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Epic Free Prizes

I’ve posted about this. Pinkstarbritney has posted about this. At least 10 people have reblogged each of our posts. And yet, people STILL don’t get it.


If other people said that it works, then they are either lying to you, or they were tricked.

Yes, this looks pretty convincing, doesn’t it?


And this?

And this?

And this?


A lot of people were tricked by all of this. Even me…! In fact, I was just about to post this guy’s video on this blog, because that is where I found out about the supposed “survey bypass”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10piAktYsrY

Either he got tricked too, or he is an employee that is trying to save “EpicFreePrizes” from the trashcan after everyone discovered that the entire thing was a scam.

I have to admit that it got everyone fooled.

But, the most important thing is this:


After seeing it, basically EVERYONE got all excited and thought they were going to get their prize. They didn’t even bother to wait 48 hours before telling the whole world.

Well, thankfully, I did.

The “Status” bar loads forever. You will never get your prize. I have waited at least a week now. I think that is enough proof.

You can even use logic to prove it to yourself if you still don’t believe me (in which case you would be a stubborn fool). Why would anyone in this world be homeless and/or poor if they could get money from this website at practically no cost? If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is not true.

If you were tricked and have already sent your referral code to everyone you know, please fix your mistake by telling them to spread the word about this post. I would hate for that fraudulent site to get money by tricking people. I bet anything that the “surveys” on their site pays EpicFreePrizes whenever people click on them.

They are getting money from tricking people all over the world. Help to stop this. Spread the word.

Hate this website for wasting your precious time? Wish you could punch the creators in the face? Let out your anger by spamming their Facebook page. I did. 😈


Pets in Fashion Shows!

(Ok, maybe I’m just a bit slow, but I JUST figured this out… xP )

When playing fashion shows, you get bonuses for bringing your pet with you on to the stage. Since I see only members doing this, I thought that nonmembers aren’t able to get pet bonuses.


Yes, this includes the nonmember pets Jimbo and Mumbo!

1. Go to Top Model’s and join a fashion show

2. When a theme is chosen, go to your inventory and dress. Do NOT close your inventory yet

3. Click on the PETS tab all the way to the right. *It is partially hidden during the final round*

4. Choose any pet you want!

The pet you choose must match the theme! And, in the final round, it must be the same pet that is displayed!

So, just choosing any random pet that doesn’t match the theme won’t get you any points.

For example: the theme for this round was orange/formal

I brought my Jimbo pet out (it’s orange), and got some bonus pet points!

Also, try and match the pet that is displayed during the final round