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I’m So Impulsive

Okay, so I didn’t have much homework due tomorrow (for once), it’s Sunday, and I was in a creative mood.

I also woke up this morning with a super good idea for a movie, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, sooooooo… After a whole day of being glued to my computer screen, this movie was born.


4th FV Games Results

I forgot to tell you guys the answers for task 2 and 3! Scroll to the bottom 🙂

Hi guys, got back from my 1 week break! I am proud to say that I’m all caught up with my homework, so time to blog again!

I’m sure you FV Games contestants have been waiting for this (sorry I’m so late!) so here’s the post! I will be making a huge Fantage updates post after this as well, so stay tuned!


Task 4 FreeRice scores have been entered. I screenshotted everyone’s score from our FreeRice page on Sunday, March 9, 3:50 PM FST. Yes, the task was supposed to have ended a bit earlier, but I forgot, and Daylight Savings Time confused everything. So I gave you a couple of extra hours [: The screenshots are below, if you want to see what I based your scores off of.


The Game is On!

We’ve received well over 100 yes votes for our Fantageville Games poll, the game is on!

I’ve just finished making the contest page with all the information. Click here to visit it.

The page will remain at the top of our blog throughout the games, for your convenience.


Now go sign up!

The 1st Fantageville Games -CLOSED-



Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to the 1st ever Fantageville Games!

What? You don’t know what the Fantageville Games are? Well let me tell you! 2-4 teams consisting of 5-10 Fantagians fight for the prize. Only one person will win!

This is how we do it. There will be 4 primary challenges, which are secret and to be revealed when the challenge begins. When each challenge is finished, the audience aka Fantageville fans will vote who shall be out, 1-2 every round. Or for different challenged, the slowest will be voted off. When there is one player left standing in each team, those 4 will do one last challenge. And the winner gets all the glory and fame! And the prize.  This is a game that will require a pretty long time, and a lot of commitment…so are you up for it?

What?? More detail??? Fine. Each challenge requires some type of skill…artistic skill, thinking skills, searching skills, etc. Of course we will not tell you the challenges now! The judging will be based on:


-precision and accuracy



-how much you actually tried!

And of course the prize! Now why would you join if there is no incentive for it! Well anyway, the prize will be:
5,000 ecoins
Red Celebrity Crown for girls…

red celeb crown
or…golden St. Patrick’s Day Board for boys.

gold st pat day board

Now this entire game is hosted by casey_cow101…unless princess_moomoo would like to help *cough cough* haha well then…so don’t go running off to moomoo for help!

Here’s how you enter…
Sorry all the teams are full, no exceptions! Better luck next time!

IMPORTANT: After you sign up for the Games, everything will be posted on the page here, like updates, winners, losers, polls.

Check VERY OFTEN for updates, on this post and on the page. You don’t know when things will change…

Anyway Good Luck everyone!
Happy Fantageville Games!
And may the odds be EVER in your favor!©

©this idea is a copyrighted idea of fantageville and casey_cow101. anyone who copies without permission will be strictly penalized.©

Fantageville Poster Contest

Everyone has been asking us for a new contest, and I just happened to have a brand new, super cool idea for one, so here goes!

Who can enter this contest?

Anyone! However, adult supervision is recommended, so please let your parents see this first.

What do I do to enter and compete?

1. Click here and print out our poster. You might want to ask your parents first before using too much ink, it’s expensive stuff!

2. Write your Fantage username very small in the corner of the poster with pen so I know that poster is yours.

3. Bring some tape and go to a place where lots of kids will see them. Below is a list of example places. Just tape the poster in a place easy to see.




4. Take a picture of the poster you taped as proof, and leave it there so other kids will see it as they pass by.

5. You can print out as many copies as you want, to help spread the word of Fantageville around your neighborhood. Make sure to take a picture of each poster you taped, as proof!

6. Send each picture proof to fantageville@gmail.com

How do I win?

Each picture proof you email us is worth points!

-1 poster printed out in color taped down is worth 10 points

-1 poster printed out in black and white and taped down is worth 8 points.

*There is still one more way you can earn points, keep reading

This contest will end on January 31, so make sure you send in your picture proofs before that day, or they will not count!

Casey and I will count up the points, and we will announce the winner on Febuary 8, at the latest.

What are the prizes?

1st place will get to choose first, 2nd place chooses second, and 3rd place gets the remaining prize.

-The Members/Rare Accounts password (*If you are a hacker/banner, I can remove you from the page. Please respect the accounts)

-Become Moderator on Fantageville XAT Chat (*I can remove you if you do not behave)

-The solution to the next 3 hints for the Members/Rare Accounts password

Anything else?

1. Make sure you go to places that you know well, do NOT wander off by yourself without a parent! The library would probably be the safest choice.

2. Your school will most likely NOT allow you to post advertisements all over the campus, so please do NOT do that!! Instead, just pass out posters to your friends and anyone else that plays Fantage.

3. Remember to leave the poster where you taped it down. You won’t get any points if you just take random pictures then take down the poster afterward. That is cheating, and I will definitely know if you did that. All cheaters will be disqualified from future contests, so do not cheat!

4. Have you ever seen those “Lost Dog” posters on lamp posts? You can do the same thing with our Fantageville poster! So, if you walk to school, walk your dog, go for a stroll with friends, walk to stores, etc, you can tape down the posters on lampposts too!

5. Do not tape like, 10 posters right next to each other on a wall, thinking you will get 100 points for that. That’s a waste of paper, and completely pointless. Please spread out your posters before you tape them, to save trees.

6. Each person you hand the poster to is worth points as well! But, I don’t want you to take a picture of them, because that is intruding on their privacy, even if I am the only person that will see it. Just tell them to comment the following sentence on this post:

“My Fantage username is __________ and __________ gave me a Fantageville poster.”

Example: My Fantage username is princess_moomoo and casey_cow101 gave me a Fantageville poster.

You will get 15 points for each person you handed a poster to! They must comment the sentence for you to get your points though, so make sure they do that!

Do not comment yourself to earn points, that is cheating. Again, all cheaters will be disqualified from all future contests.

7. If you are a blogger, you may NOT copy this contest idea, or change it slightly then make it your own. This was princess_moomoo’s idea, and you may not steal it from us. If you do, then sad to say, you must be pretty desperate to get viewers -_-

What if I don’t have a printer?

You can post the poster on your blog, Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc or email it to your friends. Just MAKE SURE you tell them to comment their username and your username on this post, so you can get points!

Have fun, and thanks for advertising Fantageville!