❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Complications and Pumpkins

Hm, let’s start with pumpkins. Part 2 of the Autumn Festival event has been released, and you can go to Pet Town and choose your very own pumpkin to carve during the Halloween event!

First, go to Pet Town


There will be 6 pumpkins to choose from in the Pumpkin Patch. They are constantly changing between orange, blue, white, and gold.


All pumpkins come with a free prize for mems and nons. The golden pumpkin is for mems only.


Don’t like your pumpkin? Don’t like your prize? Just click on a new one to exchange it, and click YES. Remember though, that you can only have one prize, your prize will be exchanged too.



Now for complications. Complications due to Trade n Sell closing, to be exact.

1. Our Item Lists

Our item lists, including the All Rares List, All FGC List, and All Items List. Is there even any point of having them if Trade n Sell is closing and trading will no longer exist??

The purpose of the lists was to see what an item looks like when a person offers it to you by name, but you didn’t know what it looked like. If there’s no more trading, will people even call items by their names anymore?

I guess this depends on how Vintage Gold is run. I sincerely hope all those hours I spent making those lists weren’t a complete waste of time…

2. Art Requests

The most common form of payment that people use when buying my art on the Art Sales page is by giving Fantage items. This won’t work if trading no longer exists.

The only solution I can think of is for the people in the waiting list to send me their payment in advance before Trade n Sell closes on November 7th. This means you will have to take a small risk, because something could happen that prevents me from drawing your art request, like my tablet breaking, my computer not working, me having no time at all whatsoever, etc.

If you are in the waiting list and you are unwilling to take this risk by giving me your item or ecoin payment before November 7th, then the only payment left is Gift Cards (Amazon, iTunes, UGC).

If you don’t want to take the risk of paying me ahead of time NOR do you have gift cards, then you won’t be able to buy an art request at all.

I will be emailing all of you that are in the waiting list of whether you would like to pay me ahead of time or not.

There will be positive changes to this blog too though, not just bad things!

1. Pages

The following pages will be removed if trading no longer exists. This is actually a good thing because some of them have SO many comments, it makes the page really slow and messy.

This will mean getting rid of the 2 pages that gets the most comments, the Scammers page, and the Trade Your Stuff page. Lots of clutter will be removed!

2. Posting Accounts

No more trading means I can safely post member account publicly for all of you to use, especially to those that have never been on one before!

On second thought, I will probably not make it visible to everyone, I will have a Ville Bill page with all the member accounts I have, which is around 4 or so. Exciting!

Comments on: "Complications and Pumpkins" (18)

  1. Blue? I think you meant green 🙂


  2. l think you spelt rist instead of risk?


  3. izzybee152 said:

    Hey. I sent you them email with my offer. I’m not sure if you saw it so yeah.


  4. Have you read my other comment?


  5. jadeallstar said:

    I think you should keep All Items,All FGC, AND All Rares lists because what if Fantage decides to change Vintage Gold in the future? And what if Fantage decides to put Trade N Sell some where else? Except it would be renamed? And you can only trade once and not double trading? And there’s only a limited amount of ecoins/stars you can sell up to if you’re selling an item? Just keep them just in case….. You don’t want to get rid of all your hard work, do you?


  6. I agree, keep all your work just in case. You never know.
    The only thing Fantage needs to do is end double trading so people can trade the items they want for an item of any amount. They need to put a feature where people confirm they want the trade, then there would be no problem. But getting rid of trading completely is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It makes no sense because a lot of people like trade N Sell and like trading. It’s always so busy at trade n sell, I hope they change their minds.


    • yup, but once it comes out and we DO KNOW, then there will be the deciding, which is up to moomoo. 😀 I’m excited. Since I don’t have very great items >:D I will most likely benefit if good items come back. >:D >:D >:D
      pups215 ^~^ <333


  7. O.O WHAT??? I JUST NOTICED YELLOW VILLE BILLS? My Jesus Christ I have been gone so long! This is craziness! Work to do-now.


  8. Sarah Starsplash said:

    Happy Halloween!
    Yeah, I like the idea of Trade N Sell closing because I really want some items that I will actually want to wear. But I feel kinda bad for people who worked hard.


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