❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Hi everyone! I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I have been SUPER busy. So anyway, I finally counted all the votes and these are the winners for each category!

Biggest Fantageville Fan: 

Entry 1: Dear Fantageville, I am your #1 fan!!! To be honest, I am a 13 year old girl, with cancer. Although I was cured from Ewing Sarcoma 2 months ago, I couldn’t go to school, couldn’t meet up and laugh with my friends, or go swimming and go to parks in the summer either. Whenever I stayed home, I always went onto your blog, looking at the cheats, smiling at your posts, and chatting with amazing people on your XAT chat. To me, your blog was my getaway. Somewhere where I could meet people, enter breath-taking contests, and faint, since your drawings are just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You both were so creative with blog ideas, and I love how you would update your blog theme to the seasons and holidays! I would always wake up, and check my email for new emails about your blog posts. I wish I could meet you to show you HOW much I love your blog! Like, I get so upset since I can’t show you how much I love it, even though you totally deserve it! For those who gave out the passwords for the Ville Bill, they don’t deserve anything. I believe that you worked SO hard, and you don’t deserve them ruining your blog :”( But I wanted you guys to know, that your still my FAVORITE BLOG.EVER. EVEN TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! 😀 ❤ I really wish I could submit art or something, but I can’t since I’m so busy with my hospital appointments. Good news, I have my last surgery on the 26th, which is your deadline! I really wish I could win this category, since nothing good has really happened for the past 1 year… But anyways, thanks for always being here, when I’m feeling down. LOVE YOU ALL!!! THANKS! ❤ MUCH LOVE, FROM CANADA!

Congrats candyplum101!

Most Fashionable Fantagian:

Entry 1:

 fashionable kaitlyncutie326 gmail

Congrats kayci_beautiful!

Best Fantage Fan-Artist:

Entry 6:

fanart ladida_dundundun hotmail

Congrats Phantomhive!

Fantage Class Clown:

Entry 1:

class clown cefu299

Congrats  tori35665!

Most Creative Fantagian:

Entry 1:

Fantage and oh Fantage

Fantage prints us the news and Fantagevilla delivers it, 
We all have fits,
Because Fantage sometimes doesn’t tell us proper news,
But Fantagevilla always remembers to defuse,
All doubts we have,
Thats how Fantagevilla always saves,
             The day!
Congrats Mango025!
Best Fantageville Banner:
Banner 3 actually got the most votes, but it violates the rules. It isn’t the right size. So the winner is…
Entry 1:
banner fantagerop
Congrats ropstar!
Thanks to everyone who participated, you all did a really good job! And congratulations to the winners, you guys are very creative and talented!

Comments on: "The Fantageville Awards: Winners!" (13)

  1. What are the prizes? Please don’t say that they are no prizes!!!!! :0


  2. Angela, you missed the 5 at the end of my username.


  3. awesome 😀


  4. Blurasxbery said:

    Congrats to all the winners!


  5. I wish I won. Congratulations every buddy. Merry Christmas!


  6. cool! congrats everyone!


  7. SunandRain3 said:

    (: Congrats, to not only the winners, but everybody who participated. And I think the prizes are the self credit of actually winning. Shouldn’t that already be enough? ~ Sun


  8. Wow I just realized, candyplum101 ( the first winner ) is my buddy! Lol xD


  9. People should not be sad if they did not get picked they should be happy they tried and the people that won should be happy and congratulate others!


  10. Shouldn’t the poem winner be disqualified for calling the blog “fantagevilla” and not fantageville.


  11. c: congrats all winners
    (this was last year right)


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