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Bingo Rescue

If you are a nonmember and are unable to get rid of the orange ad, scroll to the bottom for help.

I really like this update! Start out by getting a free bingo board at Downtown. This is for nonmember and members, yay!


Then, to begin playing Bingo, click on the bingo icon Bingo1 on the top right corner (next to the Daily Spin)

The 16 squares on the board are goals you have to complete. They all are related to playing games.


If you complete 4 in a row, you get ecoin and gemstone prizes! If you complete all 16, you get a medal (shown at end of this post)


Some general tips:

  • If it tells you to play a certain number of games, don’t try and get a high score. In fact, try and lose on purpose, so it’s faster. You don’t have to win the game for it to count, just make sure that you have more than 0 points.
  • If it tells you to have a minimum amount of points, keep playing until you reach that minimum then lose on purpose after, so you can move on quickly.
  • Losing on purpose does NOT mean clicking on the exit icon; it won’t save your score if you exit!
  • If you’re in the middle of a game and you forgot how many points you need minimum, just look at my screenshot above (is mine the same as yours?)
  • Hover your mouse over the bingo square if you don’t know where the game is, then click on it to go there quickly
  • You need to fill the entire bingo board to win the game, not just 4 in a row. But, if you get 4 in a row, you get ecoin prizes.

Here are some tips for each game. These are tips, not instructions; if you don’t know how to play, just click on the instructions on Fantage.

Bricks Breaking
The wands on the left are used up when you click on 1 single brick (because the minimum to “break” a brick is a group of 2). Use up these wands once you get the minimum of 16,000, then try and lose on purpose. You lose when there are no more groups of 2 to click on at the end.


Mouse Out
You do NOT need to win the game for it to count (thanks Grace5z!) Choose the hard level so you can end the game more quickly.

Word Up
You only need to pass the first level for it to count. After that, just wait until the time runs out, so you can lose on purpose and move on.

Magic Pop
I’ve heard of a cheat where you just move to the corner and hold the spacebar down. This supposedly allows you to win faster.

Wild Racer
Choose your highest level pet to play, they are faster. You do not need to win the game for it to count (thanks Susanღ!)

Bobo Fish
This game is super easy, no cheats here. Once you get 24, crash into a tree stump on purpose to end the game.

Also a very easy game. Try and get perfect alignments, so you get points faster. Once you get 240, miss 3 boxes on purpose to end the game.

Jelly Fishin’
On the first level, just get one good-sized jellyfish, then wait until time runs out. It will count as 1 play as long as you have some points. Make sure not to waste time going on to the next level.

Wild Slinger
You have to win the game for it to count. And wow, for the first time in foreverrrrr (Frozen reference intended), you guys can use my Wild Slinger Cheats! Click here

Wild Brainies
Choose Multiplication II. It will be a 2-digit multiplied by a 1-digit. For the 2 digit number, ignore the first digit; cover it up with your finger if you have to. Then, just multiply the 2 numbers together, like you would a 1-digit times 1-digit. Then, ignore the first digit of the answers as well and find the answer you got. This is confusing, sorry, but it’s basic math. If you chose Multiplication I, it would be very hard to get 60 points.
You can also experiment with the other modes (division, combination, addition, etc.)

Candy Swap
Again, once you get 14,000, lose on purpose by letting the time run out.

Where in the World
You only need to get 1 answer right for it to count. I just did the US, since that’s my country. You can even refer to a map on Google images.
Once you get 1 answer right, lose on purpose by getting it wrong over and over. Again, you only need to get 1 correct answer for it to count as 1 play.

Pearly Pop
I had the MOST difficulty with this one, it’s super hard to get 25,000. Try making it so that you pop the pearls at the top of the screen, so the ones that are attached to it on the bottom fall off with it as well.
Like in the example below, I shot out a yellow pearl that was holding on to a huge group of other random pearls beneath it. Once I shot the yellow pearl, everything that was attached to it fell as well. You can get a lot of points this way.


Bubble Bug
Just catch 2 butterflies, wait until the time runs out, done. It will count as 1 play.

You have to pass the first level for it to count. Once you’re past it, lose the second level on purpose by missing the target on purpose. Just shoot it into the trees.

Again, get to the minimum 3,200 points then end the game. DON’T click on the exit door, click on this lock instead. It will automatically end the game, and it will count as 1 play.
Keep track of which goals you have completed by checking your score board. If there is a blue chip on it, that means you’ve completed it.



Once you have finished all 16 goals, you will get a level 10 medal, for both nonmembers and members.


If you completed it quick enough, you might even get a place on the “Fastest Finishers” list! I wish I realized this at the beginning, because I was blogging and playing at the same time ._.


How to get rid of the “Premium members don’t get ads” pop up (for nonmembers)

For some of you nonmembers, when you try playing a game, after clicking YES, the screen will darken and nothing will happen.


This is because you have AdBlock turned on. To turn it off, click on the icon at the top of the screen and select “Don’t run on pages on this domain”


Now, the Adblock icon will turn green ad3

Try playing a game again (your page will be refreshed), and an ad will show. Keep watching the ad until you see a “skip ad” option, or watch it until the end if none appear. You will be able to play the game once the ad is finished.


I think that the orange “premium members don’t get ads” thing only shows up for nonmembers who have never bought membership, because I am a nonmember and this doesn’t happen to me, whether I have AdBlock on or off.

Thank you to Moonlight Mizuki and everyone else who was talking about it on XAT for your help!


I was REALLY surprised that we were able to earn 1,800 ecoins and 6 moonstone gems total. Well, something weird is going on with Orion’s Rare Finds, all the rarity levels have shot up, and the old super-rare items are gone (e.g. PB Hat). But that’s a separate story.

The only bad thing about it is the nonmember ad thing. But that really doesn’t have anything to do with this event, because those ads were there for half a year now (estimating here). I think Fantage just complete forgot about it, I doubt they meant those ads to hinder nonmembers when completing the bingo board. So because of this one annoying fault…


About these ads

Comments on: "Bingo Rescue" (174)

  1. All the bingo boards are the same fortunately. :D I checked on my own account and another newbie just to be sure.

  2. I can’t play it because I am a non and every time I click a game I get the ad to me a member. Do you know how to get rid of it?

  3. Is the Wild Racer and Wild Brainies games single player or multiplayer?

  4. Ads ads ads .Premium Members don’t get ads.buy your membership today. Omg whyyy

  5. i saw you on fantage and i just wanted to say hi!

  6. You don’t need to win all the games for Wild Racer.

  7. WAAAAAAAA fantage is stupid i contacted them twice

  8. jemmie12345 said:

    You don’t need to win all of them in Wild Racing.

  9. ok moomoo i got it. This works for some people though and it didn’t work for me on chrome but it did on google. Click the game you want and RIGHT away a video should pop up. It works for some people. It didnt work on chrome for me but it did for my friend. ~ hamstersrule01 n smith883

  10. I’ve bought premium membership many times before but the ad keeps popping up :/

    • That’s strange…
      Ooh, maybe it’s because before the Ad Mode button disappeared, some of us had ads off, while some of us on.
      The people that had it off can’t see a video because they turned it off, but the people that had it on are okay?
      Not sure. Fantage should really fix this.

  11. I think you actually have to watch the ad… I have Ad Block Plus for Chrome, and Firefox basically blocks ads already. I think, some of you people out there who use Google Chrome (and have Ad Block Plus) should disable Ad Block and just watch the video (do something else during that time). If the video doesn’t load,or the ” Close Ad ” button doesn’t turn green, then just refresh your page. If you are using Firefox, and you have Chrome, use Chrome if you can. If you can’t use/don’t have Chrome then I’m sorry I do not know how to help D.:

    • I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Adblock, but it’s worth a try. My account still works whether I have adblock on or off.
      I think the only people that get these ads are people that have never bought membership before? Or people that disabled ads back when the Ad mode button was still there.

  12. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Hmmmm.. I did it this afternoon and I have NEVER bought membership.. Maybe it is just your computer?

  13. On mine it has the skip add choice and im not a member o-o

  14. im a non and the game loads for me you just have to watch video then click skip ad

  15. im a no the game loads for me you just have to watch a video then click skip

  16. Bellosnowy said:

    Gah! Pearly pop is way too hard. Why can’t the score be 10000?

  17. It sucks. Every time I try to play a game 3 times in a row. The ad thing DOES NOT pop out on the 3rd time so I’m stuck with that dim lighted page. I’ve logged IN and OUT of Fantage over 50 times. Fantage’s plan on making more money backfired.

  18. Guys, the ads don’t turn off because the companies probably pay Fantage to feature them, but it is very annoying, I know myself because I’m a nonmember.

    • Yeah, its a double-purpose way. The companies pay them for letting Fantage advertise, then Fantage makes you want to buy a membership, so they’re getting alot of money…

  19. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Is it just moi or did ,like 10 pages disappear?

  20. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Oh btw, we figured out on XAT that Adblock may be the problem.. I know you have it :D

  21. I don’t know how to turn them off either but tried, I couldn’t play while using chrome but I could using Internet Explorer.
    Just wanted to give you some info ;)

  22. you don’t have to win mouse out
    i lost all the time but it still counted

  23. If you’ve changed your ad settings before, when it was still in the user settings thing, you can re-use the link they give you in the email. once, i changed my ad settings, and i got annoyed at the ads today, so i used the link from the other time and now all my ads are gone. idk, i think it only works if you’ve turned off/on ads before the thing was taken away. >.<

  24. Can you only finish the board once? Or do you get a new one everyday? Thanks!

  25. ‘In the first time in foreverrrr’ ? I thought is was ‘For the first time in foreverrrr’

    But the movie was still awesome, especially ‘Let it Go’ C:

  26. Oh and when it says ‘Premium Members get a free chip!’ under the question mark map thing, what does that mean?

  27. Bellosnowy said:

    I know a way how to get the orange pop up away. First you press tab and when the yellow square/rectangle is on yes you press enter a few times fast. Well that worked for me. :D

  28. Bellosnowy said:

    Can’t pass pearly pop! Grrrr. D:

  29. Bellosnowy said:

    I got 2 bingos! I have a few chips on the last 2.

  30. Hi MooMoo!

    It seems that the game keeps count of how many games you’ve played. For example, if you played Wild Racer twice, logged out then logged back in and played it 3 more times, you would get the eCoin prize.

    ~ Lacey1326

  31. I bought membership before but the ad still shows for me.

  32. Dear ๖̶̶ۣ۪ۜ۫๖ۣۜζ͜͡Moo๖͜͡Moo,

    I am 36th now as of 10:00am GMT. I am so happy! I don’t know how, but if you now check the rare list at Orion’s Hut, there is ALOT of moonstone items. Blocking away PB, eh?

  33. jemmie12345 said:

    When there’s no ad and I just have a black screen, I usually just wait for the ‘ad time’ and it still lets me get past it.

  34. Ok this is real confusing but when i watched the ad and then clicked on ‘close ad’ the screen went blank and nothing happened. I tried reloading the page a couple of times and logging in again but it still wont work, so i cant play ANY games. x( i dont have Adblock though , do i need it?

  35. I can’t wait to see what the prizes is if u do all 16!

  36. MooMoo, I just realized that maybe Fantage lets you have 1,800 eCoins if you finish the Bingo game so nonmembers can buy spins for the Lucky Bot! I saw on Fantage’s blog that people were saying it should be Stars and not eCoins or that Fantage should give nons eCoins, so maybe they tried doing that in this event!

  37. Thank you soo much! I’d spent an hour playing Wild Brainies Addition I and I never finished it. But then I saw your name on the highscores list and I came here! I finished the Wild Brainies thing on the first try! I can’t believe the medal gives you 10 levels…

  38. can’t pass 53 in wild brainies

  39. Ugh, I can’t pass the third level on Pearly Pop and that task is my last bingo square -.- Why did they make a score of 25,000?! why not 20,000? I guess I will take forever to finish…=(

  40. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:


  41. Do you have any tips on getting past a score of 58 on Wild Brainies?

  42. You don’t have to win at the Wild Slinger game. I know this by horrible game play experience. xD

  43. Blurasxbery said:

    Mine wasn’t the same as your bingo board O.o I didn’t have the candy swap one, it just said FREE on it.

  44. maybe the advertisements make you do it slower, so non-members will never get into the leaderboard for being the fastest.

  45. Blurasxbery said:

    Oh whoops, I read the other comments and that’s what the ” members get a free chip! ” means Dx

  46. Wait, PBH has been taken off? Again?

  47. ❅ Elsa ❅ said:

    Yay! Just finished everything in… *gasp* 16 hours & 11 minutes (lol, had to sleep ya know) xP

  48. ❅ Elsa ❅ said:

    Oh, and for people having problems doing the “Wild Brainies” thing, do the Addition II and try to answer at least 11 questions correctly to get 60 points :D

  49. How do I turn off the ad thing then if the orange bar doesn’t pop up for me? The ads are annoying me.

  50. I agree the ad is REALLY annoying.

  51. Another thing: I completed a few rows but then I checked and it never gave me my ecoins… do I just need to refresh?

  52. Awesome Poop said:

    can people show what they got in the gem combos? for the 3 heart gems thingy??? :)

  53. Im sad now. I never see princess moo moo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((


  55. YOU know this person from another blog is jealous of your blog. >o<
    that was soo weird. :)

  56. Wait, you said we can get 1,800 ecoins and 6 moonstones, does that mean we can play the whole bingo board twice and still get the ecoins and gems??

  57. For the past few days when I’ve tried to get rare items, all I got was boards. I wonder if this has anything to do with the weird stuff going on with the rares right now? OnO

  58. cat ears became an otherworldly item??? o oi

  59. I am so close to finishing the bingo board, just need to get 25,000 points in Pearly Pop! But I tried like 4 or 5 times, and I can’t get pass the third round/level. Maybe MooMoo or Angela could log in my account and only do that? I trust you guys, just only play Pearly Pop for me, nothing else! I could email you my username and pass. I understand if you’re busy and you can’t. But if you can, that would be great! Do I have to pay for it, though?

  60. Bellosnowy said:

    Because do the bingo and me saving up ecoins, I got the pet Sparkli! I bought the 20 minute code. :)

  61. I tried to play wild brainies and get 60 points and I still couldn’t do it.

  62. Ugh! I can’t get 25,000 on pearly pop!!!

  63. I cant do this event bc my ads still wont go away so i cant play any game in fantage. :’( This is like the first event i havn’t participated in.

  64. They changed the board so that pearly pop and wild brainies are easier.
    pearly pop is now 20,000 points
    wild brainies is now 45 points

  65. I played Wild Slinger 1 time and lost, but finished the challenge on the bingo board. Is this a glitch?

  66. Moomoo, UPDATE! It might not be this for everybody, but now, for Wild Brainies it’s “Get a score of 45″ instead of 60!

  67. They make money off of all the ads from people playing games.

  68. superstargirl1 said:

    they lowered the pearlypop to 20,000 but i keep getting 18,000 its too hard and i rlly wanted to do it ): Plz help!

  69. I got to do the bingo twice… I’m not sure if this is some kind of mixup but it’s great!

  70. butterscotchsnow said:

    Dear Princessmoomoo and Angela,
    I’m doing this event for this camp half blood blog on blogger and i’m planning to do a mini scavenger hunt thingy on different blogs/links and i was wondering if i could use your blog in it? Like it will just be like a hint comment nothing serious. If you say no that’s fine i was just wondering…..

  71. Really? If you got membership no ads??? Well I payed membership and I still get these ANNOYING ADS!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDX

    • Blue Berry said:

      I payed membership, too. And those annoying ads were gone when I am playing those games… Oh well… I don’t know why that happened to you.. O.O

  72. WordPress account’s name: Blue Berry Google account’s name: Candy Shy

  73. bellosnowy said:

    It’s spring break! Yay! Do u have your break right now?

  74. Tiny_hands said:

    Well at the bottom right corner it has like a puzzle like thing and if you finish the whole board it becomes clear what the picture is. Now my question is, is that like a prize and is it only for members?

  75. About the adblock thing, sometimes the game loads to 99%, and it just stops there, is it because of adblock? Also, I found a solution to that! You press the tab button until you have a yellow box on the exit door and press enter. You then will exit the building. That way, you don’t need to log off and log in again. :) Hope that helps!!

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