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4th FV Games Results

I forgot to tell you guys the answers for task 2 and 3! Scroll to the bottom 🙂

Hi guys, got back from my 1 week break! I am proud to say that I’m all caught up with my homework, so time to blog again!

I’m sure you FV Games contestants have been waiting for this (sorry I’m so late!) so here’s the post! I will be making a huge Fantage updates post after this as well, so stay tuned!


Task 4 FreeRice scores have been entered. I screenshotted everyone’s score from our FreeRice page on Sunday, March 9, 3:50 PM FST. Yes, the task was supposed to have ended a bit earlier, but I forgot, and Daylight Savings Time confused everything. So I gave you a couple of extra hours [: The screenshots are below, if you want to see what I based your scores off of.