guy’s location? I looked all over and didn’t see him.


  32. I got over 1,400 tickets from your doing homework while playing thing! I took me over an hour to do a project cuz I’m captain of the debate team at my school. Thanks for the tip!


  33. Thanks for the Help!!! XDDDD helped a ton! and also the cookie man does look like spongebobs dad!!! XD


  34. Whenever i lose the Cookie catcher game they give me 15 tickets sometimes!!! XD idk why cause i’m non member


  35. fantastic175 i saw her yesterday and she treied to scm me blonde bb she was gonna give me fgc D:


  36. I think that once when I saw the cookie guy, he sat down or something and tickets flew out of him. Maybe if enough people click on him at the same time…?


  37. preetypie123 said:

    You have to keep on clicking the cookie guy. When he has lost too many crumbs/choc chips he gives you some tickets.


  38. Actually for the Cupcake Chaos game, if you’re fast you get around 80 tickets. My highest was 85 tickets! It’s way better than catching the cookies falling from the sky.


  39. Hey guys, the cookie man will drop if people click him enough times. You can even do it alone but it’s alot easier if multiple people do it ^^.

    *hint: He also appears in front of the castle!


  40. OH IT WORKED! the cookie man gave tickets again when i was doing it alone it wouldn’t work but when there were lots of people he blasted tickets out xD


  41. Doing Cupcake chaos is an easier way to get tickets and faster!!! i have 2,701 tickets!


  42. foreverball11 said:

    OMG! I saw fantastic175 yesterday! She wanted my red celeb crown for her coin blonde bb. We agreed to double, but she said she wasn’t a scammer and said it was her “sister”. Pfft, that’s what all scammers say.


    • Yeah… all of them claim it was someone else on their account. I just love how they say “trust me i dont scam i swear”. Whenever someone says that, you KNOW they are a scammer.


      • I know! One person said that BEFORE I even asked them and I was like um, okay?? Then I looked on your scammers page, and turns out, she WAS a scammer. Since I didn’t really see and proof, I looked it up on google, and sure enough, there was a lot of proof there. She wanted my tire board, bunny nose, and brown bb hair. Then she offered blonde braids, stained glass tee, BOTH blue celebrity items, and pbh hat. That’s ALSO how you can tell if they’re a scammer, because no one in their right mind would give THAT to my items. Scammers try to do that to get you interested more, not really thinking it through. Plus when I said no thanks, she called me a loser and a well…. It’s a bad word. Female dog is all I’ll say. Why even insult me if I don’t accept??? Well tsk tsk. smh. smh.


      • foreverball11 said:



      • Same! Fantastic175 approached me saying she wanted my starred yellow glow sticks and convinced me she would give ecoined Cool Cat. And apparently, she doesn’t have Cool Cat. I was lucky I didn’t trade with her.


  43. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Is it true Cookie Bob just came outta the Hospital yesterday? Just wonder. xwx


  44. Hi Princess_MooMoo! I seem To See The Cookie Guy! It Says *click me for tickets!* its so laggy that i cannot click him haha! i saw him in downtown going to the Creature Arena ! But It Seems That When I Got To The Creature Arena, He Seems To Be Gone! Hopefully Fantage Will Fix It!!



  45. You have to keep on clicking on the cookie man until he falls, then you get tickets!


  46. Theresa7897 said:

    Yes they finnally fixed it 🙂


  47. fantastic175 i see her! shes wearing blond bb fancy violet dress cupids bow n arrow


  48. Okay Thanks!


  49. I encountered the Cookie Man and it turns out that you have to repeatedly click on it and then he’ll disappear and a bunch of tickets will come out.


  50. elainefantage said:

    Omg. Cupcake Chaos was more faster than that Cookie Catcher! I got 98 tickets as a non mem.


  51. Please add these on to your post

    You can use ecoins to purchase Member Prizes at the Prize Booth if you are a non.

    I don’t think you will earn tickets when you purchase from the Item Carts. I bought the whole set and I didn’t earn tickets.

    You will have to keep clicking the Cookie Man until he falls down and you will earn tickets.


  52. buddy123445 said:

    for clicking the cookie man just keep clicking like crazy until he falls and drops tickets 😀


  53. Hi MooMoo!

    You can buy Members-Only Prizes with ecoins at the Prize Booth even if you’re a Non
    I bought the whole cart in the Limited Items Sale, and I DID NOT get any tickets
    You will have to rapidly click the Cookie Man until he falls to get tickets

    Please add that to your post.

    Thank You,


  54. moomoo or cassie XD
    you have to keep clicking on the cookie man as fast as you can while he is running when u keep clicking he will fall and some tickets will come out


  55. Hi, I know fantastic175. She said she would give me her Blonde BB for 3 things my pbh, my earthy style, and winter green ….. I said okay but i dnt dble unless the other eprson goes first… She said to trust her but i searched her name and saw several pieces of evidence she scams. Also, she has a blog, it’s made just recently, i’m gonna fill it with hate comments xP it’s http://www.fantagepastel.blogspot.com


  56. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh I missed the medal! I was too lazy to get it. Now the medals are 6,000 tickets Dx


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