❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

A Few Announcements

1. Vote For Page

I’ve removed the entire thing >.<

One, because a lot of people seem to not like it. Some viewers argued that it defeats the purpose of Vintage Gold, because we would all quit if all of the good items had been released, destroying Fantage’s business. Well, that would have never happened anyway, as described in my next point…

Two, because it’s futile. I’ve concluded that Fantage pretty much ignores our votes and releases the most wanted items once in a while, just to keep our interest from drying up, as Lady Fantage suggested. I think a more useful page would be how to be smart when it comes to Vintage Gold.

Three, I feel like even if Fantage was truthful and released the items we most voted for, I doubt there would be enough people from this blog voting. Well, that doesn’t matter anyway, our votes don’t do anything.

2. XAT Bot

One of our XAT users, Pink, has VERY generously offered to get us an XAT bot, so the chat can be monitored at all times, especially at night, where I have been hearing complaints due to the lack of mods.

I’m still trying to figure out how to buy it and install it, the steps are really confusing… I’m planning to get it on Friday, when all of my homework is done.

I’m guessing that some people will complain about the bot, and I know exactly why. They know that by having a bot, then there’s no chance that I will add a new mod. More specifically, I don’t add them as a mod.

And that’s just selfish. The sole purpose of being a mod is to protect the chat. If the bot is going to do that, and you hate on it, then that means you never wanted to keep the chat safe in the first place; you just wanted a superior position.

So please. No complaints. It will keep the chat safe, as all of you have been wishing. I’m not quite sure about the reason behind those wishes, but I sure hope it wasn’t because you were hinting at me to make you mod.

And make sure to thank Pink when you see her, she’s the one with the awesome pink icon with the Santa hat on it c:

3. Sticky Notes

I’ve mentioned this in the Weekly Announcements already, and you’ve probably noticed yourself too. I’ve discovered a new feature of wordpress that allows me to make these pretty little boxes of different colors, that I like to call sticky notes.

I’ve made it so different colors mean different things, to make the blog easier to read and more appealing. Here’s the guide!

Blue sticky notes are for links

Yellow sticky notes are for small notes and tips

Green sticky notes are for added updates

Red sticky notes are for really important stuff that you should read

The All Fantage Item List pages uses all 4 of these, so you can see them as examples.

You can use them if you want, I don’t own them, but please don’t ask how I did it. For one, it’s very complicated and requires a bit of HTML coding in the Text editor, which I don’t quite have time for to explain. And two, if everyone had this, it won’t be unique anymore!

This is another reason why you should experiment for yourself on WordPress; you learn cool new things about it that nobody uses! So start experimenting, there are so many things that so many people don’t know about on WordPress!

That’s all the announcements I can think of for now, if I have any more, I’ll add it on a handy-dandy green sticky note!

Comments on: "A Few Announcements" (36)

  1. limegreenpandas said:

    How did u make it snow on the blog?



  2. Layla Sahoobah said:

    ok if u want everyone to like it do something good like surprising like who has the most votes in vintage gold try to give them a prize that has the most votes and fantage will be the best game EVER and give non members a good prize too cause im a member plz message BACK IM UR BIGGEST FAN

    On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 7:10 PM, “ƒαɳƚαɠҽνιℓℓҽ”


  3. Monica1611 said:

    First comment?


  4. SunandRain3 said:

    *First announcement comments: That’s really disappointing. Though, you really are correct about vg, Lady fantage was, too. I’m really sorry it didn’t work out, i’d imagine you worked hard on it! *Second announcement: I don’t care WHO or WHAT monitors the XAT box if they keep it safe. The only interjection i’d say is if you were getting rid of other mods, which you aren’t, because they were so faithful and they spent a lot of time trying their best. The only reason i was interested in mod position, was to keep the chat safe. I don’t care if I’m not mod as long as the position is fulfilled, and I respect how much it means to you. (:<

    ~ Sun


  5. Monica1611 said:

    I liked the “Vote For” page. Too bad you deleted it. Besides, it hasn’t even been a week.


  6. No wonder…I was looking in the pages some time ago and was wondering where the “Vote For” page was! XD I guess your right about Fantage taking our votes, it’s probably just a business method so that we all see that our opinion “matters”. On the XAT Bot news, I’ve never used the XAT before, but the Bot idea seems like it would really help monitor the chat! Does it just monitor things like cuss words? If so, I think the major problems are things like users giving away passwords to pages like the Ville Bills, etc. And one last thing: When is the Fantageville Awards going to be announcing winners/letting users vote? I’ve asked this a few times already, and I’m really sorry if I’m bothering you guys! X3 I just really want to see the entries!


    • I have no idea how the bot will work, I’m a complete novice at XAT stuff, I just discovered what “days” were yesterday haha
      Angela already has the post ready, I dunno why she isn’t releasing it, she said she would do it “soon”. Maybe she’s really busy with schoolwork, finals are nearing…


      • Schoolwork always seems to add up during the last few weeks of the semester. Just the other day my Science Fair Project was due, today my Social Studies, and tomorrow a nine-paragraph essay on the Body Systems! >_<"


  7. ~αѕнℓα30~ said:

    I know! Pink is really nice, I’m really glad i met her! Hope you can set up the bot soon…CAN’T WAIT!<3ashla


    • ~αѕнℓα30~ said:

      btw, pink changed her username…


    • ~αѕнℓα30~ said:

      Some people MIGHT say that pink was doing it so she could earn mod status…THAT IS INCORRECT! Pink is a very kind person who gave away her days and xats to others and is very generous to get this awesome chat a bot!


  8. The bot is a very good idea (: but I just want to clear this up: when you break the rules, does it ban you, or just, kinda, record what you do?


  9. Homura Akemi said:

    Pink gave me 3 days, which i’m so glad. I remember having a bot on Ville, but it got terminated by the bot site.


  10. lily102003 said:

    Thank you so much Princess_Moomoo! My friend said if BB came to Vintage Gold she was going to take a two week break maybe even a month break! Because she traded her good stuff for it. 🙂


  11. lily102003 said:

    Oh, and I think the bot is a great idea!


  12. SunandRain3 said:

    How can people say Pink only did this for mod status? She was obviously doing a really kind gesture! (: And, wouldn’t recommending the bot make her less likely to be a mod? I’m pretty sure Pink was just being super generous.


  13. ℓιмєα∂є said:



  14. I used to bring my bot, Alice, to the chat, but it had no mod status or anything so it really could only entertain the guests and it couldn’t protect anything.

    But, I do know some things about bots, so you can just ask me if you want some help with things.

    (PS, is Pink planning to give you the xats and bot power to be able to assign it to the chat? If not, then Pink would need to know the password to the chat if she were to set it up herself. Which, I may be acting paranoid, if she’s planning to do it herself she could hack the chat. But if she gives you the xats and power to set it up herself, there’s nothing to worry about.)


  15. I used to use stickynotes too… They looked similar (the font and all) but I don’t think we do it the say way lol d:


  16. Princess Moomoo the Ville Bot is cussing on the chat i have proof:


    And he said that Fantage cheats lol


  17. ℓιℓу102003 said:

    Thank you, Princess_Moomoo, and Pink for putting the bot on the Chat box! 🙂
    I think people are only mean to the bot because they wanted to be moderators.


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