❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

#GrammarNazi Contest Results

I will be deleting all comments for this contest on Friday, since some people might get the wrong idea if they don’t know about the contest.

Sorry it took so long, there were over 700 comments for the Grammar Nazi total, and I had to check each one to see if it counted or not! It was painfully long, but I’m so glad I got it done 🙂

I deleted comments that didn’t count, here are the guidelines that I moderated your comments by:

  • I didn’t count punctuation errors, as I said on the post. Neither did I count capitalization, it was spelling and grammar only. The only punctuation that counted was its/it’s, because those two have different meanings
  • I saw several people who spelled #grammarnazi wrong. I saw “grammanazi,” “grammmarnazi,” and “grammernazi.” I tried to be nice by editing the ones I saw, but there is a chance that I could have missed it. Seriously though, you aren’t a grammar nazi if you can’t spell “grammar” correctly…!
  • It was especially difficult to find comments that didn’t have the #grammarnazi hashtag, so if you forgot, your comment most likely did not count. I said this on the post.
  • Each comment counted as 1 point, regardless of how many corrections you made inside it. It would take way too long for me to count them out individually. I really don’t think it mattered, because the results weren’t that close. But thumbs up to you if you found more than one in a comment! 🙂
  • I deleted any comments for the contest after the deadline, which was Saturday, May 17, 11:59 PM FST

The chance that I made a small mistake is somewhat big, since there were so many comments. But, since the results weren’t close anyway, any mistakes wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

Here are the scores, I added the Ville Bill prize bonus to those who commented on it. If you didn’t comment, sorry, I told you to comment…! If you had less than 5, I did not put your name here, so the list wouldn’t get excessively long.

Cool! – 109 + 25 = 134

Simone_Wish – 57 + 25 = 82

Cindy_lee_9 – 25 + 25 = 50

Susanღ – 24 + 25 = 49

Arissa – 22 + 25 = 47

Kat – 19 + 25 = 44

Pandii – 38

MusicFan – 12 + 25 = 37

AprilTheresa7897 – 7 + 25 = 32

❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ – 30

The Fantage Trio – 18

17pineapples – 16

chocolateyandtoast – 14

Aaliyah Yu – 12

Selena – 12

pogo22 – 9

lisa10511 – 8

homuraforever – 8

lilygarnet – 7

xangelwingsx – 7

ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ – 7

katy50312 – 6

❤☮icy☮❤ – 6

123fan4 – 5

Luna – 5

So, congratulations, Cool! (math10000)! Since you’re the winner, you can choose one of the following prizes:

  • a free location of 1 random Green Ville Bill (once they are released)
  • 1 free gift on Fantage (the ones that you buy for your buddies and send)

Just comment your choice 🙂

To everyone else who played, awesome job! I am proud that you all haven’t succumbed to the increasingly popular ghetto language of the modern generation :mrgreen:

New Store Updates

For the first update on the new store at Uptown that is under construction, click here

Thanks to the people notifying me of this in the comments!

Fantage has been busy “constructing” the new store at Uptown, and the blueprint has been updated.

Since the store totally looks like a wrapped present, maybe it’s an extension of the gifting thing! Like, they’re turning the button into a store!

Also, someone on ask.fm pointed out that the handles on the door have the letter M.


Any guesses as to what the letter M stands for? 🙂

Age of Aincrad

This last section is for Sword Art Online fans only, I doubt you would be very interested if you don’t read/watch SAO. Unless you’re planning to! 🙂

Like all anime fans, I get really obsessed with an anime once I finish it. After watching all 25 episodes of SAO season 1 and the Extra Edition movie on CrunchyRoll, I was really curious to find out whether someone had created an actual Sword Art Online game that people can play.

And this website, called Age of Aincrad, showed up!

The website is still under heavy development, so nobody can play yet. There are just forums, ranks, and points for now. Here are some helpful links to better understand the somewhat confusing site:

  • About page: http://age-of-aincrad.com/?/about/
  • FAQ page: http://age-of-aincrad.com/?/faq/
  • Create an account page: http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/register
  • Sneak Peaks of the project: http://projectge.com/
  • Some live videos by the Game Developers: http://www.twitch.tv/saoproject/b/523358988
  • Searching the Forums: http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/search/?type=post
  • Chat Box filled with awesome, helpful people: http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/

So, if you love SAO, you should join! :mrgreen:

Maybe, we can even become beta testers, like Kirito-kun! O:

Comments on: "#GrammarNazi Contest Results + New Store Updates + Age of Aincrad" (111)

  1. Yay, came in third 🙂
    Congrats to everyone who joined!


  2. LOL Maybe mm=more missions! hope not though


  3. LOL. Maybe the M stands for M’s name. I know, I’m so creative. :). Congratulations to the winner!


  4. aquaforevergirl said:

    M for missions or idk


  5. MM-LOL I made up MooMoo xD


  6. Moo Moo,
    Mall, Micro Meters, Idk.


  7. aquaforevergirl said:

    i know m for mall


  8. Cookimonsta said:

    Hmm the top of the store looks a bit like a ribbon, maybe it’s a gifting store or something about gifts?


  9. Cookimonsta said:

    The print on the walls of the shop look like the Louis Vuitton handbag print xD


  10. Cookimonsta said:

    Maybe it’s a shop with fantage designer items 0_o


  11. Oh you watch anime on crunchyroll? Do you have an account on there? I have a crunchyroll account to keep track of anime I watch, but I find that the videos always randomly stop half way or something so I watch on Chia-anime.


  12. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thanks now i can die peacefully oops we have to complete hundered floors yet 😛


  13. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Congrats everyone! 🙂


  14. Maybe mm stands for moomoo! Maybe they took your idea into consideration 🙂


  15. MM – MooMoo Store!


  16. MM= MooMoo obviously! You get a store named after you for all your hard work on this blog 😀


  17. Anonymous said:

    I think the new building Fantage is making is going to be a mall! I just looked at it! ~Audrey


  18. math10000 said:

    WOW! Yay I won! Great Job to EVERYONE who participated! Everyone did great! I think I’ll choose the free gift on fantage for a prize. Again, everyone did awesome 😀


  19. Awwww man! i came second I’m happy and dissapointed at the same time.. oh well i can always try again next contest! I wanted to say congratulations to cool! for winning 1st place 🙂 great job!!!


  20. The Unknown said:

    Can you tell me what I got or….


  21. Hey guys what did yall get for the prizes today?????? My membership expired TuT


    • The Unknown said:

      Non members got a flower for an acc and i think mems got a balloon or a dress or a hat?


  22. math10000 said:

    There is a Captain Cody Event coming soon!


  23. math10000 said:

    My guesses for the M thing:
    Money Maker?
    Money Mania?
    Money Market?
    Sorry, Money is my best guess. xP


  24. math10000 said:

    They updated the sign again, now you can see the store in full colour!


  25. math10000 said:

    And there’s a prom raffle.


  26. Did you know that Angela might quit? I saw her post on Instagram


  27. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    How about Millionaire Maker? Idk, but Fantage probably needs money for something.


  28. They updated the blueprint again! They’re almost done, at least, that’s what it said…


  29. Cookimonsta said:

    Hey just wanted to let you know that they updated the sign again and it has the shop in colour now as well. Yep, I think it’s a gifting store.


  30. I commented 1st about this but like they updated to the sign soooo….yeeaaaa


  31. Hey I just wanted to point out that in the blueprints you can still see vintage gold in the left corner i dont think its leaving yet :C


  32. idk where to put this but what does this mean? http://prntscr.com/3m9adi


  33. They added color to the new shop: http://prntscr.com/3ma0ou
    Not sure if that will make your guesses any better lol


  34. tiffany9452 said:

    There’s a new update for the store its in full color!


  35. what just happened to this blog!!!!!
    not much new is happening when lots of things happened in fantage


    • Can you stop commenting completely illogical things like this please?
      We have posted every update there is.


      • what do u think is more important?
        grammarnazi or fantage updates


      • Ok excuse you, I already finished that contest a long time ago, and I am completely caught up with updates.
        Do you want to try and run a blog while attending high school? I think not. So stop being so rude and insensitive.


      • ok? you didnt put my other comment ?
        is it because im right?


      • Okay, 1, MooMoo never complained about homework,she just said she has a lot because unlike ELEMENTARY SCHOOL kids like YOU, 5th graders and up get homework everyday, and high schoolers have to take AP Tests and Finals, which you have to study hard for, 2, you are probably a spoiled 3rd grader that doesn’t know anything about selfishness, responsibility, and RESPECT, your grammar was so bad that I could barely understand 75% of it!, you are probably an only child because kids with older siblings that are in high school tell you that school is only going to get harder, and it does!
        And 3, MooMoo is right, you have absolutely no knowledge about anything, you are so immature that you probably tell your mommy about someone hurting you!
        If you don’t like this or that, don’t say anything and leave! It’s not like everyone is on your side so you can do what ever you want! Just STFU and think before out act! Insulting someone or someone’s doing isn’t going to make you a better person pooper man, keep acting like this, I dare you to, you will have no friends.
        Just because she took a couple hours after the release of the event, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take time to figure it out.



      • Thanks
        I didn’t even know what to say, this person is just so astoundingly narrow-minded that I couldn’t even form my utter astonishment into words.


      • Your welcome c: I just hate it when someone acts like they’re all right like that, I like standing up for people I trust C:


  36. Hiii moomoo you and angela are doing a great job on this blog 👌
    I ❤️ it !!!


  37. I really hope the short yellow prom dress is for nons .u.
    What was the prizes yall got today???


  38. Moomoo how did you get a high level O.O


  39. The Unknown said:

    MooMoo or Angela, can you guys edit?
    Or recolor?


  40. They updated the preview of the new store! Its now in color… I wonder when it will finally be released :S Im really hoping its a store to do with gifting 😀


  41. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! The new shop is finished and we know what it is!!!!! You can open your own shop!!!


  42. Kristine said:

    W.O.W… No other words to say…
    “My Mall”? I wonder how that’s going to work…


  43. The Unknown said:

    sorry caps, lol


  44. The stores name is My Mall! You can open up your own shop and sell stuff to other fantagians :O!


  45. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Can I watch SAO on youtube ?


  46. Aaradhya_12 said:

    I can’t watch SAO on crunchy roll it says that it is not availabe in my region due to copyright reasons 😦


  47. Can I please friend you on Fantage? I think you know my friend, hermione0922. She said you just friended her.


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