❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Fantage had a contest a while ago that ended on July 1. You had to send in your own movie using the backgrounds provided in Zack’s new theater. Click here for the post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Well, the winners were just announced today in the afternoon, and it looks like I made it…! Thank you to everyone for all the support, encouragement, and comments ❤


If you want to watch the winning movies, just head on over to Zack’s theater, which is right next to Fantage school, and go inside the Screening Room.


Choose which videos you want to watch by clicking on the blue tabs at the top. Click on the right arrow to scroll right.


You can hide these tabs by clicking on the Hide UI box at the bottom left corner of the screen.


Congratulations to the rest of the 19 winners!

2. 123sea4

3. pinky1712

4. pinkypopstar

5. iamjohntravolta

6. crazydaisy111

7. chloeheartz1

8. kevin4828

9. mr_information

10. meowryanmeow

11. queenbee_

12. crystalrocksya

13. heyitskyliet

14. meggi5

15. sammy05

16. pizzasister

17. lili7254

18. diamondloop

19. neomeo

20. princesscynder

The top 5 will have received 2,000 ecoins and a level 10 medal! All 20 winners will receive a little accessory.


Oh, and if you want to watch the full version of my movie, “A Twist of Shakespeare”, then visit the link below! The only difference is music, since it wasn’t allowed for the contest (it was considered copyrighted material)


Comments on: "Featured Video Contest Winners!" (28)

  1. happy4423 said:

    Congratulations Princess :D!


  2. Candyo3otwins said:



  3. Congrats! 🙂


  4. Congratz i luved ur video it was amazing


  5. Blurasxbery said:

    Congrats! I knew you would make it 🙂 Sadly I didn’t, but oh well


  6. WOOHOO *High Fives* U R AWESOME


  7. Patrick Star said:

    Congrats! Btw, i can’t believe pinkstardust called you nothing! She’s just being all rude and hateful because everyone adores her and she rates herself above others! YOU HAVE ALOT OF TALENT!!! 🙂


  8. Congratz girlfriend!!!! Urs was my favorite!


  9. ღ αѕнℓуηη тяαννєя ღ said:

    OMG congratulations! I can’t believe you won first place that’s amazing 😀


  10. Congrats! Your video was really good you deserve to win.


  11. How do you do the ‘Click here’ thing??


  12. lunaravenue said:

    Congratulations on winning!


  13. Congratulations… You must have spent a long time on the video. Congrats!!!


  14. Anonymous said:

    Omg congratulations!! Ive watched your video and i thought it was clever and had some creative ideas 🙂


  15. Congratz Princess Moo Moo! I totally knew that you’ll make it ;D


  16. congratz!!!!!!!!


  17. Anjoo :3 said:

    Congratulations! Your video seemed extremely well animated and thought out , you definitely deserved to win. Well done 😉


  18. Just wanted to congratulate you on your win! (:
    Very well deserved!
    Keep up the great work!~


  19. Anna653472 said:

    Congrat!!! Your Video is Great! Why is Pinkdumbdust sooo mean? SHE is nothing! 😛


  20. Chole785chole785 said:

    OMG! I just found out, like, 5 minutes ago… XD. I was like, Omg! Princess MooMoo! I know her!!! Yayz! I’m soo happy for you!


  21. Theresaisawesome said:

    Congrat! You made a wonderful video . 😀


  22. chinchilla81 said:

    Congrats! I watched ur vid, it was so awesome! 😀 I love it how pinkstardust called u nothing but u won… can u say payback? 😛


  23. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! YAY MOOMOO!!!!! (: THAT. WAS. A. HUGE. ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!! And Whoa. You beat Queenbee_! I guess even though u r a high level and have lots of clothes doesn’t mean that you are EXTREMLY TALENTED LIKE YOU!!


  24. candiheart1 said:

    Congrats! You Really Deserve It Princess_moomoo! I Watched Your Video And Its Amazing And So Funny!


  25. nice. I saw ur video. I was hoping you would win. 😀


  26. Pinkstardust is always mean


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