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How to Play Jelly Shuffle

Last updated by MooMoo on 10/29/13: changed ‘2 rounds total’ to ‘3 rounds total’

(Jelly Shuffle is the new game at the cruise ship)

The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible, so aim to land the Jelly in the 10-point area

1. Move your mouse left and right to place the Jelly where you want it. Make sure you note the direction of the wind!

e.g. The wind sock here is blowing a bit to the right, so I will place my Jelly a bit to the left to avoid it hitting the walls.


2. Click your mouse when the power is at about here, maybe even less. You don’t want too much power, or SMACK! you will pass the 10 and get NO points.

You can even hit other Jellies, but be careful not make yourself lose points!

There are 4 turns per round, 3 rounds total (best 2 out of 3). Whoever (you or the computer) has the most points at the end wins.

How to Lock Your Barn

Last updated by MooMoo on 4/15/12: created post

This will some make people VERY angry… but it’s actually pretty funny… This is the trick to lock someone into your barn. They will only be able to exit by using the map, or logging off. (However, some people can’t seem to figure that out…)

First make sure your house is open to everyone, by going to your house, clicking on the Home Options, and checking “Everyone”


1. Go to a server with a LOT of people… if you want to annoy a LOT of people

2. Say things that will trick people into going into your barn, such as…


(Trust me… at least 10 people will come)

3. Keep on saying this a couple more times, as you wait for your barn to fill up with your victims 😉

4. Go to your house, but do NOT enter your barn yet. Go to House Settings again, and click on “Nobody”. They are now locked in!


5. Annoy your victims by going into your barn, as you listen to them scream “Let me out!” and get mad at you :mrgreen:

The only way to get out is by using the map or logging off. Have fun!

Host on the Model Stage!

This is absolutely the most awesome cheat ever: How to get on the stage while being the HOST, at Top Models Inc.!!

1. Host a Fashion Show. Starting the show isn’t necessary for this cheat, so nobody needs to join for this to work.

2. Click the area where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

3. Enlarge the screen.

4. Click that same area again. YOU ARE ON THE STAGE!!! (If this doesn’t work, make the screen small again then click on the stage)

To go back, switch back to small screen, go to the other side of the stage, and repeat the process:

1. Click the area where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

2. Enlarge the screen.

3. Click the host area again, and you are back! (This may take a couple of tries)

Amaze the other people there! Have fun!

**You can use the second set of instructions to get into the host area, while being a model; something even more jaw-dropping!!!

Flying Cheat #1

This cheat is EXTREMELY easy, because it does not include pressing Tab, or going to the Creature Arena, or going to the inventory, like the other flying cheat does.

I will use the Castle as an example, but you can try doing this anywhere else.

1. Go to the Castle.

2. Notice where my mouse is pointing at: the right yellow moving arrow. Click and HOLD; do not let go until…

3. … you get to this point, next to the last lamppost. Usually, you cannot go to this area, unless you use the “Click & Hold the Yellow Arrow” trick. All you have to do now, is go up and…


Star Cafe Window Trick

Want to be able to do this?

A lot of sites tell you how, but their instructions are very confusing. Follow these easy steps instead:

1. Go to this exact spot, where my mouse is pointing (this is at the Star Cafe)

2. Click here, where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

3. Enlarge the screen, by clicking where my mouse is pointing.

4. Click the same spot as step 2. (Again, nothing will hapen)

5. Make the screen small again, by clicking where my mouse is pointing.

6. Click that spot in the wall again. This time, you will disappear behind the wall!

8. Now, just click behind the window. Amaze your friends!

*To get out of this amazing position, you have to click on the exit door. You can’t talk either, because the window sill blocks the speech bubble.

A Quick Way to Earn Starz

Stickers can be traded in for unlimited starz! Here are the ways that you can earn stickers:

1. Attend every party! Not all of them give out free stickers, but might at well try!


2. If you HOST a classroom at the Fantage School, you automatically get 10 free stickers!

*If you are a Non-Member, do NOT give stickers away to people! Even though it says “Success! You have earned 10 points for the Sticker Fanatic”, Non-Members do NOT level up from this medal, because it is hidden (notice how it is grey, not colored).

*On Tuesdays and Saturdays, and sometimes Thursdays, (see the schedule below), you can go to Lucky Bob’s (located in the Forest) and trade all your useless stickers in for starz! Regular stickers can be traded in for up to 40 starz on the wheel, and rare stickers can be traded in for up to 200!

Thats One Crazy Monkey…

Here’s a funny little trick:

1. Open your Instant Messager by clicking on this button that is located next to the CHAT bar:

2. This is the chat box. If you want, you can Instant Message with a friend too, and show off this trick. (Click where the red arrow is pointing at to Instant Message with a friend)

3. Type in Thats One Crazy Monkey, as shown below, EXACTLY as it appears. (Including the capitals; notice how it is Thats, not That’s)

4. Type Enter, and a monkey will appear xD

Fashion Show Cheats

It is SO easy to win the Fantage Fashion Show if you know all the tricks. Here are some that I will share with you:

1. The more time you take to dress, the less points you get, so dress quickly!

2. On the final round, if you don’t have an item that is needed, don’t try and make up for it by wearing something that looks similar or is the same color. That will not get you any extra points. Instead, if you wear rare items, you will be rewarded with extra points.

3. When posing for the camera, move to the circle QUICKLY! The earlier you get your head in, the more points!

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. When posing for pictures after each round, make sure you are standing so that your ENTIRE head is inside the camera circle. THIS WILL GET YOU MEGA EXTRA POINTS. (See picture below as an example)

Proof? I was once coming in last place, and the person in first place had about 200 points more than me. Because they didn’t know this trick (as MANY Fantagians don’t), I ended up in first place. Again, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.