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The directions below refer to the stamps that I have numbered in the picture below.

#1-4: Complete by playing all 4 games. Click here for tips!

#5: Complete by playing the V-Day battle. Click here for tips!

#6: Log in to Fantage on Valentine’s Day (February 14) to receive the prize. I will post a picture!

#7: Simply click the limited items booth, where there isn’t a SINGLE item that Non-Members can buy 😦 (It’s located in Uptown and Downtown)

#8: Simply click on the prize booth, where you can redeem you tickets. (It’s located at the Carnival) Click here for the post on tickets.

#9: Click on the Dr. Finkelstein (he’s glowing green) at either Uptown or Downtown to watch the intro movie.

#10: This unlocks on Valentine’s Day! Follow instructions for #9. Click on the movie to the right of the games.

Finkelstein’s V-Day Battle

This game is located at the Castle and Forest. Here are a couple tricks:

1. Be the one to shout out the color! Everyone will follow you, since the more people with the same color there are, the more stars everyone gets.

2. To get dunked, you have to be at the end of the flavor waterfall (see picture above), not at the top!

3. Once you have the color that you think will win, you don’t have to keep on chasing that color around everywhere. You might even get dunked with the losing color on accident! Instead, hide in one of the lower corners, and the dunking buckets will never get you!

Tickets & Prizes

You can get tickets and trade them in for cool prizes at the Carnival! Check out my previous “Games” post here for helpful stuff.

Sadly, there are only 2 prizes that Non-Members can get:



You can trade in tickets, that you earn from playing games, for cool prizes! To play the 4 games, go to Uptown and click on Dr. Finkelstein (he’s glowing green). Here are the instructions:

1. Chocolate Boxes

Click on the numbers in numerical order. At some point during Level 5, the numbers change to ABC’s. Start from A and go in ABC order.

2. Match Maker

The mushroom scene has the girls, and the city scene has the boys. They can only be paired up if they have the same color shirt! Otherwise, they will be unhappy! (See pics below) Click to shoot the arrow and pair them up. IT’S VEEERRYY SLOW…



3. Spread the Love

Click the heart in a place that has a lot of mini hearts clumped together. The more hearts you “spread” during the chain reaction, the more points you get.

4. Chocolate Delivery

Move Dr. Finkelstein through the maze to the Agent. Once you take your first step, the screen fades out, and you won’t be able to see the obstacles anymore. If you touch the bushes, logs, etc. you won’t die… Here are the first couple of levels listed in order, so you can still see what the course looks like after it fades out.

Where are the Hearts?

There are 20 hidden hearts that are floating around Fantage. They look like this:

They are HUGE and very easy to find. Here are the locations:

1. Carnival

2. Beach (Skating Rink)

3. Mt. Fantage

4. Creature Area (front of Creature Shop)

5. Pet Town

6. Forest (front of Grotto)

7. Wizard’s Domain (right of Bullseye)

8. Fantage School (front)

9. Oasis

10. Dock

11. Lighthouse

12. Castle Bridge (front bridge)

13. Castle Realtor’s (inside, next to Type Boo)

14. Le Shop

15. Star Cafe

16. Top Models, Inc.

17. Stellar Salon

18. Beach (Dance Club)

19. Jester’s Costumes

20. Board Shop