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Fantage Blackout Event 2014 + Other Updates

Other Updates are on the way bottom, including: I ❤ School Wordz – New Comet GameCody’s Crazy Combos – New Sky Surfers Set, and Bonus Level Medal – Get Free Items

This is the third Lights Out/Black Out event, there was one in 2013 and 2012 too! And by the looks of it, it’s EXACTLY the same as the 2012 event. Here we go…

Limited Items

Of course, they’re selling it for Gold instead of ecoins/stars 😦


How to Fly Anywhere

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/24/13: replaced all content with new video

I’ve made a short 2-minute video to replace the confusing steps on this page. Watch below!

Flying Cheat #1

This cheat is EXTREMELY easy, because it does not include pressing Tab, or going to the Creature Arena, or going to the inventory, like the other flying cheat does.

I will use the Castle as an example, but you can try doing this anywhere else.

1. Go to the Castle.

2. Notice where my mouse is pointing at: the right yellow moving arrow. Click and HOLD; do not let go until…

3. … you get to this point, next to the last lamppost. Usually, you cannot go to this area, unless you use the “Click & Hold the Yellow Arrow” trick. All you have to do now, is go up and…