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♕ Level Up Fast (Nonmembers) ♕

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added sticky notes

1. Daily Quiz

If you’re not sure what the Daily Quiz is, visit Casey’s post, click here.

Whenever you level up the Daily Quiz medal (below), it will add to your overall level.


The maximum level is 50. If you go past 50, your overall level will not change. However, these points are saved and will be added to your overall score if you become a member.

TIP: Hover your mouse over the medal. You can see what level it’s on if you were a member, total points, and how many points you need for the next level.


2. Beach Fashion Show

The Beach Fashion Show is on the island, go right until you see the stage.


There is a Beach Fashion Judge medal and a Beach Fashion Contestant medal. Nonmembers can level up both of these.


For the Contestant medal, the more points you get in the Fashion Show, the faster it will level up.

For the Judge medal, the higher the score your contestants receive and the more contestants that join, the faster it will level up.

TIP: For the Judge medal, try and get as many people to join as possible, and choose easy themes so they get high scores.

3. Collect Pet Treats


The Pebble family (below) cannot be brought outside (because they are “shy”), so you cannot collect pet treats with them.


Since nonmembers can’t buy eggs, the only way to get pets is to buy Magic Codes. Click here to learn about them.

There are 7 pet treats to collect every day, they are always at the same 7 places:

1. Mt. Fantage

2. Pet Town

3. Wizard’s Domain

4. Forest

5. Carnival

6. Beach

7. Castle Bridge

Hover over the Pet Treat medal to see how many treats you need to get to the next level. Since you can collect 7 each day, you can kind of calculate how many days it will take to get to the next level.


TIP: Other pet medals that will level you up include the Pet Collector, Pet Trainer, Pet Walker, and Pet Academy Attendance medals. Click here to learn more.

4. Catch SeaHorses (Newly Added, From August 2013)

The maximum for the nonmember Seahorse Catching medal is 50:


For lots of good tips and info on seahorse catching, see our Kawaii’s a Mermaid post, or click here

Comments on: "♕ Level Up Fast (Nonmembers) ♕" (115)

  1. you never wrote anything on nons leveling up please help


  2. love this blog


  3. Izzy! :) said:

    Oh My god thank you so much for this blog! It’s really amazing.
    I could just hug you!!!
    ((awkward hug))
    nevermind. haha im so weird


  4. emilyragentine@gmail.com said:


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Shine_Bright said:

    I know one: Go to Pet Town, go inside of Pet Academy, click on the man in the window, continue doing so every day, you’ll get a medal.


  6. Please, please, please finish the nonmembers level up page cause I’m so desperate.


  7. Would the daily quiz thingy be a way to level up fast for nonmembers? I would be like level 56 if it wasn’t for that. And a nonmember could probably get a medal from an event. Oh yea and, you can watch the tutorials on mini quest and do the mini Q’s. Also, you could hatch two pets and play lots of the pet games with them. Star blaze is also I good game to play and level up! (or maybe that was just the event. idk) 1 more way is to complete the who broke into top models mission? And if they don’t know how to complete it I bet you can show them how. And the final medal I could think of for nonmembers I hope I helped!


  8. hm….moo moo? Erm…..Can you update this page soon?


  9. jesse98759 said:

    Moo moo can you do this I need to level up ASAP


  10. Ummm whoops.

    Level up by earning medals!
    Earn medals and level up by missions (there’s more but they’re for members, unless if your parents buy you ecoins, then you can level up by hatching pets and walk them for the pet treat medal)!

    PUT IN BY ME: do the daily quiz (you’ll level up,most of the time… sometimes if you don’t beat your record, you don’t level up)! Sign in to the Pet Academy everyday!


  11. cinder_cider said:

    It’d be awesome if you could finish this page, but I have to say. This blog is so AWESOME! Thank for making it 😀


  12. You can also make fake accounts to level up your ‘invite a friend’ medal. It took an hour to finish, but if you put multiple accounts while you are watching tv (move your fantagens around after every 10 minutes, so you don’t need to log in again) then that will be faster. You don’t need to send invitations. Just click to make an account and in the ‘Did you friend invite you?’ box. type in the account you want to level up.
    For example my user is: user111 then I type in user111 in the ‘Did you friend invite you?’ box.
    This medal doesn’t level up everytime a friend of yours is invited. It depends on whether you’re a prenium or a non member. Non-member usually gets the level up slower than member. For example (for real): I invited 25 friends so I got 14 points for my medal. (I’m a non by the way)


  13. Theresaisawesome said:

    Hey when will you make the page I got one tip tho you do the daily quiz every day try to get as much points as you can that’s why my level is higher than some members that I know even though I’m a non member some of the members I know are level 12 or 54 I guess the go shopping for members stuff then level up


  14. How did you make this blog?


  15. Thanks!


  16. נα∂є_ρнσєηιχ said:

    to level up you can invite people….
    invited 9 people and each time a levelled up. yay! 🙂


  17. ღ αѕнℓуηη тяαννєя ღ said:

    Here’s a BRILLIANT way:
    Now that the new island is released, just level up with the Fashion Show medal (for the each version). You can just play games like normal, or if you want to level up faster:
    1. Host a fashion show with another account (in the same server)
    2. With your main account, join your other account’s show.
    3. Start, and use your other account to pick themes you can easily win!

    Hope it helped (it can level you up to 250 levels!!)



  18. Theresaisawesome said:

    Yay you added stuff for it 😉 finnaly thank you very much


  19. Theresaisawesome said:

    Da woot I just got to level 100 yay just because I saw this yayz 😀


  20. Gisselle said:

    That’s not fair that non-members level up and stop at 50! The premium members highest level is 5,000 I think. Pinkstardust is higher than 3,000. Im not saying that she’s better than everyone because she isn’t.


  21. OMG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I got on level 62 because of you!!!!!!! 😀 I LUV U! 😀


  22. What about chez fantage? if you are a waiter you can level up pretty easily (but you have to leave the resteraunt to level up!


  23. To level up if you’re a non is pretty easy if you know the basics.
    1) Log into pet school daily, (put it as a reminder)
    2) Hatch pets, you can level up if you play pet games and win. (100 times is amazing)
    3) Work at Chez Fantage, you earn a bit of stars but you level up too.
    4) Log on daily, especially since Fantage has events and you can earn medals from these events.
    5) Seahorse catching is an excellent way.
    6) Invite a friend, (I just make multiple accounts and get ecoins too)
    7) Fashion show *Beach Edition too* (HOST them to earn stars, and then buy lots of clothes to actually participate)
    8) Star Blaze, you can trade in those tokens and get stars. (61,000 tokens= 1,000 stars)
    9) Daily Quiz, You can earn stars and level up.
    10) The tutorials, earn stars and gems and even level up.
    🙂 Hope this helps…..


  24. Summer21342 said:

    Thank you soon much this web site is sooooo helpful I allready leveled up like 60 levels today because of you!!!!!😛😝


  25. ~~~fantage~~~ said:

    ikr Daily Quiz makes u lvl UP!!!!! IMA highest level!!!!!


  26. Happy_Girl_on_fantage said:



  27. I always do that but never works for me and btw I LOVE YOUR BLOG


  28. Mealodiate said:

    Maximum level is 50 for nons’ seahorse catching? I don’t get it.. I clicked on a non-member’s ID FONE and saw that her seahorse catching level got OVER level 50. I mean I understand that for non members, the highest is level 50 but how can that person hit past 50 whan she’s a non? ( I thought she was a member at first, but the premium member sign didn’t show, plus, I saw two non members,not just one, whose seahorse catching level was more than 50 )


  29. Mealodiate said:

    A glitch? Hmm.. Do you know what it is?


  30. To Princess Moo Moo-
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post! It got me to Level 242(as a non member!). This blog is amazing.


  31. Hi Casey and princess_moomoo I just wanted to know but do you know anymore ways to level up for non members because I am on level 198 and I want to reach level 200 by today. Any suggestions because I tried all of these and I’m already on level 50 for the seahorse catcher medal and I keep working at chez fantage to level up but I seem to not level up anymore. Why? Please answer,



    • Well it would be really hard to level up for nonmembers, so I think you have to just keep playing games and doing daily quiz and everything normal, but I don’t know if you can level up twice in one day since it is so hard for nonmembers.


  32. Anonymous said:

    Also some new ways to level up are to play the new top models fashion show, the beach in the top models always makes you level up if you win. Also when you do the regular one for top models if you do diffrent themes you level up for each diffrent theme. (This only works for the first time you do that theme.)


    • Yeah, a trick is using an extra account to host a fashion show, and on the account picking themes you haven’t completed yet.


  33. Bellosnowy said:

    Aren’t you gonna post Beach Fashion Show? Or the Fashion show theme medal? ^.^


  34. You should add the farm and the Veteran’s Badge. The Vet. is how long since you registered, and the farm, I suggest doing the long ones if you are just about to log off. The shorter ones should be planted at the start.


  35. ummm… whers that stage on the island i dont think there is


  36. maddikatgurl said:

    awesome blog love it!!! I leveled up to like 351 soo happy 🙂 😀 😛
    thx so much!!



  37. Lizardgirl8 said:

    I remember the post of people over 5000. Meme2607 and Ararara are over level 4150 and are past Pinkstardust I think. They didn’t update hall of fame when I was on. I THINK PINKSTARDUST JUST LOST FIRST


  38. Anonymous said:

    I’m on level 900 and I’m a non member


  39. If your a member and your level is 89 for Daily Quiz. When your membership expires your medal will be at level 50. But if you still play the Daily Quiz everyday and when you get membership agian, and play the Daily Quiz you will level up like 8 depending on how much you played when you were a non. 🙂


  40. Since Fantage has this “new look”, I cant find 3 pet treats. There is 1 in Pet Town, 1 at the Castle, I at the Beach, 1 at the Forest and 1 at Mt. Fantage. Where are the other 3? I couldn’t find them at the Carnival, Sea Breeze, Light house, Island or Fantage School (Zack’s Academy).


  41. heres a tip for the nons 😉

    you can change your eyes to member eyes for free in the spanish server by buying that eye
    with ecoins . it should charge you 0 ecoins . the eyes will not change if you go back to the
    english server .

    i hope this tip is usefull for everyone ;D


  42. THANX im a non member and i want to buy the clothes and stuff members have and ive seen that no members with a high level also get those stuff
    so ill try


  43. fairycari said:

    the last pet treat is at the fantage school instead of the wizards domain now


  44. angielee2002 said:

    Do you know what the highest level for the beach fashion show contestant is? Right now I’m at Level 212 for that medal.


  45. awesome_fantagian said:

    i have a tip you can add its for both nons and mems
    if you buy a chez fantage cruise waitress/waiter costume and work on the cruise ship, u can level up very fast because i think there are computer controlled people that enter everytime a person leaves


  46. is it possible if you could post the medals you have?


  47. laurenlolli said:

    Awesome blog! I haven’t seen many of your other posts, but here are some suggestions (you might have already done):
    1. Tips On Winning A Fashion Show
    2. How To Fly
    3. How To Farm
    4. Tips On Getting More Buddies
    5. Gotta Go… Sorry!

    My Fantage username is laurenlolli


  48. Oh and you can also level up by the chez fantage medal.


  49. Flare_empress said:

    I do the seahorse catcher thing I also do the cosmic bingo, it levels you up 10 levels


  50. i like pie said:

    does the fashion show medal level up if you do it on fantage comet, on a mobile device?


  51. Sophiarocks21 said:

    Beach fashion show??? I never knew there was one…I still can’t find it though.


  52. Thanks ! Really useful ! ^.^


  53. rochellegrant said:

    1. Get Pet Treats every day
    2. Do the Daily Quiz!
    3. Do the Bingo EVERY WEEK!
    4. Work at Chez Fantage for at least 10 minutes
    5. Buy a Bonus Level with extra eCoins
    6. Play a lot of Fashion Shows!
    7. Log into Pet Town every day!


  54. Listen, you guys have a really good company and all ,but you guys need to lighten up on this member stuff,I play fantage myself and its amazing, but every store I walk into,you have to be a member just to get all the good stuff,like the houses,clothes,hair styles,and etc.
    Please don’t you think that it is hard enough to have to deal with members coming up to me saying you need an upgrade,kids are hacking your game just to get things that you won’t let them have!I’m not saying its me,I really want them to stop,but don’t you people think that if you do your part they would,member things can be off limits but not EVERYTHING!!!Like really unique ideas like frozen costumes and things that take alot of time to come up with,but really,you have to be a member just to get in a spa bath,you people act like we’re not people!!!My parents even told me that if they’re putting membership sighs on everything you want that just means that they want you to be a member just so you can pay them.
    I would like you to go on your game and notice how everything is for members and then I want you to see how many people would hack into your system just to get what they want.I already have done this before but it turns out that it did’nt work because you did was say become a member for a week,but you need gold which also requires money!!!!Listen,i’m just a twelve year old girl and I know better than that!!!Just ask yourself, are you really doing the right thing?


    • Daisychic said:

      Okay, are you complaining (just so you know, I’m on your side) to the Fantage admin or Fantageville? Fantageville is just a blog about Fantage, so I think you’re complaining to the wrong people. If you want to say this to the Fantage admin, you should contact them.
      Fantageville has NOTHING to do with the decisions Fantage makes about Members and Nons. Just saying.


  55. Daisychic said:

    I’m a non mem but I’m basically a member because Fantage has let non mems easily get ecoins. Levelling up for me though is hard because I don’t know what to do. This helps me heaps and now I’m level 64 ( not that great but I’m still so proud of myself ) :p




  57. Shiro Chan said:

    Hey MooMoo!
    I just wanted to point out that since the fantage map has changed, you can’t get pet treats at the wizard domain, so now it’s at Fantage School, to let you know!


  58. fantage sweetiegirl2007 said:

    Nice and appreciated information! Would you please update it as it is from the Old Fantage?
    I logged in December 12, 2012 and now its 2016. So please do it. Thanks…


  59. There ain't a name said:

    Yaw like um I’m level 3477… Any suggestion


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