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So, I think it’s about time that I told you guys…

You all know that I am very serious about privacy; you guys don’t even know my age, much less my name or what I look like. So I don’t think you’ll be too surprised (or will you?) when I reveal this secret that I’ve hidden for over like, 2 years


Summer Camp Out 2013

Update: There is a prank that the boys can play on the girls, scroll down until you see it to figure out how to do it!

Another update: There is also a prank that the girls can play on the boys! Keep scrolling until you see it.

If you were there for the Summer Camp event last year, then you’ll see that this event is very similar!

Item Carts

As usual, Limited Item carts are at Uptown and Downtown. Not as usual, there is something for nonmembers: the marshmallow stick accessory!