❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Ville Bills

I’m happy to announce that the Ville Bills have RETURNED!

I didn’t have much work today, so I decided to just get started on remaking them. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, because luckily, I keep a Google Doc keeping track of where all of them are, with the links and precise location and everything. I’m glad I decided to be so organized :3

All 3 Ville Bill pages are back up, with their new passwords. These passwords are completely random and are not necessarily related to the previous ones.

For those of you who found the Ville Bills honestly before they were suspended (they were suspended because someone gave them all away on XAT), this will be easy as pie for you. Well, if you were smart and organized, that is:

All of the Ville Bills are hidden in the EXACT same locations as before, same color and everything. The only difference is the letters on them, since I had to make a new password. If you recorded the locations from last time, then you just have to go back and get the new letters. This way, only the honest people will be able to get the page easily. Any cheaters from last time who didn’t work to find the password will have nothing to start with, which is my exact intention.

I have double checked all of the letters and locations, there are no mistakes.

Another note: I added a small update to the main Ville Bills page about the word unscrambler, you should go see that, it will be very helpful.

Last, a small gift to the people who are following this blog, here is a hint to the location of a Ville Bill:


Followers, just check the email that you used to follow us with and find the email from WordPress (you receive these each time we post something). There will be the unedited version of this post in it, with the hint above not removed. The email will look something like this:


Any complaints in the comments about supposedly following us and not receiving the email will be deleted. I don’t have time to figure out whether you followed us or not and to send you the password manually.

For those of you who didn’t follow us before this was posted, you won’t be able to see the hint. Follow us so you won’t miss out next time!


Comments on: "Ville Bills" (32)

  1. Looking right now >.<


    • Wait, the ones on the trade and sell pages are now on the vintage pages right?
      Also, the yellow ville bill page is not showing up…


      • Ohhh yeah, I forgot to change it from private to password protected.
        The TnS pages got changed into Vintage pages before the VB pages were suspended, so nothing is affected there.


  2. I found the password for the red ville bills last time and i screen shotted the prize. Also, i have the pictures of the last villes bills that I found. Do I still have to find them again? I didn’t write down the locations.


  3. Are the words you removed the password, or a clue to where one of the Vile Bills is?


  4. Yay! Found them all 😀


  5. Ahhh, One more red…3 more orange, and 1 more yellow >.<


  6. What are Ville bills? When I first followed this website u were talking about someone spilling the beans about some password in xat.


  7. Hey moomoo before the whole thing with someone telling the passwords I had found the pass for the red page… so do I need to find it again or…


  8. Jeniah Maitland said:

    Hello Fantage ville , Unfortunately I am upset because I have found all 13 Ville Bille’s and when I enter them into the word scrambler website It does give me results but when I enter those results into the Password protector page It doesn’t work. I attached a screenshot of the words and everything I did. P.s I am trying to attempt to get into the Orange Ville Bille’s . Please if you can help me with this problem it would be great because I really want to see inside the password protector page. Thanks ~Niah


    • Did you check the update I added to the Ville Bill page about the maximum length setting on the word unscrambler? That might be it.
      If not, then you could have confused a red VB with an orange one.


  9. Are the prizes the same? 😀


  10. i found one with the letter *Hidden* (if it is needed edit that part out) once i find all of them do i just put the letters together? its really confusing to me, so please reply casey or moomoo!


  11. fantage freak said:

    hay princess moo moo may i ask how did u make ur blog


  12. You know, two out of three of the member accounts have lost their membership. The ones on the yellow ville bill page. daniela34346 and coolcat4ever2 are not member anymore.


  13. When you replaced the red villebill on the sidebar to the about us page, I clicked on the link (i was re-finding the ville bills) and it lead me to the XAT page? Is that a mistake or….?


  14. I found all the orange and red ville bills today! 😀
    Awesome prizes! Thanks Moomoo


  15. ッMEOWIッ said:

    I stopped looking at this blog because Ville Bills were gone. Now Im too busy to do it at all.


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