❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

My New Style!

(The topic of this post has nothing to do with Fantage, which is actually pretty rare :3)

Yesterday, after seeing this extremely blunt and straightforward comment on my art page yesterday…


… I decided to take a look again at the art I’ve done, and I realized that this person was completely right. Compared to the anime drawings of professionals, mine looked really childish and plastic-like.

So, I decided to play around on GIMP to try and improve this, and that’s when I realized why it’s been so difficult to draw for me. GIMP doesn’t recognize my pen pad as a tablet for some reason, it thinks that I’m using a mouse, so there’s no pressure-sensitive brushes. And drawing anime NEEDS a pressure-sensitive brush, with all the flicky hair and stuff. At least, that’s what I think.

I tried searching up tutorials to fix this problem but none of them worked; GIMP just didn’t recognize my tablet, even if I made a customized brush.


After thinking for a bit, I decided that drawing anime just wasn’t for me. That’s when I remembered I different type of art that I saw on deviantArt: realism! Art that looks like a photograph from a distance, but a painting up close.

I remembered seeing some tutorials, so I decided to give it a try, and this happened (it looks better if you see it from afar, loool)


It’s Mao Asada, from the Sochi Olympics! Click here for the original. I chose her not because she’s the #1 skater I support, but because I really like the color of her dress ❤

It’s pretty much completely drawn from airbrush and smudging. My favorite part is the skin, I’ve never been able to draw it so realistically before. I’ve always heard that “skin is more than just one crayon in the box,” and now I know why.

I really didn’t expect it to actually look nice, I started out just kinda scribbling with the airbrush, and I just kept on going xD Oh dear, I still cannot draw hands though :c

Lesson is, if you’re doing a certain type of art because everyone else is doing it, but it just isn’t working out for you, try a different style! You’ll be surprised!

I want to practice this some more, soooo, for the Fantageville Games, 1st place still gets the $5 giftcard, but 2nd place will get a free piece of art of their Fantagian, realism-style! 😀 If 2nd place doesn’t want it, it will pass down to 3rd place and so on. Nevermind, I probably won’t have time, and I’m still experimenting, so I doubt it would look very good…

Comment your opinion/criticism, and thanks for helping me realize my mistake, Pat, whoever you are!

Comments on: "My New Style!" (60)

  1. MooMoo, ignore the haters! Your art is fantastic and you shouldn’t change your style for anyone!!! I liked your old face shaping 🙂


  2. It’s awesome and perfecto the way it is 😀


  3. You should totally do more art like this! I like your anime-style art too, but this is just amazing! I could never draw something like that on the computer. 🙂


  4. If you don’t mind me saying I think this is quite better than
    your other drawings. But the neck looks slightly weird to me.. You should try to make it little shorter.. But other than that it was amazing!!! Love the dress as well!


  5. …or on a tablet!


  6. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Actually, I could give you some tips… I do it the same way as you do! Please do not quit, practice makes perfect! I had to do it 1 year to get the hang of it. I love anime! Maybe do a bit of both?


  7. izzybee152 said:

    That’s really good!! Although it looks like she is holding her b**b


  8. (Sorry if I’m being mean or anything, its just that I draw too ><) I liked your older style better, the only problem, to me, was the shading/colouring of the eyes. (You also put the eyelashes in weird directions :L) Your new style is great, but the the proportioning of the body needs a bit of work. (You can improve on that by using guide lines ^^) Other than that, it's well done! c:


  9. Bellosnowy said:

    I like the original of Mao Asada. How does the facing look terrible? Btw.


  10. I really like this style, it looks so much more professional! Your anime drawings were also amazing, and I think you should continue with that too, as well as your new style 🙂


  11. ♔*:- ρнαηтσмнινє °-:*♔ said:

    I like both of your styles :3
    Especially the legs omg I can never draw legs ;w;
    The only thing I would say though, is to try adding ripples in the fabric to make it more realistic~


  12. Wow, it looked so close to the original! You’re a great artist, MooMoo! Well, way better than me, at least, lol.


  13. I honestly like this style better than anime, but I’m pretty biased since I can’t draw anime, only realism. 😛 Your proportions are looking pretty good, but one arm (the left) is looking a little awkward and stumpy. (No offence!)

    Can’t wait to see more of your work if you’ve got the time to draw. 🙂


  14. You should like send that to the Sochi Olympics or something since it’s so good!


  15. that’s actually really, really, really good *-*
    maybe stop smudging the face? some faces are more angular than round

    this is how i draw faces e.o


  16. Also the arms are out of shape and the legs and the body and the face.
    thats a tip. u will get better and better each time you draw!!!


  17. It is REALLY good (even I can’t draw that Xp) but there is not expression on the face, so maybe try to do expressions?? And as someone said, you should try to correct your body proportions. Other than that, 0o0!!! That’s so goooooooooooooooood! XD


  18. Oh my, its so awesome! This is more your style, it seems more grown up ^^ Practice makes perfect!


  19. I’m writing a Harry Potter fanfiction involving Fred Weasley and another girl I made up!!


  20. I don’t do any digital art (or at least not good ones ) but I have some advice. Maybe you could make the chin a little more smoother, with her right jaw being a little larger. Her neck should be a little bit more tucked in (if you know what I mean) and just keep practicing on her hands. You’re rally good at shading and her shoes are beautiful 😀 I don’t do digital art, since I prefer paper and pencil, but great job. Keep practicing


  21. I’m really late on commenting on this, but I think its great that your looking to improve on your art! Great Job!
    I was also wondering.. do you have a deviantart ?


  22. Anonymous said:

    Do you have a tumblr? Or go on tumblr? There’s a blog called “helpyoudraw” and mannnyyyy drawing tutorials (for example, search “drawing masterpost” in the tags and you’ll see a whole post of great tutorials.) I find my realistic drawings are improving and tumblr definitely helps.


  23. maddikatgurl said:


    I love your art of mao asada!! She’s one of my favourite skaters!!



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