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Snowman Showdown

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Much info. So useful.
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New Rares

When they announced that there would be new rares, I figured that it wouldn’t be worth posting about, since this happens all the time. But it turns out that they’ve changed a LOT of things…

Free Gems

Click on this sign at Uptown/Downtown to get all of these gems, for FREE! Members and nonmembers will receive the same amount. Remember that nonmembers can only used coined gems, however.


Kawaii’s a Mermaid

Sorry this post is late!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at Uptown and Downtown, as usual.



Michelle’s Birthday

Item Carts

Limited Items at Downtown and Uptown. Member items only xP

Buy a Pinata Costume at Downtown and Uptown to play the pinata game! Nonmembers can buy the last one, it’s actually really pretty!

Free Gift

Just click on the cake to get your free gift, both members and nonmembers! (Located Downtown and Uptown)

Vote for Michelle’s Gift

This is NOT a waste of stars! Go to Uptown or Downtown and click on the sign.

Right now, the T-Shirt has the most votes, so click VOTE, choose an amount of stars, choose the T-Shirt, then click DONE.

You will receive the winning gift as a prize once the event is over!


Game: Cake Mania

Click on the chef Downtown or Uptown

1. Click on the matching frosting color first. For example, this cake needs chocolate frosting.

2. Add any toppings by dragging them to the right place. In this cake, sprinkles are needed and kiwis are needed on the top.

Some cake toppings can get really fancy, just drag them onto the cake in order. This cake needs pineapple first then kiwi on the top, and pineapple, then kiwi, then strawberry on the side.

3. If you mess up, just click 

4. Once the cake is finished, click 

Pinata Party Room

1. Buy a pinata costume (uptown/downtown)

2. When this button on the left of your screen lights up, the pinata is ready! If it is still grey, try clicking on it to see how much longer you have to wait.

3. Keep on clicking on the pinatas! The exact same as pinatas at house parties.

Help Michelle Find Her Gift

1. Click on Michael (Downtown, front of Le Shop)

2. Click on Bella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

3. Click on the hairbrush (Forest, left of Bubble Bug)

4. Go back to Bella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

5. Click on Gizmo. Lots of people have been asking Where is Gizmo? He is at Downtown, next to the Super Power shop

6. Go to Mt. Fantage and play Boxy, get at least 10 boxes!

7. Return to Gizmo (Downtown, right of Super Power Shop)

8. Click on Stella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

9. Click on Static (Uptown, right of ID Fone Shop)

10. Click on the batteries (Castle Bridge, left)

11. Return to Static (Uptown, right of ID Fone Shop)

12. Click on Kawaii (Beach, front of Sun Block)


11. Click on Orion (Wizard’s Domain, front of Orion’s Rare Finds)

12. Play Staries (Wizard’s Domain) and score at least 300 points

13. Return to Orion (Wizard’s Domain, front of Orion’s Rare Finds)

14. Return to Kawaii (Beach, front of Sun Block)

15. Return to Stella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

16. The prize is 50 stars


Moonstone Gems!!

(Yes, I will still post once in a while 🙂 )

Guess what? Today, I got these items:

Anyone wanna take a guess for how much I paid for them?

7,200 ecoins (1,800 ecoins per item)

Now, considering how super rare and awesome-looking each of these items are, that was pretty cheap! Just look at the Limited Item cart stuff from this event. A pair of earings cost 1000 ecoins!!! O_O

My point is, if you have 1,800 ecoins, you should definitely spend them on 3 Moonstone gems and use them at Orion’s Rare finds.

1. Go buy 3 Moonstone gems at the Wizard’s Domain. Each Moonstone gem costs 600 ecoins, so 3 costs 1800.


2. Go into Orion’s Rare finds and click on Orion or the Orb


3. Drag your 3 ECOIN Moonstone gems to the orb and click activate. You must have exactly 3 to activate it.

4. You will get an item with a rarity of at least 50.

Can nonmembers do this?

Well of course! I just did! As long as you have enough ecoins, you can do this.

Why can’t I just earn Moonstone gems from games instead of using so many ecoins??

Nonmembers: Only these 4 combos work for nonmembers

So, if you have 3 Moonstone gems from GAMES, it wouldn’t work anyway. That is why you have to use ECOIN gems. Sigh.

Click here for more info (nonmembers)

Members: Yes, you can just earn 3 Moonstone gems from games. Keep in mind that once your membership expires, these items will disappear. Which is why ECOINS are SO MUCH BETTER than membership!!!

♌ Orion’s Rare Finds ♌

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added blue sticky note

Click here for the All Rares list (member and nonmember items)


At Orion’s Rare Finds, there are A LOT of cool items that you can get for free, Premium Member or not. You may have tried in the past to place gems into the orb, Non-Members, and found it was for Members only.THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RIGHT COMBINATION!

Only the following four combos work for Non-Members:

The other 2 super rare gems are of NO USE to Non-Members! So when playing games…


…do NOT try and get the highest score possible, or you’ll get a rare gem, and won’t be able to use it.

To get the gem for each game, you have to score at least this number of points:

  • Staries: 4000 pts
  • Bubble Bug: 7000 pts
  • Candy Swap: 15000 pts


All items are given out randomly! There is NO specific gem combination to get a certain item!


Update (August 4, 2012)

A lot of people have been asking: If nonmembers buy gems with ecoins, will they be able to get premium member rare items?

The answer is YES! If you buy gems with ecoins, you will get a member rare.

HOWEVER: If you use any of the nonmember gem combinations, you will only get a nonmember rare, which is a total waste of ecoins.

Meaning, don’t put your ecoin gems in these combinations, or you will get a nonmember rare!!