❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Old and New Updates

Here are some new updates, as well as some old updates that I figured wasn’t worth an entire post to write about.

1. Megaphone (Feb 17)

New Megaphone button Update1on the top left of the screen (next to the Reporter button) that allows you to announce phrases to the entire server. Of course, you can’t say anything you want, Fantage already picked out these phrases ;(


Once you pick out a phrase, you of course have to pay for it to be announced… 200 ecoins

Update3 Update4

Once you pay, your message will flash for a whole whopping 1 second on the right side of everyone’s screen in the server -_-


Photo creds to mmchan, thanks for emailing me this picture!

You see these a lot more often in the full servers. Each time I do see one, I shake my head and think… you just got ripped off

2. Rarity Value Increase (Feb 17)

As some people have been telling me in the comments, the rarity of all Premium Member items in Orion’s Rare Finds has shot up. There are a LOT more moonstone items now (even the uglier items are super “rare”), so the actual good items such as PB Hat will be much harder to get.


Funny how Fantage never even bothered to announce this. Not funny how I will have to redo my entire All Rares list because of this manipulative, pointless update.

3. Bingo Rescue (Feb 25)

If you haven’t read my tips on the Bingo Rescue event or you don’t know what it is, click here

Again, as people have been telling me in the comments, the Wild Brainies minimum score has been lowered to 45 instead of 60, and the minimum score for Pearly Pop has been lowered to 20,000 instead of 25,000. This should make it a lot easier!


4. Personalized Name Signs (Feb 25)


What is it with all these little updates that require us to spend ecoins??

Well, if you’re interested in putting a sign in front of your house to tell people that it’s YOUR house and NOBODY else’s, this update is just for you. Whoohoo.

Click on the Name Signs Info thingy at Downtown to buy your very own sign. Of course, we Nonmembers are left with a sign that looks like it was made by a hobo using cardboard, but erkayyy


You can even buy more than one of these, if you REALLY want to remind people that YOUR house is YOUR property xP

Each sign is more expensive than the next: the one on the left is the cheapest, and the one on the right is the most expensive. Each one is personalized so it will have your name on it.


5. Balloon Craze


Not sure if Fantage just made up that statistic of the Balloon Craze event being the most popular one from 2013… I really didn’t think it was that special. Click here for our post from 2013, if you’re interested for a sneak peek.

Looks like Fantage is making a habit of reusing past events too, just like the Cupcake Conundrum event (copied from the Chocolate Challenge event in September 2013)

This will be released on Thursday, so expect a post on Friday, or Thursday if I haven’t died from English homework. Oh, goody, I have a math test on Friday. Just… expect it Friday.

Fantageville’s All Item Lists

This was announced last week in the Weekly News page (which you guys should all read!). I’ve grouped together all 4 of our lists (All Items, All Rares, All FGCs, and All Vintage Gold) into one huge page group. I’ve also added little updates on each page making them more connected.

For more nice little updates that I did on the blog in the past week, see the newest entry on the Weekly News page.

My Server

A lot of my viewers always ask me where I usually go on Fantage, and I’ve always returned the same disappointing answer: the emptiest server, at random times.

I tried seeing this from your guys’ point of view, and I decided that this answer must be pretty frustrating, or even infuriating. The chances of finding me are like, minuscule.

So, I’ve decided that, from now on, I will go on the Mulberry Mink server only (easy to remember, MM for MooMoo xD), unless I have to update something that requires a full server.

But MOST of the time, I will use the Mulberry Mink server 🙂 So if you find me, just tell me that you’re from this blog, and I will add you!

Comments on: "Old and New Updates" (51)

  1. jessica82390 said:

    Everytime I see “PB hat” I keep thinking “Peanut Butter Hat” … is there something wrong with me lmao


  2. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    Woah this thing just popped in my email in a flash :p I am your buddy already too fantage is going crazy on getting people to buy random stuff aren’t they?



    For some reason, you’re not on my buddy list anymore


  4. Bellosnowy said:

    Too much upgrades. >.< Plus sometimes when I play a single player game sometimes it is 2 ads. I wish for old fantage back now! 😦


  5. Er….That IS a rip-off


  6. What is your name on fantage? Mine is lil45674


  7. Bellosnowy said:

    What the! So I wasted my time on pearly pop! 😦 grrrrrrrr


  8. Yay, now you have your own server! XD


  9. Seriously this is my face reading the updates : O.o
    And, I haven’t been on Fantage often because of these silly updates requiring ecoins and I have lots of homework I have to get done, I rather go do graphics for my friends on other sites, sometimes I feel like Fantage is not the way it used to be, when I first joined in 2011, it’s a lot better than this.

    Every game always change when it starts to be a big business…


  10. Those house signs are pointless, it’s obviously YOUR house, people will know that when they see you in it… Seriously fantage


    • sour_cupcake123 said:

      Yea but some ppl lie that a house is their home but it’s not so I guess those signs would be helpful.


  11. Rare items Feb 17


  12. you deleted me moomoo :/


  13. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    I thought they gave you that message forever. Like you can spam it. Guess not.


  14. I was on Mulberry Mink and saw you in the Vintage Gold! I tried saying hi but I think you froze so you didn’t answer… lol. Please add me, I don’t want to sound desperate


  15. i bet server MM is going to suddenly become popular.


  16. Bellosnowy said:

    Why do fantage do a lot of updating. >.< my computer is kinda weird when those happen. 😦


  17. Hey Moomoo, what time do you go on, do you go on around 9:00pm? I am on server now at the arcade, are you on fantage?


  18. Bellosnowy said:

    Do you like the updates moomoo?


  19. Moomoo, the “new” event has the same maze and prizes so you can just use last year’s map, but the stars are tickets now.


  20. On my other comment o.o You can delete these two comments! Sorry!


  21. Please add this to the post!
    It’s the ‘House Sign’ As I have 456,127 stars, I decided to buy one!



  22. Lol, I sometimes end up with that bodyguard, but then after like, a minute they’re like “We gotta go! Another supermodel needs us’ which is kinda annoying, cause i want them to stay with you forever (selfish though LOL)!


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