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Chocolate Challenge Event

It’s Thursday, Cookie Man and Cupcake Chaos updates have been posted too!



Back to School Event

Event Info

Info1  Info2

Info3  Info4

Info5  Info6


Lights Out Event


Event Info

1 2

3 4

5 6

Click the pictures above to be directed to the matching part of the post!



Fantageville Video

What do you guys think? There’s music :3

Click here to see the video on the YouTube page.

Journey Under the Sea

LOTS of changes has been made to this post, including a map of the Underwater Tunnel that tells you where all the fish are! Scroll down!

Event Info:

event info


Kawaii’s a Mermaid

Sorry this post is late!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at Uptown and Downtown, as usual.



Fantageville FlipBoard

This new, bonus feature of Fantageville can be used by anyone that has a smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc) or tablet. If you don’t have any of those, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on any information. It’s just for fun!


Featured Video Contest

Sorry I haven’t updated on the opening of Zack’s theater, I was too busy studying for finals AND…

Making a video to enter into the contest!! I am finally finished, and I just wanted to show all of you guys my work.

If for some reason you are dumb enough to steal my video and send it to Fantage, don’t even waste your time. I already sent it to them AGES ago.


Ack, uploaded the wrong, shorter version earlier on accident. The link is now correct.

How do I send in my own video?

Here is a screenshot of the sign inside Zack’s theater with all the instructions.


I don’t know when the contest will end, nor do I know how many winners there will be. Just send one in!

Starry Nights Prom 2013

Item Carts

As usual, Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Nonmembers, if you want to get anything, you will have to use ecoins.


Buy a Dance Costume from Uptown/Downtown to dance on the Dance Floor at the Beach.


Wear anything from these carts to be displayed on the Jumbotron.

~I do not think Fantage has programmed the Jumbotron yet, because it doesn’t work right now~ (8:58 PM Fantage Time)

Vote for Kawaii’s Prom Date

Before you vote randomly, make sure to click on each of these handsome men/bear at Downtown to see the bribes prizes you will get if they win the vote.


Here are the prizes you will get from them if they win:


Outrageous thing #1: WHY WOULD KAWAII DATE A BEAR????

Outrageous thing #2: I THOUGHT ZACK WAS MICHELLE’S DATE, IS HE CHEATING ON HER ALREADY??? Or is that Zack’s evil twin brother, Mack??

Anyway, once you’re done wrapping your head around those shocking news, you can go to Uptown/Downtown and click on this sign to vote. I’m voting for Cody, only because the cape looks really cool and because I wouldn’t want to break Michelle’s heart by voting for Zack


Remember that voting costs 5 stars, and your vote will count as 5 times if you wear Limited Items from the cart.

Why are we getting taxed on everything?? No taxation without representation!!!

Dance Floor

Click on Prom1 at the left of your screen to dance on the Dance Floor!

~I do not think Fantage has programmed the dance floor either, because standing on the START place does nothing. Come back later for an update~ (8:58 PM Fantage Time)

Ride the Limo

Go to Downtown and wait by the sign.

Wait, what??? I just refreshed, and the limo sign disappeared! Note to self, go on Fantage at night, once all of the glitches and mistakes have been cleared up. Hurry up Fantage, half the day is over!

The Royal Ball: The Princess Is Coming!

Text in purple is MooMoo’s added words

This new event is from April 25th-May 1st


Event Info


Item Carts

There’s also some wonderfully creative Limited Items in Downtown or Uptown.


You can also design a crown, print it out, and wear it! Click on the sign at Uptown/Downtown


Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

You can get free items by helping the Royal Seamstress collect things. They are placed randomly around Fantage and is different for each person.


Click on the seamstress at Downtown/Uptown to start

Where are the materials?

Since they are different for everyone, we can’t give you an exact list. However, we can tell you possible locations to narrow down your search (these are NOT in any particular order, just check them all)

1. Mt. Fantage (right of Help sign)

2. Castle Bridge (next to guard on left)

3. Oasis (under water well)

4. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

5. Creature Area (under Photo Booth on far left)

6. Beach (under Fish Fish boat)

7. Lighthouse (left of entrance)

8. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

9. Fantage School (left)

10. Dock (under bench on left)

11. Forest (between Hidden Meadow and Wizard Domain signs)

Prizes for Royal Attire Scavenger Hunt

Blue Necklace: 20 stars

Red Cape: 40 stars

Crown: 80 stars

Blue and Gold Staff: 

Yellow Dress (Members only): 

Activities at the Castle

This little pedestal is a History of why the princess wanted to come to Fantage in the first place.

where princess came from sign

history of princess

You can go to the Castle to see…. a fancier castle. The Balcony is the giant staircase with a red carpet on the left, and the throne room is the red door on the right.


And if you go even farther right…there is a soon-to-be dance floor.

dance floor

Basically, you can just climb up the balcony and walk around on it. That’s it. You have to buy a special limited items to get up there, by the way.

Actually, you don’t have to! You can just use the Castle Flying Cheat, click here for the post that was made AGES ago.

Keep in mind that you don’t get anything for going up on to the balcony, whether you bought the dress or used the flying cheat.


Members can go inside the Throne Room for free, nonmembers have to pay 100 ecoins each time. You can get prizes from the Mystery Box each time you go in!

the throne room info

This is the Throne Room. Click on the Mystery Box (gold question mark box) at the left to get a free prize. Click on the pink wardrobe at the right to try on royal clothing. Click on the Fairy Godmother to get a free board (you can buy the horse board too).

throne room

Mystery Box prizes can be accessories (yellow crown, white crown, and treasure chest), gems, stars…

Premium Members, if you go in and out too many times, the Mystery Box will disappear.

To entertain you, I made a picture of me, and it has a lot of me in it. Luckily, Yara_yara was there, so I guess she’s in the picture, too!

random pic

I think Fantage events are better than they were last year, but the events were really awesome in 2011. So keep up the good work, Fantage! And have fun with the new event everyone!

Yes, I think I changed my mind about this event too. I’m glad that Fantage has finally decided to move away from Michelle and Zack, and chose to create fun events again.

Take a Moment

In case you guys didn’t know, Earth Day is today, April 22. Apparently Fantage thought romance between pixels was more important than promoting environmental protection for our unique, one-in-a-billion planet, Earth.

Fantage is too narrow-minded to celebrate this year, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the beautiful planet that 6.8 billion people share.

I’m pretty sure this comment I wrote on Fantage’s blog won’t be moderated, but at least they will receive my message, and all of you guys will see it too. (I used a fake account for this by the way)


On Earth Day, you should try and accomplish at least 2 of the following things:

1. Hug a tree ❤

2. Refrain from using any electronics, to save electricity

3. Play outside with your friends and soak up some sunshine

4. Lie down on the grass (if you’re not allergic), take in the beautiful sky (if you live somewhere sunny), and thank the world that you live in such a beautiful planet

5. Limit the use of lights, and remember to turn them off if you’re not using it

Embrace the world. If you don’t start now, it might be too late.

Happy Earth Day.


Michelle & Zack at the Carnival

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. No items for nonmembers 😦


Prizes from the ticket booth can be bought at Uptown and Downtown


Carnival Games

To visit the Carnival, click on this button on the left side of the screen: Games1

If you remember the Fireworks Carnival event from 2012, you will notice that the games are the same! Click here and scroll down until you see the instructions for the games Ticket Grabber, Stacker, and Bottle Knockdown.

The tickets that you earn can be used to get prizes at the Prize Booth, located at the Michelle & Zack Carnival.

There is also a new booth, called “The Fortune Teller Serena”. Members can play for free, Nonmembers have to pay 50 ecoins (I think it’s still worth it, the prizes are pretty cool!).


Click on her, and she will tell you a random “fortune”. At the end, she will give you a free prize. All prizes are starred, nonmember items:


You have to wait an unreasonably long amount of time before clicking on her again, 5 minutes maybe?

Carnival Food

There are 4 different food stands all around Fantage. Click on them, go to the Carnival, and bring them to Michelle. Here are the locations of all the different food stands. Nonmembers get the prizes on the top row, Members get the prizes on the top and bottom row.


Michelle is right under the Ticket Grabber game at the Michelle & Zack Carnival


If you bring the same food to Michelle again, she will give you stars. Also, you have to wait about 2 minutes before giving her more, she needs time to digest!

You can see what food you are currently have by checking the “Carnival Cravings” button on the left.


Looks like I have hot dogs right now, gonna go give them to Michelle and get my prize!

Help Zack

Click on Zack at the Michelle & Zack Carnival.


Were you confused when this message stayed on the screen for a VERY long time? Thought your computer froze? So did I. I guess Fantage thinks we read really slow, so just wait for about 10 seconds, and the next message will show up.


If you hit all 3 sets of bottles over, you will get 30 tickets and a pink guitar as a prize. The prize is a starred nonmember item, everyone can wear it!


Other Random Stuff

Click on the Daily Spin button on the left side of the screen to spin a wheel. You can ecoins, stars, or items. I might post pictures of the prizes later!


Also, did anyone else catch that Zack (just as I predicted) is opening a new store??! A theater, to be precise. Let’s just hope the movies will be better than the event movies…


St. Patrick’s Day Event

Item Carts

Limited Item cart at Uptown and Downtown, no nonmember stuff this time though…


All people can get a free Potted Clover, also at Uptown and Downtown.



Click on GET IT at the bottom, and it will be placed into your furniture inventory. To use it, just go to your house, edit, and add it anywhere.

Also, M and Peabody2 are selling these items at Trade n Sell. They aren’t that special, and they will be even less popular afterwards, so I don’t think I’m going to buy any…


Clover Raffle

Click on Michelle at Uptown or Downtown for all the details.


Find 20 clovers all over Fantage for the best chance to win. Each cover is 1 entry for nonmembers, and 4 entries for premium members. The more entries, the more likely you will win!

Fantage will do a raffle every day by randomly picking an entry. If that entry is yours, you will win 5,000 ecoins!

No, you do not need to be a super high level, “popular” Fantagian to win. On March 14, a newbie won!


Where are the clovers?

The locations are the same every day:

1. Downtown (under Stellar Salon)

2. Downtown (under Super Power Shop)

3. Uptown (front of Trade n Sell)

4. Uptown (front of Hall of Fame)

5. Dock (on top of Star Cafe background)

6. Beach (under The Palm)

7. Beach (under Sun Block, on beach ball)

8. Lighthouse (all the way right)

9. Carnival (under Putt Putt Revolution)

10. Carnival (under Arcade)

11. Oasis (left of Airplane)

12. Oasis (on Card Quest tent)

13. Pet Town (roof of Pet Shop)

14. Mt. Fantage (right of helicopter)

15. Castle Bridge (left, sky)

16. Castle Bridge (right, sky)

17. Castle Entrance (above Mouse Out)

18. Wizard’s Domain (under Staries)

19. Forest (under Lucky Bob’s)

20. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

Where is O’Brien the Leprechaun?

If you find him, you get to buy special items from him, plus get a free prize



He changes locations a LOT, so I can’t tell you where he is exactly.

Just look all over! I found him at the Carnival, Mt. Fantage, and Creature Area, in plain sight. He was NOT inside a store, or hiding in a bush.

But, once you click on him and close the sales window, he will disappear.

Also, if you see him and you do not click on him right away, he will DISAPPEAR BEFORE YOUR EYES. O_O

This is what he looks like


Star Blaze App

Last updated by MooMoo on 3/3/13: created post

How to download and launch:

1. Log in to Fantage and go to your ID Fone. Go to Apps, click on the green shopping cart button, and get the free game, Star Blaze


2. Wait for it to “install”, then click on it to start the game.


How to play:

The Main Screen



The goal of the game is to drag a line of stars and match stars with the same color in groups of 3 or more. They do not need to be in a straight line. You have 60 seconds to make as many matches as possible. It is the same as Staries (a game at Wizard’s Domain), except with more fancy features.

Special Stars


These special stars will appear once you make a large group of stars. As it says above, a group of 4 stars will get you a supernova, 5 will get you a wildcard, 6 a crossfire, and 7 a black hole. Once you make a large group, the appropriate special star will appear in its place. To activate, just click on it!

The example below is a supernova star:


Any special stars that are not clicked on by the end of the game will be automatically used in the Final Blaze, you will still get the points!

Also, make a match with this star to get bonus coins.

Points and Draco

Blaze14 Blaze15

The bigger the group of stars you make, the more points you will get. Every match you make will get you closer to creating the Draco constellation, shown at the left of the screen.

You start out with a simple constellation of Draco.

Once you get enough points, you will progress to a white Draco constellation


Then red… then green (no picture yet, haven’t gotten that far xD )


Notice the bar at the left and right of the screen that looks like a thermometer. Once it reaches the top, you will progress to the next Draco level.



If you rapidly make groups, they will be counted at “Combos”. You must make the next group of stars within 3 seconds, or it will start over. Combos are extra points!

Leveling Up

After each game, your points are added into this blue bar. Once you hit the maximum, you go up a level. This does NOT give you levels on Fantage.


Click on a power on the main screen to activate. You won’t actually be paying for it until you start the game, so you can always click on it again to remove. Once you click play, whatever is inside the 3 circles will be used.


You must buy 3 at a time. Each game will use up one. You cannot remove it once you have used one up.


The Supernova power gives you free supernova stars at the beginning of the game.

The Quick Hint power gives you a hint on every move right away. If a star has a target on top of it, then the hint is telling you that you can move that star to make a combo. Note that hints do not always give you the best move though!


The Super Time power can be activated during the game if you make a match using it. Note that is is locked until you reach Level 3 (I think). Once in a while, a star with a timer inside it will appear. Make a match using that star to gain 2 extra seconds.


The Quick Fire power decreases the amount of stars required to get into Draco Mode. Unlocked at Level 6.

Prize Wheel

You do not get a free spin!

Since coins is this game aren’t really that useful, the prize wheel is pretty much a waste of ecoins. If you want to buy, click on the yellow Get Spins button and buy with ecoins. Here are the costs:


A Sneak Preview

I have released it, after reviewing the poll. Click here!

You guys have heard that I was working on a HUGE project for this blog that I started maybe 2 months ago, right? But it would remain a secret until it gets released?

Well. I think I’m gonna explode if I don’t tell you guys, I can’t keep in the secret anymore, because I am SO excited for you to use it!

I made the following YouTube video for several reasons: as a preview, as an advertisement, and as a guide.

Remember, the link mentioned in the video does NOT work yet, because I’m not done with it! You won’t be able to find this video by searching on YouTube either, only on this blog! How special!

Now sit tight, get some popcorn (naww it’s really short), turn on your speakers, and watch in HD…

*I know lots of people are gonna copy me on this. I’d like to tell you that it’s practically impossible, because it would take you more than 2 months to get all the screenshots and the names. But of course, some senseless people just love to copy and paste. So, I made a warning regarding copiers my first priority. Once I release the page, you will see the same exact thing on the top. Here it is:



EVERYTHING on this page is copyrighted by princess_moomoo for the blog Fantageville. This includes: the idea of an “All Fantage Items” list, all pictures, and all of the words I have typed to match with my pictures.

I DON’T WANT CREDITS. This took over 2 months to create, so “credits” are worth less than a bucket of cow dung in comparison.

If I find out that you have copied ANYTHING on this page, I will report you, and you will never receive a single viewer again. I am DEAD serious.”


Soo… yea. Now aren’t you EXCITED??? I have tried it out myself, and it’s amazingly useful…

I expect to released it on March 9, at the earliest, but no promises!

Now you know why I haven’t been updating the weekly announcements or stuff for sale page, or why I seem to never reply when you find me in the trade n sell shop…

The 1st Fantageville Games -CLOSED-



Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to the 1st ever Fantageville Games!

What? You don’t know what the Fantageville Games are? Well let me tell you! 2-4 teams consisting of 5-10 Fantagians fight for the prize. Only one person will win!

This is how we do it. There will be 4 primary challenges, which are secret and to be revealed when the challenge begins. When each challenge is finished, the audience aka Fantageville fans will vote who shall be out, 1-2 every round. Or for different challenged, the slowest will be voted off. When there is one player left standing in each team, those 4 will do one last challenge. And the winner gets all the glory and fame! And the prize.  This is a game that will require a pretty long time, and a lot of commitment…so are you up for it?

What?? More detail??? Fine. Each challenge requires some type of skill…artistic skill, thinking skills, searching skills, etc. Of course we will not tell you the challenges now! The judging will be based on:


-precision and accuracy



-how much you actually tried!

And of course the prize! Now why would you join if there is no incentive for it! Well anyway, the prize will be:
5,000 ecoins
Red Celebrity Crown for girls…

red celeb crown
or…golden St. Patrick’s Day Board for boys.

gold st pat day board

Now this entire game is hosted by casey_cow101…unless princess_moomoo would like to help *cough cough* haha well then…so don’t go running off to moomoo for help!

Here’s how you enter…
Sorry all the teams are full, no exceptions! Better luck next time!

IMPORTANT: After you sign up for the Games, everything will be posted on the page here, like updates, winners, losers, polls.

Check VERY OFTEN for updates, on this post and on the page. You don’t know when things will change…

Anyway Good Luck everyone!
Happy Fantageville Games!
And may the odds be EVER in your favor!©

©this idea is a copyrighted idea of fantageville and casey_cow101. anyone who copies without permission will be strictly penalized.©

Valentine’s Day Event

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart at Uptown and Downtown. Here’s a tip! Before you buy anything, check Trade n Sell to see if there are any cheaper prices!


You can also buy “Love Potion Items” that do nothing useful other than making you look like you had 10 pounds of sugar for breakfast. Don’t waste your money on these, it’s completely pointless.


ALSO! Peabody was selling the cupid bow and arrow!!! Dx


I was actually on at the time, but I thought it was just talking about the previous selling… I hope it comes back… Ugh why do they always do that, now those once-precious items are worth less!!

Love Potions

Remember the Summer Finale event in 2012 where you had to wear costumes to make lemonade, only to make yourself sparkly and stuff? This is even more pointless.

You just click on these potions lying on the ground while wearing the Love Potion costumes for a “special” effect.

The potions are easy to find, don’t worry. They are lined up neatly on the ground at Uptown, Downtown, and at the Beach.


You must be wearing the costume in order for it to work. Here’s what the blue effect looks like:


How to earn candy hearts


To give a heart to someone (I was confused at first too) click on the heart icon once, so it is glowing red


Then click on anyone, they do NOT have to be added on your buddy list!

Remember that each time you give one away, you lose one! Give it to 10 people and nonmembers get this prize:


All the prizes are on sale, including the member ones. Just click on this cart at Uptown/Downtown.



A prize might also be 100 stars.

Whenever someone gives you a heart, you earn one! A cheat would be to keep on giving hearts to your friend, then have them give it back, so you can give away 10 easily in no time.

Mini Games

You can buy a booster at Downtown and Uptown to help you in the game

mini game boosters sign

mini game boosters

The arrow reminds me of the limited gold one from a previous Valentines event…

I think Fantage is trying to recreate items as good as before, but sorry it’s not working out too well Fantage…

If you click this guy in Uptown or Downtown, you can watch the Event Movie, play Candy Sorting and Valentine’s Rush.

games guy

games guy stuff

Candy Sorting

It’s quite simple actually.

candy sorting instrucitons

candy sorting game

At the end, you get stars, 100 at the most.

Valentines Rush

Easy too. Just shoot the symbols such as hearts and chocolate above the characters and match them. Oh, and avoid bad guys.

valentines rush instructions

valentines rush game

You also get stars at the end of this game.

Where are the chocolates?

~Other bloggers, you better not copy me, or Cupid isn’t gonna be the only person shooting you in the butt =.=~

If you don’t see any candy, that’s because you haven’t clicked on Michelle yet. She’s at Uptown!


The candy will just be floating around in random places, here are a couple examples:


Here are all the locations!

1. Carnival (under Putt Putt Revolution)

2. Mt. Fantage (right of helicopter)

3. Oasis (on the dark mountains in the background, right of the card shop)

4. Lighthouse (far right)

5. Beach (under The Palm dance club)

6. Beach (on the beach ball, under Sun Block)

7. Castle Bridge (left)

8. Castle Bridge (right)

9. Castle Entrance (above Mouse out)

10. Wizard’s Domain (between Staries and Bullseye)

11. Forest (in front of Lucky Bob’s)

12. Creature Area (right of Creature Shop)

13. Uptown (between Trade n Sell Shop and ID Fone Shop)

14. Uptown (outside Hall of Fame)

15. Dock (in front of Star Cafe in the background)

16. Downtown (under Stellar Salon)

17. Downtown (left of Limited Item Cart)

18. Pet Town (on roof of Pet Shop)

19. Carnival (under Arcade)

20. Oasis (left of airplane)

Once you find all 10, you can get a prize. All the prizes are listed on this cart (you can buy them, but it’s not really worth it, since you just have to do the scavenger hunt over and over again):



The original prize was this, before they made changes to the event. I’m pretty sure it’s still a prize:



Yes, there is a wonderful stamp book. And here it is.

stamp book

You will receive a medal when you get all the stamps.

vday medal



OMG OMG HURRY!!! Sorry… these 2 items were sold out in like 5 minutes… but there are still some stuff from peabody for sale! Not as good though, but check it out!






I SWEAR the board was lower a couple minutes ago…!!!!

New Fantage Trading Cards

Last updated by Angela on 1/21/13: created post

There are new “trading cards” on Fantage that kind of work like Pokemon cards…

If you go to the Oasis, there’s a whole shop on it called “Desert Jewel”


So if you click on that shop, you can buy 3 different set of cards. The first two with stars, and the 3rd you can buy with ecoins. The first one cost 5,000 stars, the 2nd one cost 2,500 stars, and the premium booster cost 1,500 ecoins. Nonmembers AND members can buy the packs and play the games!

card packs

The more cards the better. It will make the game much easier. This is basically what you need to know about each card.

card info

-For the game, you should try to get as many cards as possible, in different values and colored symbols.

-Their are six colored symbols, and you’ll need them all for the game, so try to get cards of different symbols!

-The value is also very important. The higher it is, the easier the game will be. I spent about 300,000 stars on card packs and I didn’t even get all the cards! I didn’t get the cards that were the rarest and highest value.

-There are 50 cards, and you can look at which ones you have by clicking the card album button, which is on the left of the map button.

card album button

But before you play the game, you have to build a deck! So click the Card Album, and click Deck Builder.

card album[

Each deck has 30 cards that you get to pick.

Since 30 cards divided by 6 symbols is 5 cards, it would be most wise to chose 5 cards of each symbol. 

Just choose 5 of the highest VALUE cards, even if you have multiples of the same cards.

To choose a card, click any of the symbols, and when the cards load at the top, click the 5 or whatever many you want to choose and click MOVE.

If this is too complicated, just click the Instructions button for a better understanding.

deck builder

When you are done moving 30 cards, just click the X button. Now you’re ready to play the game!

To get to the game, click the big Card Quest sign at the Oasis.

card quest sign

If you don’t want to read the instructions that I put next, then just read them in the game.

The game is quite simple. If you don’t have enough stars to buy 30 cards, just play practice mode. Otherwise, it’s better for your Card Quest medal to play Single mode.

play card quest

To play, press SPIN and it will automatically chose a random symbol. Then you have to chose a card with the same symbol.

But not only that, it has to have a equal or higher value than the next circle with that color.

If you have no cards, you must discard one. Otherwise, choose the right card!

card quest

Basically, you do that until you get to a treasure chest. Then the game ends.

And you always get a card for prize.

card quest prize

And then you’re done.

There’s a medal that comes with the game, you get it after you play your first game.

Then to keep leveling it up, just keep playing it more!

That’s basically it on Card Quest! Enjoy it!

Fantageville Poster Contest

Everyone has been asking us for a new contest, and I just happened to have a brand new, super cool idea for one, so here goes!

Who can enter this contest?

Anyone! However, adult supervision is recommended, so please let your parents see this first.

What do I do to enter and compete?

1. Click here and print out our poster. You might want to ask your parents first before using too much ink, it’s expensive stuff!

2. Write your Fantage username very small in the corner of the poster with pen so I know that poster is yours.

3. Bring some tape and go to a place where lots of kids will see them. Below is a list of example places. Just tape the poster in a place easy to see.




4. Take a picture of the poster you taped as proof, and leave it there so other kids will see it as they pass by.

5. You can print out as many copies as you want, to help spread the word of Fantageville around your neighborhood. Make sure to take a picture of each poster you taped, as proof!

6. Send each picture proof to fantageville@gmail.com

How do I win?

Each picture proof you email us is worth points!

-1 poster printed out in color taped down is worth 10 points

-1 poster printed out in black and white and taped down is worth 8 points.

*There is still one more way you can earn points, keep reading

This contest will end on January 31, so make sure you send in your picture proofs before that day, or they will not count!

Casey and I will count up the points, and we will announce the winner on Febuary 8, at the latest.

What are the prizes?

1st place will get to choose first, 2nd place chooses second, and 3rd place gets the remaining prize.

-The Members/Rare Accounts password (*If you are a hacker/banner, I can remove you from the page. Please respect the accounts)

-Become Moderator on Fantageville XAT Chat (*I can remove you if you do not behave)

-The solution to the next 3 hints for the Members/Rare Accounts password

Anything else?

1. Make sure you go to places that you know well, do NOT wander off by yourself without a parent! The library would probably be the safest choice.

2. Your school will most likely NOT allow you to post advertisements all over the campus, so please do NOT do that!! Instead, just pass out posters to your friends and anyone else that plays Fantage.

3. Remember to leave the poster where you taped it down. You won’t get any points if you just take random pictures then take down the poster afterward. That is cheating, and I will definitely know if you did that. All cheaters will be disqualified from future contests, so do not cheat!

4. Have you ever seen those “Lost Dog” posters on lamp posts? You can do the same thing with our Fantageville poster! So, if you walk to school, walk your dog, go for a stroll with friends, walk to stores, etc, you can tape down the posters on lampposts too!

5. Do not tape like, 10 posters right next to each other on a wall, thinking you will get 100 points for that. That’s a waste of paper, and completely pointless. Please spread out your posters before you tape them, to save trees.

6. Each person you hand the poster to is worth points as well! But, I don’t want you to take a picture of them, because that is intruding on their privacy, even if I am the only person that will see it. Just tell them to comment the following sentence on this post:

“My Fantage username is __________ and __________ gave me a Fantageville poster.”

Example: My Fantage username is princess_moomoo and casey_cow101 gave me a Fantageville poster.

You will get 15 points for each person you handed a poster to! They must comment the sentence for you to get your points though, so make sure they do that!

Do not comment yourself to earn points, that is cheating. Again, all cheaters will be disqualified from all future contests.

7. If you are a blogger, you may NOT copy this contest idea, or change it slightly then make it your own. This was princess_moomoo’s idea, and you may not steal it from us. If you do, then sad to say, you must be pretty desperate to get viewers -_-

What if I don’t have a printer?

You can post the poster on your blog, Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc or email it to your friends. Just MAKE SURE you tell them to comment their username and your username on this post, so you can get points!

Have fun, and thanks for advertising Fantageville!

Easiest Way to Get Candy Cane Chest Keys

The easiest way to get keys is to MAKE a bunch of new Fantage accounts and get the keya from them, open chests, and transfer them to your account. But sorry it only works for members because if your not a member, you cannot put up star items in trade n sell. And id sign up the new accounts by saying you invited them, you can also level up your invite a friend medal!

2013 on Fantage

I cannot believe they are releasing a new event already, those Fantage computer programmers must have too much time on their hands! Time to start posting!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at the usual places, Uptown and Downtown. And… hey! There is a nonmember item! What a lovely surprise 😀



*Psst… Casey… can you help me do the boys’?

You can also buy an “exclusive” item at Uptown and Downtown




You can click on Michelle at Downtown and the Castle Bridge to watch a short video of Blizzy and Springy beating up throwing snowballs playfully at Michelle and Rocket.


On December 31 at 11:59 PM (you kiddies shouldn’t be up so late!) you can watch that magnificent ball drop at the Caste Bridge, and probably get a free prize, I’m thinking.


There are still ice skating costumes on sale. They’re just recolors of the costumes from the previous ice skating event though…


The Holiday Blast event is still going on, so you can still earn candy canes!

Be on the lookout for updates, it doesn’t seem like Fantage is done with this event yet…

New Candy Cane Prizes

*Nonmembers can wear these too!


Halloween Party 2012

*PinkStarBritney: I expect you to post on this blog like Casey, not reblogging it from your blog, thanks.

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart and Costume Cart! (Uptown, Downtown). You do NOT need any costumes to participate in any activity.

Stuff to Do

1. Pumpkin Color Vote

Go to Downtown to vote for a color. I think purple is winning!

Click on VOTE, choose a number of stars, click on a color, and click DONE.

I’m not sure what the prize is, but it has to do with the pumpkin at Fantage School

2. Costume Judge 

The Costume Judge is at Uptown and Downtown

Wear your rarest clothes. It does NOT have to be scary!

Costumes will get you more points. It can be a princess costume, super hero costume, food costume, animal costume… any costume, from any shop or event!

3. Go trick-or-treating!

There is a prize in EVERY shop on Fantage. Click on the Halloween object, follow the simple directions, and get the prize!


You can log out then log in again to start all over, there are some pretty cool prizes!

4. Mini-Games

Click on PLAY NOW to play the game you want to play.


Getting A Membership By Yourself!

Last updated by Angela on 10/11/12: created post

Do you want a Fantage membership or ecoins but your parents always say no? Well now, I’m going to show you how to get some-with your own money. If you have no money, you’re out of luck.

First go to Fantage.com and click Membership or Ecoins in the corner of the screen.


Then, select the things you want to buy.


Then click checkout. On the next page, you must login to your Fantage account.


Then click money/ check order. You must click that one.


Next click I agree continue. Print out the paper by pressing print.


Then get a check or your own money to pay; you don’t have to ask your parents.


Put it along with the paper you printed in the envelope. Label it with the address it says on the paper in the middle of the envelope, and your name and address in the left corner at the top.


Then put a stamp in the upper right corner. Mail it by putting it in your mailbox and putting the red flag up or send it at the post office. Then in a few days, you get your stuff!

This is a good way for you to get your own ecoins or membership, and don’t worry, its legal. Thanks and I hope this helped, cause this is what I do!

New ID Fones!

Our ID Fones look a lot more hi-tech now! x]

How do I get the free stuff?

First, log on to Fantage and click on yourself.

A short video will pop up, showing you the brand new look

If you bought wallpaper, skins, or sticker pages BEFORE September 21, you can get FREE stuff! Members AND nonmembers!

However, if you just had the plain, default ID Fone stuff, sorry, you can’t get anything for free

For the people that had ID Fone stuff from before, click on  GET FREEBIES! For the people that didn’t, your ID Fone will still upgrade, don’t worry!

You can get a freebie for the items you already had. For example, if bought wallpaper and a skin from before, you can get a wallpaper AND a skin for free, but not the sticker page.

Make sure to scroll down! There’s LOTS of cool stuff!

Also, don’t click on the check mark on the bottom until you have selected ALL of the items you want, from ALL the sections. A ✔ will appear on the items you have selected.


My ID Fone is still boring white. How do I put on my new stuff?

Click on Customize, on the bottom of your new ID Fone


The  will be on the default items. Click on your new items to put them on!

No need to click save, it will already be activated!