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How to Play Wild Derby

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added yellow sticky note

1. Log in to a server with a lot of people, and go to Pet Town. Click on Wild Derby


2. Wait for more people to join (the game needs a lot of people)

3. When the game starts, move under the pet you think will win the race. Try and pick the pet you think is the strongest, newest, most expensive, etc.

Since the holiday pets are the newest, I will walk to Blizzy, #4

4. Just wait and watch the race play out. You don’t have to do anything but hope your pet will win the race. You can do something else for a minute, this game is pretty pointless…

The blue numbered rectangles beneath you will turn yellow if that pet is winning. Just hope that the one you chose is yellow!

5. At the end, you can see what place your pet came in. Yay, Blizzy came in 1st!

This game does NOT help your pet get wins, this is for stars only.

New Pet!

Did you know that Nonmembers can get pets? You can’t buy the egg at the pet store (since they’re all locked), you have to buy a super expensive pet code with ecoins…

Pet Codes

Pet codes are more expensive because you don’t have to wait as long for them to hatch, and they’re the only way nonmembers can get them. Make sure you buy the cheapest one (the 1 hour one). Waiting half an hour less really isn’t worth ecoins. You can buy them at Pet Town or in your Barn!

If you do have ecoins that you are willing to spend, buy a pet! I STRONGLY recommend the Rocki pet () from the Cosmos family, because:

1. It’s the cheapest pet that’s able to walk outside

*The Pebble family cannot be brought outside, so don’t waste your money on them!

2. You get a super awesome BOARD from the Pet-Locked prizes! All the other Cosmos get accessories… I don’t really care for accessories, but that’s just me 😉

Now, for the advantages of getting a pet:

1. You level up immediately after you buy and hatch that pet.

2. You can FINALLY stop ignoring those tempting (maybe not…) pet treats lying all over the place

3. You can level up your Pet Treat Medal, and finally level up faster (REALLY faster)

4. Bonuses in the Fashion Show!

5. Makes you look like a Member (mehehe…)

And now, it’s even easier to get ecoins. I suggest you save up 1,200 ecoins for a Rocki pet!

I’m starting to look like a member… :mrgreen: I bet that if all the members lost their membership right now, I’d look even richer than them… That’s why ecoins are a million times better than membership, they NEVER expire!!! Get ecoins, NOT membership!