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Moonstone Gems!!

(Yes, I will still post once in a while 🙂 )

Guess what? Today, I got these items:

Anyone wanna take a guess for how much I paid for them?

7,200 ecoins (1,800 ecoins per item)

Now, considering how super rare and awesome-looking each of these items are, that was pretty cheap! Just look at the Limited Item cart stuff from this event. A pair of earings cost 1000 ecoins!!! O_O

My point is, if you have 1,800 ecoins, you should definitely spend them on 3 Moonstone gems and use them at Orion’s Rare finds.

1. Go buy 3 Moonstone gems at the Wizard’s Domain. Each Moonstone gem costs 600 ecoins, so 3 costs 1800.


2. Go into Orion’s Rare finds and click on Orion or the Orb


3. Drag your 3 ECOIN Moonstone gems to the orb and click activate. You must have exactly 3 to activate it.

4. You will get an item with a rarity of at least 50.

Can nonmembers do this?

Well of course! I just did! As long as you have enough ecoins, you can do this.

Why can’t I just earn Moonstone gems from games instead of using so many ecoins??

Nonmembers: Only these 4 combos work for nonmembers

So, if you have 3 Moonstone gems from GAMES, it wouldn’t work anyway. That is why you have to use ECOIN gems. Sigh.

Click here for more info (nonmembers)

Members: Yes, you can just earn 3 Moonstone gems from games. Keep in mind that once your membership expires, these items will disappear. Which is why ECOINS are SO MUCH BETTER than membership!!!

♌ Orion’s Rare Finds ♌

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added blue sticky note

Click here for the All Rares list (member and nonmember items)


At Orion’s Rare Finds, there are A LOT of cool items that you can get for free, Premium Member or not. You may have tried in the past to place gems into the orb, Non-Members, and found it was for Members only.THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RIGHT COMBINATION!

Only the following four combos work for Non-Members:

The other 2 super rare gems are of NO USE to Non-Members! So when playing games…


…do NOT try and get the highest score possible, or you’ll get a rare gem, and won’t be able to use it.

To get the gem for each game, you have to score at least this number of points:

  • Staries: 4000 pts
  • Bubble Bug: 7000 pts
  • Candy Swap: 15000 pts


All items are given out randomly! There is NO specific gem combination to get a certain item!


Update (August 4, 2012)

A lot of people have been asking: If nonmembers buy gems with ecoins, will they be able to get premium member rare items?

The answer is YES! If you buy gems with ecoins, you will get a member rare.

HOWEVER: If you use any of the nonmember gem combinations, you will only get a nonmember rare, which is a total waste of ecoins.

Meaning, don’t put your ecoin gems in these combinations, or you will get a nonmember rare!!