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Tickets & Prizes

You can earn tickets from playing games! (Click here for the games guide)

You will also earn a stamp! (Click here for the Stampbook guide)

Once you think you have enough tickets, go to the Carnival and click on the Prize Booth

So far, there are only 2 prizes that Non-Members can trade in…

… However, there will be 3 more coming on March 22, so stock up! *I will post a pic when it comes!

Spring into Fantage Mini-Games

Playing these games will unlock stamps on your Stampbook! (Click here for the Stampbook guide)

First, go to Uptown/Downtown, click on Gizmo, and choose one of the games.


Same thing as Doodle Jump. No clicking required. Move your mouse left/right to move Springy. When landing, avoid:

*While you are in the air flying, touching these will not harm you

Try your best to land on the springs:

As you go higher and higher, the flowers will progress blimps, which then progress to asteroids.


Use the arrow keys to move Springy. Gather the keys…

But avoid the agents (they chase you, so be quick!)

Try and go into the telephone booth; it will freeze the agents momentarily

After you have all the keys, these white flowers on the right edge will fade, so you can walk through and pass the level.


Just try and spot the differences between the 2 images. Sorry, but I cannot create a key on this, because they change every time. If you need help, click on the HINT button! (You can only use this 3 times throughout the entire game)

Playing these games will get you tickets, which you can redeem at the carnival at the prize booth (Click here for the Prizes & Tickets guide)!

Spring into Fantage Stampbook

(Each stamp in the picture is labeled with a number. The corresponding number below explains how you can get that stamp)

#1, 6, 7: Click on Gizmo (Uptown/Downtown), and play the 3 games (Click here for the games guide!)


#2: Go to either the Forest or Fantage School. *You don’t have to actually play the game if you’re in a rush; you can just enter the game then exit

#3: Click on the Limited Items Cart (Uptown/Downtown)

#4: Click on Gizmo (Uptown/Downtown) and watch the first movie


#5: Go to the Carnival and click on the Prize Booth

For the remaining stamps on the right side, come back on March 22 for updates!