❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Fantageville FlipBoard

This new, bonus feature of Fantageville can be used by anyone that has a smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc) or tablet. If you don’t have any of those, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on any information. It’s just for fun!

What is Flipboard?

I discovered this app when I was away on vacation last week.

Flipboard is a free app that allows you to “flip” through hundreds of magazines with a variety of topics in its library. Some of the default topics that you can subscribe to and read on the Flipboard home page include News, Sports, Style, Music, Travel, Celebrity.

Not only that, you can also create your own magazine by putting together a bunch of links, pictures, and/or videos. Other users can share your magazine and subscribe to it, so whenever you add another article, they will be the first to know.

Ok, so you made a Flipboard account for Fantageville?

Yes! I have already set it all up in advance before announcing. Casey and I are the admin of Fantageville’s Flipboard, and I have already added several “articles” to it.

The articles I added can all be found on the blog, so like I said, you aren’t missing any info.

How can I subscribe to Fantageville’s flipboard on my smart phone then?

1. Download the free Flipboard app. You can just look in your phone’s app store, or use the links below.

For iPhone: flpbd.it/email_iphone

For Android Phones: flpbd.it/email_android

For iPad: flpbd.it/email_ipad

For Kindle Fire: flpbd.it/email_kindle

For NOOK:  flpbd.it/email_nook

2. Create an account (follow the extremely simple directions)

3. Click on the red ribbon at the top right hand corner of the screen, on Flipboard’s home page


4. Type “fantageville” into the search box.


5. Click on our magazine


6. Click on the ribbon that is outlined in white at the top of the screen to subscribe to Fantageville!


7. Now, whenever we post something new into the magazine, the cover will be updated on your Flipboard home screen.

Can I do this on a desktop computer or laptop?

Sadly, I don’t think so. However, the weekly announcements page is practically the same, we post updates on the magazine mostly.

I’m a blog owner. Can I use Flipboard too and make my blog a magazine?

We don’t own Flipboard, so nobody can stop you from making one. However, please don’t ask how we did it.

It would also be nice if you credited us, because we did give you the idea after all. Thanks!


Comments on: "Fantageville FlipBoard" (9)

  1. If we decide to make one for our blog, would it be something that we have to update constantly to match our blog’s content? Or does it sync the posts/items by itself?


  2. Blurasxbery said:

    Cool! I might download the app on my Ipad ( I’m commenting on this with my ipad )


  3. Theresaisawesome said:

    I just download it first comment yay lol


  4. Theresaisawesome said:

    Oh and I subscribed fantageville.


  5. btw..i saw your video thing on fantage 😛 i dnt think that Romeo and Juliet is copyrighted..rather, i think its in public domain.


  6. Briboobear said:

    Princess_Moomoo I saw your awesome video at the theatre it was so funny and very interesting ^-^ and the theater was full lol! 😀


  7. Briboobear said:

    Princess_Moomoo I saw your video in the theater and it was so interesting and quite funny 😀 I LOVED IT!


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