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Prom Wrap-Up + Free Membership Week

Since MyMall will be opening soon and the Captain Cody event will be here tomorrow, I decided to make a separate post for this, so the other 2 posts don’t have to be as long 🙂

MyMall CodyCombo


Anniversary Month Post #1

Looks like there will be TONS of new updates this month, so I will definitely be posting more than once. That’s why I will number all the posts 🙂

About Anniversary Month

The month of April is a grand celebration. Log in daily to find out what’s new!

First, you can buy the Anniversary Item at Downtown. For Members (pretty much everyone, since we’re all members now xD), it’s 2,500 ecoins/5,000 stars. Remember that if you buy any member item with stars, you won’t be able to wear it once you’re a non again.


Getting A Membership By Yourself!

Last updated by Angela on 10/11/12: created post

Do you want a Fantage membership or ecoins but your parents always say no? Well now, I’m going to show you how to get some-with your own money. If you have no money, you’re out of luck.

First go to Fantage.com and click Membership or Ecoins in the corner of the screen.


Then, select the things you want to buy.


Then click checkout. On the next page, you must login to your Fantage account.


Then click money/ check order. You must click that one.


Next click I agree continue. Print out the paper by pressing print.


Then get a check or your own money to pay; you don’t have to ask your parents.


Put it along with the paper you printed in the envelope. Label it with the address it says on the paper in the middle of the envelope, and your name and address in the left corner at the top.


Then put a stamp in the upper right corner. Mail it by putting it in your mailbox and putting the red flag up or send it at the post office. Then in a few days, you get your stuff!

This is a good way for you to get your own ecoins or membership, and don’t worry, its legal. Thanks and I hope this helped, cause this is what I do!