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3 Updates

Cosmic Bingo

This is the 5th and final week of Cosmic Bingo! You should have received these 4 prizes so far (at the end of each week)



The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near?

1 update on the bottom: a short conversation with dragon_iron

Several years ago, Nons could barely do anything in comparison to Mems. The only way they could get Mem clothes was with the meager 500 they received as newbies. Back then, you could immediately tell who was a Non and who was a Mem simply by how they dressed. Because of this huge difference, Nons vs Mems fights frequently broke out.

Fantage heard this and replied. They created the Earn Free Ecoins button. Now, Nons had a lot more things on Fantage available to them. The gap between Nons and Mems closed a bit.

This was the first change that triggered several more.


April Fools Event

Some feedback forms suggested that I include my opinion for all event posts, while some said that I should shut my mouth and keep it to myself (ever heard of freedom of speech??) ._. To satisfy both sides, I will leave all opinions at the end of the post. The main post will not be biased or opinionated. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t read the bottom section! Ah, I love compromises. Make sure to change your vote to a thumbs-up on the Speak Your Mind page if you think this has solved the problem!

Limited Item Cart as usual at Uptown and Downtown. This time, there are only 5 items.


Double Level Glitch

This has been fixed.

I was on Facebook, and I saw several people posting pictures of their ID Fones with level 5000+, and I thought that was a bit strange, because the highest level is under 4000 right now, in the Hall of Fame.

If you look at your own ID Fone, your level will be normal. But, if your friends look at your ID Fone through their Buddies List, your level shows as doubled!

The ID Fone on the left is how my buddies will see my ID Fone, and the one on the right is how I see my ID Fone.


I just thought this was pretty interesting, and you guys wanted me to post random Fantage things as well! 🙂

Video Contest Winners + Chat Update

Video Contest Winners

The winners for the March 2014 video contest (click here for the post and here for my entry) have been announced, congrats to these 20 people!


Hair Dye Update


New inventory feature! Just go to the hair section, and there will be a button to change your hair color (hair only, not clothes or accessories).


Old and New Updates

Here are some new updates, as well as some old updates that I figured wasn’t worth an entire post to write about.

1. Megaphone (Feb 17)

New Megaphone button Update1on the top left of the screen (next to the Reporter button) that allows you to announce phrases to the entire server. Of course, you can’t say anything you want, Fantage already picked out these phrases ;(


Bingo Rescue

If you are a nonmember and are unable to get rid of the orange ad, scroll to the bottom for help.

I really like this update! Start out by getting a free bingo board at Downtown. This is for nonmember and members, yay!



Lucky Bot

What is this mysterious orange, robotic figure in Uptown and Downtown? Why it is the Lucky Bot!

lucky bot 1


Cupcake Conundrum

Princess_MooMoo is done updating

Limited Item Cart

They have some pretty awesome-looking items this time! Remember, all Members get discounts on the 3 items on the bottom.



Daily Spin and Fashion Show

Daily Spin Update


I’ll make this quick, because the star of this post is the Fashion Show updates.


FV’s Anniversary and Fantage Cosmic Crest

Thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes in the comments and the other blog posts as well!

The Cosmic Crest update has been posted, just scroll down

Blog Anniversary

Fantageville is now 2 years old! xD Thanks for the happy wishes, WordPress!


New Rares

When they announced that there would be new rares, I figured that it wouldn’t be worth posting about, since this happens all the time. But it turns out that they’ve changed a LOT of things…

Free Gems

Click on this sign at Uptown/Downtown to get all of these gems, for FREE! Members and nonmembers will receive the same amount. Remember that nonmembers can only used coined gems, however.


Holiday Blowout 2013

Part 3 has been posted, scroll all the way down! Thank you for posting, Angela!

Part 1



Fantage Farm

Last updated by MooMoo on 12/21/13: added green sticky note

Are you annoyed that someone keeps on harvesting your crops and stealing your EXP/stars? Trying to find a way to lock your farm? No need. See the UPDATE 12/21/13 sticky note under “Visiting a Buddy’s Farm.”

Oh dear… It seems that FarmVille has invaded Fantage…

I have no idea where this randomly sprung from… But anyway, here’s the post!

Where to start?

Everyone gets a free farm! To visit it, go to your home and click on the new farm button, right above your Pet Barn.


Everyone starts out with 5 squares of land. This is where you will grow your crops.


How to Plant Crops

1. Click on any available square of land.


2. A Farm Items catalogue will pop up. For beginners, the only crop you can plant is wheat. You will be able to unlock more crops as you level up your Farm Level.


3. Click on the crop to buy, and it will be planted in the square you clicked. You can click on other squares to plant more of the same crop!


4. Click FINISH at the top when you’re done planting.


It costs 1 sun to plant 1 crop

How to Harvest Crops

Hover your mouse over any growing crop to see how much time is left.


You can see the crop grow progressively over time, until you can finally harvest it by (clicking on it) and get stars!


Unlike FarmVille, I don’t think your crops will rot if you leave it there too long, you can harvest them whenever you want.

It costs 1 sun to harvest 1 crop

What are suns? How do I get them?

As noted in yellow sticky notes, you need to collect suns to plant and harvest crops! (I dunno why you have to wait for suns to appear, shouldn’t it be a resource available at all times? Well, except for night. Wait. It’s like past midnight Fantage time, why is the sun still out??? K this makes no sense…)

Everyone can get suns for free, just look for these bright shiny things hovering around:


They are suns! To collect them, just hover your mouse over it. These suns will appear every 1 minute or so.

The fastest way to get suns is to leave your farm and come back later. Your sun bar fills up by itself. Another method is to help your friends harvest their crops (scroll down to “Visiting a Buddy’s Farm”).

There is an option to upgrade your Sun level, so you can store more sun at a time. I think this is pretty pointless, you get upgrades for free when you level up your Farm Level anyway, so don’t waste your ecoins!


Also! Whenever you reach the next Farm Level, your Suns bar will be filled all the way up for free!

Farm Level

You can check your Farm Level bar at the top.


Each time you fill the bar up all the way, you will level up your Farm as well as your Farm Medal in your ID Fone!


Benefits of leveling up your farm:

  • Your sun energy bar will be filled up all the way for free each time you level up
  • You can level up your Fantagian
  • You can unlock new crops that have higher profits
  • You can unlock new squares of land for free (the rocks on the ground will turn into a new square of land that you can plant on; hover your mouse over the rocks to see what level you need)

Make sure you don’t waste ecoins to unlock these rocks. Like I said, you can unlock them for free just by leveling up!

Visiting a Buddy’s Farm

Click on the heart on the top right corner.


HUGE TIP (thanks Cat!) : To access ANYONE’S farm, just click on their farm button on their ID Fone! Remember, you can access your buddies’ ID Fone by going to your Buddy List and clicking on their name. You will never run out of suns again! Just visit random peoples’ farms and help them out! 😀


Click on a buddy to visit their farm. The green number on the right tells you how many more times you can help your buddy. You can help them for a maximum of 3 times every day.


Each crop you help to harvest will earn you 1 sun! You can also click on crops that are not fully grown to speed up the time, you will also get a sun for this! If they do not have anything planted, then you cannot help them.


UPDATE 12/21/13: If someone harvested your crops, don’t be disappointed! They didn’t steal your EXP or stars, they will have been automatically added into your counter! In fact, be thankful, they saved you the trouble of wasting your suns to harvest them!! Thanks for this info, xxhemi.

To go back to your own farm, click on this button at the top of the screen


More tips

Notice this EXP thing on the catalogue (boxed in red)


What does this mean?? It took me a while to figure it out. It tells you how much you will level up your Farm Level once you harvest it!

This makes sense: the more expensive plants have higher EXP.

My favorite plant is the Rose plant, because it only takes 10 minutes to grow, you get a lot of stars, and the EXP is 6! You can unlock the Rose plant once you reach level 5.

DON’T plant the Carrots. They take 4 HOURS, and the EXP is only 4…!

I expect I will update this post a couple more times once I think of more stuff, but I hope this helped!

An overall tip for everything: Do NOT unlock anything for ecoins, such as new plants, more squares of land, more sun, etc. You can get ALL of this for free simply by leveling up. Don’t waste your ecoins!!

Update 12/21/13: If you have a lot of ecoins to spare, I recommend unlocking the orange tree. It gives a LOT of EXP, and you only have to harvest it once a day, so you don’t need a lot of suns.

Trade n Sell Refunds

This has finally been released! Although Fantage was unnecessarily late in doing so, let’s just put that behind and be thankful that they did this in the first place!

How to Refund

Go to Uptown and click on this wonderful green sign


“Charity” Event

I am not saying that everything here is correct. They are only things that I find suspicious, so I can point them out and you can make a wise choice for yourselves.

First, I keep donating, but the counter doesn’t go up. It’s been at 151,200 for a long time now, and I’ve refreshed and gone into different servers.

I’ve donated at least at LEAST 300,000 stars today. The first ID Fone is from last week, but I barely spent anything since then, so it should be at least 19,720,000 before I donated anything. The second ID Fone is from right now.

ID Fone 31


New Fashion Show

*Ok I’m going to make this post sticky for a bit, since some of you guys didn’t seem to notice it

**This post is fully updated, whoohoo!

It’s November 18, 9:30 FST… It’s FINALLY here!!

Along with the Fashion Show, there are a BUNCH of new updates, no wonder Fantage took so long!

Fantage has changed the home page again, and either they got a new (totally awesome) artist, or they’re trying a different angle


Vintage Gold

Last updated by MooMoo on 12/27/13: added link to All Vintage Gold Items page

Click here for a list of all the items Vintage Gold has ever released

MooMoo’s added words are in purple

Guess what came out today? Vintage Gold! I actually like this idea.

“Equality before law” right? Now the only thing that distinguishes us will be level…

As you probably know, it replaced Trade n’ Sell in Uptown

Vintage Gold Front


Zombie Invasion Event Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Zombie Invasion event, click here for Part 1!

4 games have been released for the Zombie Invasion event…

1. Zombie Escape


This game is explained in the first post, click here for the tips and cheats!

2. Pumpkin Carving



Guess what? Trade n Sell is going to CLOSE!!!


It will be replaced with a brand new shop, Vintage Gold!

Why is princess_moomoo supporting this, you may ask?


“Express Yourself” Video Contest

Want to see my entry? Click here to go to the post!

Need some tips? See the updates at the bottom of this post!

Fantage has released a new video contest along with the new avatar expressions!

Here is the information, taken from a sign at Downtown:



Members Pass OUT, Ville Bills IN

MAJOR new thing on this blog that’s I’m planning to develop over the weekend!! (I came up with this when I was brushing my teeth this morning, HAHAHA…)

First off, I will be completely removing the Members/Rares page pass because:

  • people start hating on this blog when they can’t get into the page (there are over 500 thumbs-down ratings) Picture1
  • when I checked the member accounts, all of them had expired, and lots of them had changed their pass :C
  • it’s really difficult and unfair to my younger audience
  • the entire thing takes a LOT of time to run
  • removing it will clear up a bunch of clutter on this blog (I dislike clutter)


Chocolate Challenge Event

It’s Thursday, Cookie Man and Cupcake Chaos updates have been posted too!



Back to School Event

Event Info

Info1  Info2

Info3  Info4

Info5  Info6