❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Kawaii’s a Mermaid

Sorry this post is late!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at Uptown and Downtown, as usual.


To catch seahorses (explained later), You can also buy Seahorse Catching costumes at Uptown, Downtown, and the Underwater Area. The member one can catch any colored seahorse and can be bought with ecoins if you’re a nonmember. The one on the right can only catch yellow seahorses.


To play the Scuba Diving game (explained later), you can buy these costumes at the UnderWater area too.


The Underwater Tunnel

Go to the island and keep on going right until you reach the elevator.


To ENTER the swimming area, you must be wearing any of these costumes:


To CATCH SEAHORSES, you must be wearing either of these.


To PLAY SCUBA DIVING, you must be wearing either of these.


How to Catch Seahorses

*Tip: go to an empty server to avoid a laggy computer

Go to the Underwater Tunnel and put on a Seahorse Catching costume

You will automatically be in the water. Now, try and click on a seahorse to catch it!


Each time you catch one, Nice Catch! will pop up above your head.


As your medal level gets higher and higher, you will need to catch more seahorses to reach the next level. Near the beginning, I think you only need to catch 1 to level up. Near the end, you need to catch 3 to level up.

Remember that the maximum for the nonmember medal is 50, while the member’s is 200. :C


If you’re a nonmember and you go past 50, I think it will be saved but it won’t level you up, until you become a member.

How to Scuba Dive

*Note: this is only a GAME, it will NOT level you up, you only get a VERY small amount of stars.

Go to the Underwater Tunnel and put on a scuba diving costume.

Swim to the coral on the far right until the PLAY button pops up on top of your head.



Collect gold coins and pearls for points. You can only click on pearls when the clam’s mouth is open.

Scuba7 Scuba4

If you’re wearing the Premium Scuba costume, you can unlock the chests. Anyone know what is inside? I didn’t think it was worth buying.


Don’t click on the squid…


Or the electric eel…


Whatever your score is at the end is the amount of stars you get.

Gem Scavenger Hunt

Find the 4 gems around Fantage for Orion, so he can turn Kawaii back to normal. Click on this button at the left of your screen and hover your mouse over the gem for riddle clues!


The OPAL is at the Dock (Where do sick ships go? The DOCK-ter!)


The TOPAZ is on the Sea Breeze ship


The GARNET is at the top of the Lighthouse


The AMETHYST is in the Underwater Tunnel, far left (wear a swimming costume to get it)


Once you have them all, go back to Orion (Uptown/Downtown). He will give you a T-Shirt and sticker as a prize, then a movie.


Premium Members will get this prize too;

Screenshot 2013-07-26 at 4.02.22 PM


Comments on: "Kawaii’s a Mermaid" (41)

  1. Jordyn Smith said:

    Hey Casey,or princess_moomoo!


  2. Lol, I just logged on to Fantage after… 12049851703298 decades.
    I gave my friend my password (closssse friend irl, lol I know she won’t scam) and she was like OMFG YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH PRINCESS MOOMOO LUCKYYYYYYYYY

    you’ve got great fans


    • … wow I’m… touched ^.^ I try and add everyone that asks, but there’s that 200 limit, which is really annoying, because I don’t want to delete anyone!!


      • jadeallstar said:

        Actually the 200 limit doesn’t always matter. Me and my friend once saw an account that had 202 buddies… You just have to not notice…


      • Yeah, they changed that glitch. If you have 200, you can’t send or accept friend requests, I think.
        Also, even with that glitch, it goes back to 200 after you log out.


  3. Reblogged this on вєяяу ℓємσηα∂є and commented:
    Hi guys, I’ve been out of town and just got back! I’m still new to this event, so since I’m also busy updating this website (I created it less than a week ago) I can’t update this for you. Normally, these type of posts would be located in our “Seasonal Events” page under “Fantage”, but since I can’t do this myself please see FantageVille’s guide for help! Sorry again, and enjoy the event!


  4. purpleadventure5 said:

    Thanks! This always helps cause, without your help… I would be still level 1. 🙂
    If I didn’t know about this site, I would still be searching for the four gems…


  5. lala5188 said:

    hey princess moomoo, members also get another shirt and another sticker btw. just saying!! ill try to get u the pic
    but i already got them…


  6. I bought the deluxe costume to see what was in the chest…and what I figured out was I got 5 stars for ever chest TnT Spent 2500 stars for nothing.


  7. Thanks so much!
    This Fantage blog is my top source of Fantage info!
    Thanks again!!


  8. Well Fantage is certainly running outta ideas.


  9. Thanks for the cheats… I honestly think fantage are runnig out of event ideas… I mean, I personally preferred last year’s events- the items , games and the concept behind them were so much better :3


    • jadeallstar said:

      I agree. I joined last year on March 1st (with really great timing lol :D) and when I first saw the events last year and compared them to this year’s, last year’s we’re better. At least they had Fashion Week 2012!


  10. Hermione24 said:

    The seahorse catching costume looks like, uh, a baby boy with a binky in his mouth. Thanks for the updates, Moomoo, it’s been a while since I’ve logged in to Fantage.


  11. Actually, there is also an underwater elevator on the left of the island. That’s where I mainly go underwater from.


  12. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    Reblogged this on Fantage City Life.


  13. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    This event is so weird. I mean Kawaii just become a mermaid just like that. Fantage is really running out of ideas.


  14. Theresa7897 said:

    Dear Princess moomoo/Casey I found out an app to play things that you need flash to play on tablet ipad iPhone and iPod its called Puffin you can play fantage on it yay 🙂
    Its free too


  15. jadeallstar said:

    Princess_MooMoo, for every seahorse you catch is one level up.


  16. Candy123729 said:

    Hmph. Fantage is so annoying, sometimes. Like, if you are NOT a premium member, you can’t level up, and it’s not so safe. If you get premium membership with MONEY, you pay and click LOG OUT. It doesn’t COMPLETELY log out, so sobody can get into your account and select anything they want, and you have to pay for it.


  17. Theresa7897 said:

    Princess moomoo the underwater adventure its just like this event




  19. candy123729 said:

    Yeah. Good remark.


  20. amberwgao said:

    I just bought the premium costume for the seahorse catching, but when I tried to get above level 50, it wouldn’t level me up even after 10 or so seahorses. When I looked at some other non’s idFones, though, they all got up to 200. Was it a glitch that Fantage fixed?


  21. hmlrquevedo said:

    I am a non-member. If I use ecoins to buy the deluxe seahorse catcher costume and catch more seahorses, will I still level up my medal till 200 like members do?


    • No, if you’re a non, it will only go up to 50 at most. If you catch extra, they will be stored into the mem medal but won’t show or be activated until you become a mem.


  22. I think thats what I was asking you on another page.
    Btw, its really unfair that some nons get to level up till 200 for seahorse catching before the glitch was fixed. ( They can get a higher level then those who only have level 50 for that particular medal )


  23. superstargirl1 said:

    Level 56 on seahorse catching ^~^ I like it because it levels you up an awful lot! You should put that on the leveling up page because its EXTREMELY HELPFUL! Leveled up 200 times! :O


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