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So, I think it’s about time that I told you guys…

You all know that I am very serious about privacy; you guys don’t even know my age, much less my name or what I look like. So I don’t think you’ll be too surprised (or will you?) when I reveal this secret that I’ve hidden for over like, 2 years


April Fools Event

Some feedback forms suggested that I include my opinion for all event posts, while some said that I should shut my mouth and keep it to myself (ever heard of freedom of speech??) ._. To satisfy both sides, I will leave all opinions at the end of the post. The main post will not be biased or opinionated. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t read the bottom section! Ah, I love compromises. Make sure to change your vote to a thumbs-up on the Speak Your Mind page if you think this has solved the problem!

Limited Item Cart as usual at Uptown and Downtown. This time, there are only 5 items.


April Fools Day 2013


I am SO glad the blog is back, I really missed posting! I will make this post as awesome as possible 🙂

The entire Fantage has been set up for April Fool’s Day: upside down shops, flooded streets, and more!

Item Carts

Limited Item cart at Uptown and Downtown.


Buy an Egg Toss Costume to throw eggs at people! There is one each for nonmembers and members. Tossing eggs is explained below.


How to Play Egg Toss

1. You must buy and wear one of the costumes above.

2. Click on this button on the left of the screen.


3. Aim the target at any Fantagian. Members will earn 2 stars, nonmembers will win 1 star.


*If the Egg Toss button is gray, then just wait a couple seconds: it’s reloading.


How to Crank Jack-in-the-Box

The Jack-in-the-Box is at Uptown and Downtown. Just click on it, and it will count as one crank.


Keep on cranking, if we reach the goals, everyone on Fantage gets a prize!


Of course, you can’t just sit there and crank all day. This will pop up if you do it too many times.


Since there’s probably a million people playing on Fantage, we’ll get to the prizes in no time 🙂 Yay, free stuff!

Fantage NPC’s Jokes and Pranks

If you’re bored, you can go around Fantage and let the NPC’s (Kawaii, Jester, Orion, etc) play jokes on you. You don’t earn anything, it’s just for fun. Here are the locations:

1. Jester: Beach

2. Finkelstein: Carnival

3. Gizmo: Mt. Fantage

4. Michael: Castle Entrance

5. Stella: Forest

6. Kawaii: Fantage School

7. Michelle: Creature Area

These are some of the pranks they will play on you. They aren’t permanent, once you move to a different area on the map, it will disappear.


Hope you’ll enjoy this event, Happy April Fool’s!