❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Revamping the Blog!

I will be revamping the blog this month, so everything will be in tip-top shape, and my viewers will be able to find things easier!

Here are some of the plans:

  • Adding brand new, fresh accounts to BOTH the Free Accounts page and Members/Rare Accounts page
  • Cleaning up the sidebar so it looks neater
  • Adding some pages to help you guys
  • And informational post/page about trading, because I know it is SO confusing
  • Putting MORE hints all over the blog to help you find the password to the Members/Rares page!
  • And more!

I will be making a post when the blog has been fully revamped.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to view this blog obviously! I’m just telling you the new AWESOMENESS that will be on this blog within a month!


Comments on: "Revamping the Blog!" (9)

  1. princessjillana said:



  2. Omg awesome!


  3. princessjillana said:

    That’s good news


  4. Can you email the people who can get the password for the member/rares again?
    It is not working ._.


  5. wow it will be kool!
    thnkx princess moomoo
    we all luv u and casey cow ur awesome
    i luv fantageville it rockz!!


  6. Moomoo the xat Inappropiate button doesnt work cuz the I appropiate button send message to xAat staff while the message button sends message to you. Thanks!


  7. aaliyah132 said:

    hmmm where did the chat box go cuz i dont see it (not the xat one)


  8. hai can you do another contest for the password pwease? thats what all u need to make ur site bettah (:


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