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XAT Poser

Poser made a new account, but thankfully, nobody seems to believe her anymore, good job guys

I usually don’t post about XAT, but there has been some–*tries not to use bad words*–arrogant fool posing as me lately, claiming that there have been “new rules.” I was shocked that some people actually believed her. Because one, if there were new rules, wouldn’t I post about it?? And two, this scroll message that I added:


This is what she has been saying. Thank you so much, pandiithepanda, for these screenshots


✦ XAT Search ✦

Last updated by MooMoo on 8/16/13: added ‘Also, if someone reports to you…’

This link is EXTREMELY useful to XAT owners who want to catch people saying bad things on their chat:


You can type any word or phrase into that search box. If ANYONE from ANY chat box said that word/phrase, it will show up in the search results!

Also, if someone reports to you that there was a cusser, you can verify that by searching it on the site.

Note that Private Chats, Private Messages, and Member Only chats are not searchable.

Have fun!