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Winner of Contest #2!

Sorry it’s a day late ._. So, here is a picture of the number of hits I got in July:

The answer was 25,036 views!

So who is the winner?

🙂 I won’t put you in suspense 🙂

She guessed 25,000 hits, which was INSANELY close! You’re so smart, good job!

Second place was followed closely by pinkstarbritney, who guess 25,500 hits 🙂

Now, to all you cheaters who guessed more than once, I knew who you were, and eliminated you from the contest. I told you I would know. You know who you are, cheaters. 👿

So, Tara, just claim any of the 3 prizes, which were:

1. A picture of your Fantagian on my sidebar

2. Am advertisement banner on my sidebar

3. 250 ecoins

4. OR! Since you were SO close, anything that is reasonable (e.g. me helping you finish those pages on your blog ;D )

Good job to everyone else!