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Anniversary Month Post #3

Click here for Post #2, and here for Post #1 if you haven’t seen them yet.

Angela’s stuff in blue

Send Gifts to Buddies

This is a great new of way of being able to interact with your friends. You can now pay a low cost of 450 ecoins to send a mystery gift to one of your friends. To do this, click the “Gift” symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Anniversary Month Post #1

Looks like there will be TONS of new updates this month, so I will definitely be posting more than once. That’s why I will number all the posts 🙂

About Anniversary Month

The month of April is a grand celebration. Log in daily to find out what’s new!

First, you can buy the Anniversary Item at Downtown. For Members (pretty much everyone, since we’re all members now xD), it’s 2,500 ecoins/5,000 stars. Remember that if you buy any member item with stars, you won’t be able to wear it once you’re a non again.