❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

FV Games Task 4

Yes, Task 3 still does not end until Saturday 3/1 11:59 PM Fantage Time, don’t worry.

However, since I want as much time as possible for Task 4 and I don’t want to drag out this contest for too long, Task 4 will be released right now.

So, if you are currently still in the Fantageville Games, please see the new Task 4 page and get started!

To the rest of my viewers who are not participating, you can check it out; anyone can do it, and it would make a difference to the world if you did.

ALSO. If you were eliminated from any past task and you really want to get back in, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!! Please read the page!


Comments on: "FV Games Task 4" (3)

  1. I have 0% chance of winning now… so it’s just help the poor kids.


  2. Arese Uuworuya said:

    If this is out first time playing, do we still have a good chance at winning? And how do you get entered into the system of competitors?


    • You can only get points for this if you originally signed up for my FV Games–meaning your username is somewhere on the spreadsheet. If you did not sign up originally, you won’t get points for this, but you are free to join our freerice group to help our cause. It would be much appreciated!


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