❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Scroll all the way down to see a newly added section of this post: my predictions!


And wow, several of you guessed correctly, it is a mall!


Two people even guessed correctly that the store would allow us to open our own shop and sell things!


Fantage has been updating us on this new store almost daily…


… so I’m guessing the store will be finally released within a couple of days! Be on the lookout for updates 🙂

My Predictions

I remember someone suggesting once in the “The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near?” post to bring back Trade n Sell, except just keep the “Sell” part and get rid of the “Trade” part to avoid scamming. Maybe this will be just like that idea!

The first piece of information we know is: “Sell items to other Fantagians  at the Mall!” This could either mean sell the items in your inventory, or make your own items, like Fan Art (which would be REALLY cool). I personally am hoping for the second possibility, because who wants the Fantage items anymore? Vintage sold all the good ones already 😐

The second piece of information: “Open your own shop at MyMall!” Obviously, we won’t each get to put our own shop at Uptown, it would become insanely crowded. But, since it is a mall, maybe there will be like hundreds of floors inside the MyMall building, and each user can own a shop? I hope that being a nonmember won’t be too much of a hindrance, as it usually is 😦

Or, maybe we don’t all get a shop, maybe we all contribute items towards one huge mall? I guess we’ll have to see, I’m very excited to find out!

Last thing I want to mention, let’s not forget all those scammers during the time of Trade n Sell. If this new shop has ANYTHING to do with trading promises (e.g. “Buy an item from my shop, and I’ll buy an item from yours!”), how about we all agree to avoid those horrible past-scammers? They lied and scammed shamelessly before, there is no reason for us to forgive them.

Oh, how convenient, good thing I kept that page: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/scammer/

Comments on: "My Mall Grand Opening – Coming Soon" (90)

  1. wow! But I bet you need koinz or something to open a store………..
    o.o or its only for mems o.o
    could fantage do that?


  2. Hopefully it doesn’t take weeks! >.< I already want to shop in it! lol


  3. FIRST maybe TO COMMENT BOYA oh and moomoo i advertised you in my blog it’s cute!!!


  4. tiffany9452 said:


    I wonder what the owners name is…


  5. Lol I had an idea (months ago!) where Fantagians can open their own shop in a mall and sell their own items they made..
    Here is the link, censor if you want:


  6. Can’t wait for it to open! But I do hope that it isn’t going to be as bad as Vintage Gold…


  7. The thing about pinkstardust scamming is totally fake xD
    1. Click on the picture
    2. Look at the people in the background
    It looks like a full server. And Maroon Moose is one of the low servers. Now would pinkstardust go on a full server? Would she scam someone using her account?
    And one more thing when you click on the picture to zoom, look at some of the people. Some of the fantagians have their bodies messed up! There’s one with her head to the side It’s because some of the bottom got cropped and kinda moved to the side hoping you wouldn’t notice 🙂 LOL You wouldn’t notice it unless you click to zoom and because you’ll be so focused on the chat so you don’t notice :d Nice editing tho! .u.


  8. I was on fantage on may 12 in the cafe where an admin comes. As usual everyone was crowding him and asking him questions. He was actually being really funny :d then someone asked him if tns was coming back but then he said brb. He left and after a while he came back. He said he got a call from fantage’s game editor and immediately i thought it was tns but after fantage put the sign of the new store i realized the call was to make this store TuT


  9. Random
    Do you think pinkstardust really deserves being in first place of the Hall of Fame?
    I mean there are people who are just a couple of levels behind her and joined fantage a couple years AFTER pinkstardust has!
    In my opinion i think they’ve worked waaay harder than she has.


  10. Susanღ said:

    That sucks for me bc Fantage isn’t loading for me :/ 😦


  11. That pinkstardust post makes sense because Skyscraper was a beta user from 2008 and pink joined in 2009…… But still, if she thinks she can do what ever she wants then call her what she called Skyscraper!

    “Fantage weirdly removed Blonde Santa Hat from my inventory!” <——— Now, WHY would Fantage "weirdly remove" stuff from you inventory, pink, and NO, I am not taking "They just did!" or anything else for an answer!

    Pretty excited about the mall 🙂


  12. Yay a mall! I can’t wait for it to open! 🙂


  13. math10000 said:

    They are giving free membership for a week….. again???


  14. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    I got really creeped out when I read that post about Pinkstardust because it said that Skyscraper and Pinkstardust were trading on SEPTEMBER 27, which is my birthday. O_O


  15. Are we selling our items or do me sell the items we created our own items and sell them?


  16. Anonymous said:

    Hey Moo_moo thanks for putting my two messages in the post! How do you get fonts? I will email you. Please email me back about the fonts. Thanks Audrey


  17. ♥CarlyO_O said:

    awww…..i hate how fantage always says “coming soon” can’t they just give us a date -.- but this mall seems really cool tho .-.


  18. Princess_moomoo the pinkstardust thing is fake. It was edited. Look at the people in the background



  19. aquaforevergirl said:

    OMG u showed my suggestion when its comes out i mite sell my frog wand anyone wanna possibly buy it?


  20. mqquendes said:

    I really hope it’s not just for members… like everything in Fantage 😦


  21. Why is it that when i comment something, it isn’t approved? But people get their comment approved even if i commented before them. Is something wrong with my browser or…. ? Or did I put something inappropriate? O-O


  22. Omg….. (SHOCKED) Uhhhh….. MooMoo…… another free membership week is coming………..


  23. Cookimonsta said:

    Wow fantage is giving out another free membership week!!! They are being super generous 🙂


  24. Cookimonsta said:

    Hopefully we can get this months monthly gift and next months


  25. Idk how but im premium! I think free premium week is early!


  26. Anonymous said:

    I’m really happy about the membership thing because now my non account can be mems. (By the way I am a member) ~Audrey


  27. Maybelle2017 said:

    I think that since we are having another membership week soon, that the mall will only be for members because thats how fantage makes money. But why would someone buy a member, especially now when fantage is not doing so well…


  28. math10000 said:

    Um… Moo Moo the free PM week has already started, but your clock says it starts in 7 hours.


  29. tiffany9452 said:

    premium member week started!


  30. Anonymous said:

    030 I just went into the photo booth and wow! They have a TON of items they’re releasing for tomorrow Captain Cody machine thing o3o They have a recolor of the sunshine hair and alot of recolors and sets


  31. I got membership, but then a bit later my membershp was gone. A glitch, or what?


  32. math10000 said:

    Are you on Fantage now?


  33. Apparently, the prom items that were only for Premium Members are added to our inventory now… -_-


  34. pannda27 said:

    Reblogged this on Piece of Cake and commented:
    Free membership starting tomorrow! Again! I honestly do not care, since I want to get all the pet- locked items.
    All for now!
    ~ Pannda_27 ❤


  35. The MyMall is being released the same time as the premium membership and the cody combos! 😀


  36. Look at where I’ve boxed it with pink and aqua.


  37. tiffany9452 said:

    As usual fantage just wants money…… you have to BUY gold (fantage has a new currency) using real money or else u cant do anything…..


  38. Greener4344 said:

    Mall = gold whats happening… I dunno what I doing. Help me D: You need gold?!!?!?! How do u get some? Im soooo confused


  39. lakayatarawa said:

    i just checked le shop and stellar salon, and the non member clothes and hair have gotton way cheaper!


  40. The disappearing servers are so weird 😛


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