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Cupcake Conundrum

Princess_MooMoo is done updating

Limited Item Cart

They have some pretty awesome-looking items this time! Remember, all Members get discounts on the 3 items on the bottom.



Valentine’s Day Event

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Here’s a tip! Before you buy anything, check Trade n Sell to see if there are any cheaper prices!


You can also buy “Love Potion Items” that do nothing useful other than making you look like you had 10 pounds of sugar for breakfast. Don’t waste your money on these, it’s completely pointless.


ALSO! Peabody was selling the cupid bow and arrow!!! Dx


I was actually on at the time, but I thought it was just talking about the previous selling… I hope it comes back… Ugh why do they always do that, now those once-precious items are worth less!!

Love Potions

Remember the Summer Finale event in 2012 where you had to wear costumes to make lemonade, only to make yourself sparkly and stuff? This is even more pointless.

You just click on these potions lying on the ground while wearing the Love Potion costumes for a “special” effect.

The potions are easy to find, don’t worry. They are lined up neatly on the ground at Uptown, Downtown, and at the Beach.


You must be wearing the costume in order for it to work. Here’s what the blue effect looks like:


How to earn candy hearts


To give a heart to someone (I was confused at first too) click on the heart icon once, so it is glowing red


Then click on anyone, they do NOT have to be added on your buddy list!

Remember that each time you give one away, you lose one! Give it to 10 people and nonmembers get this prize:


All the prizes are on sale, including the member ones. Just click on this cart at Uptown/Downtown.



A prize might also be 100 stars.

Whenever someone gives you a heart, you earn one! A cheat would be to keep on giving hearts to your friend, then have them give it back, so you can give away 10 easily in no time.

Mini Games

You can buy a booster at Downtown and Uptown to help you in the game

mini game boosters sign

mini game boosters

The arrow reminds me of the limited gold one from a previous Valentines event…

I think Fantage is trying to recreate items as good as before, but sorry it’s not working out too well Fantage…

If you click this guy in Uptown or Downtown, you can watch the Event Movie, play Candy Sorting and Valentine’s Rush.

games guy

games guy stuff

Candy Sorting

It’s quite simple actually.

candy sorting instrucitons

candy sorting game

At the end, you get stars, 100 at the most.

Valentines Rush

Easy too. Just shoot the symbols such as hearts and chocolate above the characters and match them. Oh, and avoid bad guys.

valentines rush instructions

valentines rush game

You also get stars at the end of this game.

Where are the chocolates?

~Other bloggers, you better not copy me, or Cupid isn’t gonna be the only person shooting you in the butt =.=~

If you don’t see any candy, that’s because you haven’t clicked on Michelle yet. She’s at Uptown!


The candy will just be floating around in random places, here are a couple examples:


Here are all the locations!

1. Carnival (under Putt Putt Revolution)

2. Mt. Fantage (right of helicopter)

3. Oasis (on the dark mountains in the background, right of the card shop)

4. Lighthouse (far right)

5. Beach (under The Palm dance club)

6. Beach (on the beach ball, under Sun Block)

7. Castle Bridge (left)

8. Castle Bridge (right)

9. Castle Entrance (above Mouse out)

10. Wizard’s Domain (between Staries and Bullseye)

11. Forest (in front of Lucky Bob’s)

12. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

13. Uptown (between Trade n Sell Shop and ID Fone Shop)

14. Uptown (outside Hall of Fame)

15. Dock (in front of Star Cafe in the background)

16. Downtown (under Stellar Salon)

17. Downtown (left of Limited Item Cart)

18. Pet Town (on roof of Pet Shop)

19. Carnival (under Arcade)

20. Oasis (left of airplane)

Once you find all 10, you can get a prize. All the prizes are listed on this cart (you can buy them, but it’s not really worth it, since you just have to do the scavenger hunt over and over again):



The original prize was this, before they made changes to the event. I’m pretty sure it’s still a prize:



Yes, there is a wonderful stamp book. And here it is.

stamp book

You will receive a medal when you get all the stamps.

vday medal