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Vintage Gold

Last updated by MooMoo on 12/27/13: added link to All Vintage Gold Items page

Click here for a list of all the items Vintage Gold has ever released

MooMoo’s added words are in purple

Guess what came out today? Vintage Gold! I actually like this idea.

“Equality before law” right? Now the only thing that distinguishes us will be level…

As you probably know, it replaced Trade n’ Sell in Uptown

Vintage Gold Front


A Sneak Preview

I have released it, after reviewing the poll. Click here!

You guys have heard that I was working on a HUGE project for this blog that I started maybe 2 months ago, right? But it would remain a secret until it gets released?

Well. I think I’m gonna explode if I don’t tell you guys, I can’t keep in the secret anymore, because I am SO excited for you to use it!

I made the following YouTube video for several reasons: as a preview, as an advertisement, and as a guide.

Remember, the link mentioned in the video does NOT work yet, because I’m not done with it! You won’t be able to find this video by searching on YouTube either, only on this blog! How special!

Now sit tight, get some popcorn (naww it’s really short), turn on your speakers, and watch in HD…

*I know lots of people are gonna copy me on this. I’d like to tell you that it’s practically impossible, because it would take you more than 2 months to get all the screenshots and the names. But of course, some senseless people just love to copy and paste. So, I made a warning regarding copiers my first priority. Once I release the page, you will see the same exact thing on the top. Here it is:



EVERYTHING on this page is copyrighted by princess_moomoo for the blog Fantageville. This includes: the idea of an “All Fantage Items” list, all pictures, and all of the words I have typed to match with my pictures.

I DON’T WANT CREDITS. This took over 2 months to create, so “credits” are worth less than a bucket of cow dung in comparison.

If I find out that you have copied ANYTHING on this page, I will report you, and you will never receive a single viewer again. I am DEAD serious.”


Soo… yea. Now aren’t you EXCITED??? I have tried it out myself, and it’s amazingly useful…

I expect to released it on March 9, at the earliest, but no promises!

Now you know why I haven’t been updating the weekly announcements or stuff for sale page, or why I seem to never reply when you find me in the trade n sell shop…