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Michelle’s Dinner Date

These events are getting out of hand… -_- Michelle is dating some random guy named Zack whose hair looks like a squirrel’s tail. How about we keep things PG, Fantage?

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Ever wanted to look like Michelle? (no.) You can buy her hair, outfit, and shoes! Nothing for nonmembers…


Wanna be a servant for Zack and Michelle? Then waste even more stars for a servant uniform! :d


And no, even if you have the serving costume from a while back, it doesn’t count. LOOKS THE SAME TO ME. APPARENTLY NOT.


Where are all the hidden clothes?

How does one lose their clothes…? Does that mean Michelle isn’t wearing any– NEVERMIND.

There are different items every day. Once you find them, you can buy them. I’m not, because they will be put up for sale on the 17th at Downtown anyway.

You can get the medal every day at the Castle Bridge, upper left. It levels up each time.


The items are different every day, but the locations are the same:

1. Uptown, between Board Shop and Costume Shop

2. Carnival, under Putt Putt Revolution

3. Oasis, bottom

4. Downtown, under Stellar Salon

Apr. 11 (forgot to screenshot the last one, sorry!)


Apr. 12


Dinner Date Fashion Judge

Go to Uptown and click on Michelle, she will judge your style.


Wear something from the Limited Items cart, and you will be guaranteed to get a high score. I was able to get the second prize from wearing the new Free Stuff costume and board, meaning Limited Items aren’t needed, it’s just easier. Just wear fancy stuff.


Score at least a 5 to get the hair. Score at least a 9 to get the costume (I’m not too sure about these numbers, just an estimate, comment if I am wrong)


Play Table for Two

Click on this sign at Uptown


To play, you need to buy the serving costumes. So not worth it, but I have to buy it to tell you guys how to play xP

Click on them to start the game. Click on the big MENU sign to get the food they want, and click on their table to give it to them. WHY DO THEY EAT SO MUCH.


Keep an eye on the timer in the corner.


Trick: Click on the area below the table first, then click on the table. This will avoid a really awkward position when you are underneath the table and unable to move. For example, if you were serving Zack:


Another trick: If you are walking your pet, just get rid of it, so it won’t get in the way.

You will receive a medal and 5 stars for every dish you served.


Ahoy Fantage Part 2

Item Carts

The Limited Item cart stuff is for members only

The Cruise Shop Souvenirs are also for members only

However, nonmembers can buy the last waiter/waitress costume!


How to Jet Ski

Buy the Jet Ski from the Limited Items Cart and go to the beach to play! Move to the START area and ride the waves to earn stars.

How to Serve Food at the Restaurant

1. Wear a waiter/waitress uniform and go to the restaurant on Sea Breeze.

2. Go to the gold counter at the right. When somebody orders, a menu will pop up.

3. Look around to see what people want. Click the food on the menu that is ordered.

4. Walk to their table. Click the table. If they are nice, they will give you stars!

Other Stuff:

  • Go to the Cruise Ship and move all the way to the right, there is a new area! You can use the same flying trick at the Lighthouse and Castle to fly! Click here to learn more about it.
  • You can play Jelly Shuffle with another person now. Don’t know how to play? Click here