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Star Blaze App

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How to download and launch:

1. Log in to Fantage and go to your ID Fone. Go to Apps, click on the green shopping cart button, and get the free game, Star Blaze


2. Wait for it to “install”, then click on it to start the game.


How to play:

The Main Screen



The goal of the game is to drag a line of stars and match stars with the same color in groups of 3 or more. They do not need to be in a straight line. You have 60 seconds to make as many matches as possible. It is the same as Staries (a game at Wizard’s Domain), except with more fancy features.

Special Stars


These special stars will appear once you make a large group of stars. As it says above, a group of 4 stars will get you a supernova, 5 will get you a wildcard, 6 a crossfire, and 7 a black hole. Once you make a large group, the appropriate special star will appear in its place. To activate, just click on it!

The example below is a supernova star:


Any special stars that are not clicked on by the end of the game will be automatically used in the Final Blaze, you will still get the points!

Also, make a match with this star to get bonus coins.

Points and Draco

Blaze14 Blaze15

The bigger the group of stars you make, the more points you will get. Every match you make will get you closer to creating the Draco constellation, shown at the left of the screen.

You start out with a simple constellation of Draco.

Once you get enough points, you will progress to a white Draco constellation


Then red… then green (no picture yet, haven’t gotten that far xD )


Notice the bar at the left and right of the screen that looks like a thermometer. Once it reaches the top, you will progress to the next Draco level.



If you rapidly make groups, they will be counted at “Combos”. You must make the next group of stars within 3 seconds, or it will start over. Combos are extra points!

Leveling Up

After each game, your points are added into this blue bar. Once you hit the maximum, you go up a level. This does NOT give you levels on Fantage.


Click on a power on the main screen to activate. You won’t actually be paying for it until you start the game, so you can always click on it again to remove. Once you click play, whatever is inside the 3 circles will be used.


You must buy 3 at a time. Each game will use up one. You cannot remove it once you have used one up.


The Supernova power gives you free supernova stars at the beginning of the game.

The Quick Hint power gives you a hint on every move right away. If a star has a target on top of it, then the hint is telling you that you can move that star to make a combo. Note that hints do not always give you the best move though!


The Super Time power can be activated during the game if you make a match using it. Note that is is locked until you reach Level 3 (I think). Once in a while, a star with a timer inside it will appear. Make a match using that star to gain 2 extra seconds.


The Quick Fire power decreases the amount of stars required to get into Draco Mode. Unlocked at Level 6.

Prize Wheel

You do not get a free spin!

Since coins is this game aren’t really that useful, the prize wheel is pretty much a waste of ecoins. If you want to buy, click on the yellow Get Spins button and buy with ecoins. Here are the costs:


Michelle’s Birthday

Item Carts

Limited Items at Downtown and Uptown. Member items only xP

Buy a Pinata Costume at Downtown and Uptown to play the pinata game! Nonmembers can buy the last one, it’s actually really pretty!

Free Gift

Just click on the cake to get your free gift, both members and nonmembers! (Located Downtown and Uptown)

Vote for Michelle’s Gift

This is NOT a waste of stars! Go to Uptown or Downtown and click on the sign.

Right now, the T-Shirt has the most votes, so click VOTE, choose an amount of stars, choose the T-Shirt, then click DONE.

You will receive the winning gift as a prize once the event is over!


Game: Cake Mania

Click on the chef Downtown or Uptown

1. Click on the matching frosting color first. For example, this cake needs chocolate frosting.

2. Add any toppings by dragging them to the right place. In this cake, sprinkles are needed and kiwis are needed on the top.

Some cake toppings can get really fancy, just drag them onto the cake in order. This cake needs pineapple first then kiwi on the top, and pineapple, then kiwi, then strawberry on the side.

3. If you mess up, just click 

4. Once the cake is finished, click 

Pinata Party Room

1. Buy a pinata costume (uptown/downtown)

2. When this button on the left of your screen lights up, the pinata is ready! If it is still grey, try clicking on it to see how much longer you have to wait.

3. Keep on clicking on the pinatas! The exact same as pinatas at house parties.

Help Michelle Find Her Gift

1. Click on Michael (Downtown, front of Le Shop)

2. Click on Bella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

3. Click on the hairbrush (Forest, left of Bubble Bug)

4. Go back to Bella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

5. Click on Gizmo. Lots of people have been asking Where is Gizmo? He is at Downtown, next to the Super Power shop

6. Go to Mt. Fantage and play Boxy, get at least 10 boxes!

7. Return to Gizmo (Downtown, right of Super Power Shop)

8. Click on Stella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

9. Click on Static (Uptown, right of ID Fone Shop)

10. Click on the batteries (Castle Bridge, left)

11. Return to Static (Uptown, right of ID Fone Shop)

12. Click on Kawaii (Beach, front of Sun Block)


11. Click on Orion (Wizard’s Domain, front of Orion’s Rare Finds)

12. Play Staries (Wizard’s Domain) and score at least 300 points

13. Return to Orion (Wizard’s Domain, front of Orion’s Rare Finds)

14. Return to Kawaii (Beach, front of Sun Block)

15. Return to Stella (Downtown, front of Stellar Salon)

16. The prize is 50 stars


New ID Fones!

Our ID Fones look a lot more hi-tech now! x]

How do I get the free stuff?

First, log on to Fantage and click on yourself.

A short video will pop up, showing you the brand new look

If you bought wallpaper, skins, or sticker pages BEFORE September 21, you can get FREE stuff! Members AND nonmembers!

However, if you just had the plain, default ID Fone stuff, sorry, you can’t get anything for free

For the people that had ID Fone stuff from before, click on  GET FREEBIES! For the people that didn’t, your ID Fone will still upgrade, don’t worry!

You can get a freebie for the items you already had. For example, if bought wallpaper and a skin from before, you can get a wallpaper AND a skin for free, but not the sticker page.

Make sure to scroll down! There’s LOTS of cool stuff!

Also, don’t click on the check mark on the bottom until you have selected ALL of the items you want, from ALL the sections. A ✔ will appear on the items you have selected.


My ID Fone is still boring white. How do I put on my new stuff?

Click on Customize, on the bottom of your new ID Fone


The  will be on the default items. Click on your new items to put them on!

No need to click save, it will already be activated!

Free Ecoins Finally!

Last updated by MooMoo on 1/19/14: fixed ‘click here’ link under ‘Playing Games’

There are 2 ways to earn ecoins.

ID Fone Button

1. Go to your ID Fone by clicking on your Fantagian, and you will see a 2 big “Earn 20 ecoins” buttons (Yay! my ID Fone!)

2. Click that button. You will be taken automatically to a video. You don’t have to watch it, just do something for a minute while it plays.

3. When it is over, click the green button “Earn 20 ecoins”

4. Success!

It will add ecoins to your account automatically, so no need to refresh the page.

This will work at certain times of day. If it doesn’t work, try again later, after playing some games or something. You can watch the same video more than once and still get rewarded ecoins.

Playing Games

Yay! Ecoins from games are BACK! Click here for the post!